Review of top browser competition in 2010

Review of top browser competitionInternet browser is the most common applications we use. Activities surfing the Internet, send email and other Internet activities mostly using the browser.

Role of the browser is now even started to increase. Not only helps users to surf cyber world but also the browser has a role in more detail by adding a variety of complementary (add-on), which increase the ability of the browser itself. Starting from the speed, security and other utility functions.

Recent years many alternative browsers for PCs, not only monopolized by Microsoft's Internet Explorer. There is Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Opera, Sea Monkey, Flock and many other browsers, each of which offers advantages. Competition browser as operating system competition actually beneficial to consumers. Alternative browsers can be selected vary according to the tastes and needs. Another side effect of competition is the quality of the browser better.

Browser market share until January 2010 based on still dominated by Microsoft Internet Explorer as much as 62%. Based on open source browser Mozilla Firefox followed closely behind with a market share of 24.43%. Newcomer Google Chrome has a market share of 5.2%. Opera and Apple Safari followed next rated.

Competition seems to be increasingly fierce browser future. Each developer getting ready to issue the latest technology and latest innovations. We'll see if Internet Explorer will still reigns as the browser of the most widely used.

Sony Ericsson W995, the Walkman Touch Cybershot

There hape minimalist designed to attract people with a modern image. Some people agrees that offer. But others feel more secure in hape SonyEricsson W995 such as this.

Before the slide just opened, the body was immediately taste crowded with all sorts of menu buttons, plugs, sombol, and accents. Like punk kids who filled trinkets on her body alone. But this is okay. The presence of all the trinkets that just made a kind of guarantee that much can be explored in this mobile cell phone.

On the right side, there are music buttons on duty mobile phone to strong image that this is the series W (Walkman) from SonyEricsson. Also in the same row there is also the camera shutter button that the resolution capacity is unsparing: 8 megapixels.

Lucky quiet side of the left side buttons, replaced by a slot outlet charger or data cable and M2 memory slot is covered by the battery casing. Even so, there remained a Walkman shortcut button on this side, as if to show that features the music is very rich and endless.

Buttons the size of a half circle and keypad and button layout makes it instantly caught hape Sony Ericsson really. Just done with the touch of a kickstand gave the alias buffer body back, so this hape be incarnated as a multimedia device, especially for comfort when used for watching movies.

Predicate Walkman is a guarantee of quality for hape music. Still, not all the Walkman series can meet the expectations. Well, this includes the W995 will be very satisfying for the customer's hearing needs.

Congenital speakers for hape class, W995 bringing the best speakers. When playing a good source of music, noise is minimal. Reproduction audiojernih bin nodes. Detailed low tone and (especially) high could be presented with a whole, not broken.

Although a small speaker, but stereo effect comes with a straightforward, do not be shy. Be smart maximize the tone priority to get the appropriate sounds or types of musical tastes by using equalizer with many choices of music genres.

The Walkman's SonyEricsson could be questioned because it did not also want to support the comfort of their music by providing a standard 3.5 mm plug on hape Walkman. But if insyaf, Siemens provides the plug on the W995. Comfortable!
Outside the music player, many features associated with music can be explored. For example there SensMe feature. This fun feature that can classify music based on our mood. Songs rated in the four quadrants tempo and feeling. Want to slow songs and "yellow-mellow", fast but still "yellow-mellow", a slow but happy, or fast and happy? Just choose the variation based on the quadrant and the coordinates, which are presented with an interesting visualization.

There is also MusicDJ, which allows us arranges music easily, stay put music elements into a canal that is available. Then there TrackID feature to get a piece of music over the Internet. Completeness of the musical is also enriched by the presence of FM radio.

The existence of high-resolution camera, 8 megapixel camera, giving "kick" that cool for the W995 Walkman already had it. Touches on the Walkman Cybershot. That way, users have the devices with capabilities in the field maximum, music and photos. Make drooling not it?

To-quality 8-megapixel camera, the picture is not likely to satisfy embarrassing to capture beautiful moments and monuments. However, to make images that meet the artistic standards, need special treatment, either before or after shooting.

Special treatment before the shooting was an object to the adequacy of conditioning light. With enough light, not excessive and no less, the new images can be performed without the noise.

Special treatment was that the image captured after the shooting appeared to be on the computer or directly on the W995 itself. There are features to smarten PhotoFix photos. There are other features PhotoDJ can also edit the photo in order to better to be able to provide decoration or effect on the image.

Display various controls on the screen capture quite helpful. There are many other features hidden controls to be able to produce images in accordance with the ideal. Features an interesting example is: face detection, geotagging for photos, metering for exposure, image and video stabilizer, BestPic, autirotation, macro mode.

The resulting videotape worthy recommended, either to be stored in the phone maupum transferred to a computer to play there. There is a video stabilizer feature to reduce blur due to movement at the time of recording.

Glimpse W995 screen interface is dedicated to modern lifestyle. Menu designs and fresh and artistic icons, ditingkah with animation that makes it seem always dynamic. Home screen, aka the main screen, for example, as a hyperactive child would not stop to display an animation with an artistic touch technomodern.

The following animation game striking color to the current menu on the menu monochromatic-shades of non-active menu options, in addition to providing a touch of art, as well as ease of use. The beauty of this interface continues especially in the multimedia menu, so the colors and shades of techno was all. Although, in some menu folder, on the third level menu depth, SonyEricsson returned to its traditional menu that is much we know.

In addition to the camera and musicality, one thing stands out is the W995 other than WiFi. This connection is available in hape and easy to connect. Only unfortunately, this superiority, as well as other connectivity features are not sufficiently enough to be contained even more prominent and easier, for example by creating a special folder for the Connectivity menu. On the W995, the menu is simply dicemplungkan Connectivity in the Settings menu.

Instead GPS and map features a special treatment. Yes, there are GPS that works very well and fast in acquiring satellites in W995. Coordinates of the search results can then be utilized in several applications that are packed on the menu Service Location: Google Maps, Navigation, and Tracker. GPS is also strengthened with Assisted GPS coordinates for the search more fast.

Problem menus and interfaces, according to the signals, they also have not got a touch of "new" growth trend megikuti applications related to social networking and the Internet in general. Boro-boro get chat applications and social networking, aka Web 2.0, the W995 interface menu there are only a group which contains only Internet browser innate Sony Ericsson.

Its own browser perform satisfactorily. Light but powerful, able to compete with Opera Mini browser's classmate, who was victorious in the global browser market.

Our opinion:
Music and narcissistic now be found in one package on many people. So there's no harm in offering two luxury as well as on the W995 hape this. Although the music and camera are both high level, but the musical element in this alloy is still higher quality appearance. Yes, his name is also a series of W.

Plus: excellent quality music; high-resolution camera; design and modern interface, Memosi gede; WiFi

Minus: The grouping of less touch interface features superior; camera still like to noise

- Samsung SGH-i8510 INNOV8
Samsung that it relies on the Symbian operating system. Besides relying on 8-megapixel camera, the other treats the multimedia capabilities of a large scale.

- Samsung Ultra Touch S8300
Ultra Touch Samsung S8300 is more forward side than the touch screen camera 8 megapixelnya. Results jepretannya mediocre. Ease to use the camera is not sufficiently provided.

- LG KC910 Renoir
LG KC910 Renoir is concentrated on the capacity of the camera resolution. Since the lens until a special button to activate and snapped the object being looked after and accommodated.

Sony Ericsson W995
Dimensions: 97 x 49 x 15 mm
Weight: 113 gr
Battery: Li-Po 930 mAh
Talk time: 4 hours
Standby time: 360 hours
Music time: 20 hours
Network: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz HSDPA
Screen: TFT, 62 million colors, 1 240 x 320 pixels, 2.6 inches
Internal Memory: 118 MB
External memory: Memory Stick Micro (M2), hotswappable
Connectivity: GPRS Class 10 32-48 kbps, EDGE Class 10 236.8 kbps, 3G HSDPA, 7.2 Mbps; 2Mbps HSUPA, Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g, Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP, USB v2.0, audio jack 3.5 mm
Camera: 8MP 3264x2448 pixels, autofocus, LED flash, 16x digital zoom
Messaging: SMS, MMS, Email, IM
Applications: Walkman media player, TrackID music recognition, Games, VideoDJ, PhotoDJ, MusicDJ, Remote Control, Record Sound, FM Radio, Google Maps, Navigation, Tracker, SensMe, PhotoFix.
Package Contents: SonyEricsson W995 Headset, Handsfree, Charger, Battery, Manual, Warranty Card.
Other: shaker, motion gaming, video blogging, geotagging, face detection for images, Modem, PictBridge, AGPS, Clear Stereo, Clear Bass, a flashlight.

Review Smarthphones: VirtuV V33, Classical Show with Music

Comes with a smooth body wrapped in a black casing dove, VirtuV V33 looks very classic and simple. Soft rubber material wrapped very comfortable when held. Tiny body hape only provides two mini-sized ports. One USB port for dual function, charger and headset, and a 2.5 mm jack on the right side of hape. While in the back is only visible VGA camera lens embedded in it.

V33 excess lies in the display screen 2 "her sharp for 262K color support. Strangely, although there is no SIM card installed, the screen looks like a display signal 1 simcard inserted.

Was, to press a button affair, the keypad feels a little hard, especially in the navigation key. Although hard, useful navigation keys as well as a shortcut to run some applications. Dedicated Key lived change in the setting of the Phone Setup to choose whatever application you want.

Although the concept of music hape, but are not available a special key to operate the Audio Player or FM radio like other music hape. Similarly keyboard shortcuts for volume settings.

Although the concept of music you'll enjoy as an advantage, but has application Audio Player and FM Radio is felt not so special. Besides, without a special shortcut keys for operation, the resulting sound too casual, and even feels a bit broken at the maximum volume set.

Menyiasatinya, equalizer settings can be used with the normal option, bass, dance, classical, treble, party, pop, and rock. Supported volume loud enough speakers located behind the body. The lack of features makes the volume muted

Audio Player must be on-off used to turn off the sound. As for listening to music on the radio, the headset must be plugged first into the USB port. Research Auto existence of great help to find the desired radio frequency. When FM radio is on, rise and fall of the volume can be adjusted via buttons # and *.

Hape is equipped with a VGA camera which is sufficient to support the activities bernarsis ria. Maximum image size of 640x480 upto 60Hz Appeal. Although not equipped with light settings, the images good enough when done in indoor or outdoor. The most important thing when shooting outdoors, avoid direct sunlight.

The lack of zoom feature in-out rather difficult process of photographing. Recommended for taking pictures in a very close distance to the maximum image display. The strange, even taking pictures of objects made in a short distance away, the photographs show objects appear more distant from the display screen when the process done.

There's also a video recorder with a very minimal facilities. No with zoom camera feature also forces the hand to keep moving closer and away from the object. Moving pictures can be recorded even though the outcome is far from perfect, and like watching a silent movie, because the device only and does not record images while recording sound. To enjoy the results can be opened in facilities Video Player. These results can be changed its format into another form when the copy on the PC because it comes with a CD installer.

Connectivity and Capacity
Hape this GSM dual dilengkap with GPRS facility for simply browsing and exchanging MMS. No need too much trouble to activate the service, simply select one of the cards will be used and the settings are selected according to the operator. GPRS parameters automatically formatted in accordance with the selected operator. Then, just add the web address in the bookmarks, and you're ready to sail in cyberspace.

Internal memory capacity of 294Kb minimum not only be difficult in storing the data needed for additional support microSD slot on the bottom of the battery hape. In the sales package is available microSD 1 Gb, so no need to hesitate anymore to store images and track your favorite songs.

Our opinion
Music, camera, and Internet is enough to provide entertainment in my spare time although the standard other applications. Dual GSM is also not drain your wallet hape to have two at once.

Plus: The form is simple, sharp screen color display
Minus: standard application, limited support for the concept of music hape

Specifications VirtuV V33 Music Phone
Price: $ 895,000
Dimension: 108x43x13 mm
Weight: --
Form: Bar
Ringtones: Polyphonic
Phonebook: 500 entries
Talk time: 3-4 hours
Standby time: 110-130 hours
Network: Dual on GSM (900/1800 MHz)
Battery: Li-ion battery 3.7 V/1000 mAh
Screen: 2 "262K color TFT
Camera: VGA
Messaging: SMS, MMS
Internal Memory: 294Kb
Additional Memory: MicroSD
Antarperanti Connectivity: USB micro, Bluetooth,
Internet Connectivity: GPRS, WAP support
Applications: FM Radio, Camera, Video Player, Audio Player, Sound Recorder, Games (Mahjong, Puzzle), To Do, Alarm, World Clock, Calculator, Stopwatch, Unit Converter, Currency Converter,
Package Contents: USB Port Ghargerable, 1GB microSD, headset, manual, video converter installer CD.

Linux Have Special Kavling in Nokia

Although not interested in using Android, Linux remains a "lot" or a special place in Nokia. The world's largest mobile phone vendor, based in Finland was specifically developed Linux as a platform next to his future Symbian.

"Linux has a different positioning with Symbian. Linux will be used for computing products and Symbian for smartphones. One more platform S series we see growth ahead," said Chris Carr, Vice President Sales Southeast Asia Pacific (SEAP) Motorola, in one series Showcase Nokia 2010 event in Bangkok, Thailand, Tuesday (23/2/2010) evening. One of the computing-based products, the Nokia N900, which is the first handset with Linux Maemo 5, seeks to bring the same experience of using a desktop or notebook computers with mobile devices.

Not long ago, Nokia strengthens seriousness of Linux to strengthen cooperation with Intel. Both agreed to combine the development of Linux-based platform, Intel's Moblin, and the Nokia Maemo be Meego.

Carr asserted, multiplatform strategy is an effort Siemens entered the segment with all the diverse product selection according to user needs. All three platforms now become the basis and the future Nokia will not kill each other. Nokia also ensures Linux and Symbian as an open source platform and will hold sleuruh application developers in the world to participate provide solutions for mobile-phone product.

However, he admitted, with a number of platforms to challenge for Nokia to face the complexity for users and developers. To overcome this problem, Motorola seeks to provide a tool for cross-platform application development can be done more quickly. Carr says, Nokia has been providing solutions in the application layer and development tools that can generate cross-platform applications, among others, called Qt and Web Runtime.

"With the application layer, developers simply create an application with Qt, and it can be lowered to all platforms," explained Carr. Solutions like these that are now spread around the world including Indonesia.

March 2010, the Nokia N900 Sign in Indonesia

March 2010, the Nokia N900 Sign in IndonesiaYou are good news for gadget fans who can not wait to try out the Nokia N900 capabilities. The world's first smartphone that uses Linux Maemo 5 will be immediately available in Indonesia market.

This was conveyed by Chris Carr, Vice President Sales Southeast Asia Pacific, the Nokia Showcase 2010 in Bangkok, Thailand. He said the region SEAP (South East Asia-Pacific), the ASEAN countries plus Australia, New Zealand, and Bangladesh-the N900 marketing purposes after the European and other major countries.

"Starting in March, the Nokia N900 will be available in the area," said Chris Carr in an event held at the Thai River Marina Warehouse Bangkok, Thailand, Monday (2/22/2010) night.

He said the presence of Nokia N900 with Maemo open platform provides an opportunity for application developers to work together. Nokia, continued Carr, committed to embracing the developers around the world, including local developers in each country. Currently, more than hundreds of smartphone applications have been made for the N900 and is still growing. Applications are available through online exchanges developed Nokia OVI Store and Maemo developer community.

Nokia N900 sail 3.5-inch touch-and equipped with a QWERTY keyborad. Supported computing performance ARM Cortex A8 processor 600 MHz, Maemo Linux operating system 5, and 32 GB of internal memory. Multitasking ability to open as many applications simultaneously is a major attraction. Other major features, 5 megapixel camera, GPS, HSPA connectivity, and WiFi 802.11 b / g. Nokia N900 also became the first handset in the world that has been equipped with Internet browser Firefox for Mobile made by Mozilla.

Problem selling price, Corporate Communication Manager of Nokia Regina Hutama Poly can not be sure. As an illustration only, in the U.S. market, the Nokia N900 dibanderol of about USD 6 million now available starting November 2009.

Ericsson Office Will Move from Singapore to Indonesia

Ericsson Office Will Move from Singapore to IndonesiaGlobal telecommunications company of Sweden, Ericsson, probably will move its representative who had been in Singapore to Indonesia. As stated by Minister of Communications and Information Tifatul Sembiring as good news souvenirs from his visit to Europe.

"This is one form of attention to telecommunications in Indonesia," Tifatul Sembiring minister said in Jakarta on Friday (19/2/2010), which are still felt still jetlag after meeting with leaders of the Ericsson company in Sweden.

According to Tifatul, visit to Sweden, to conduct negotiations with mobile phone companies that want the benefits in Indonesia. The reason is, Indonesia is one of the largest market for mobile phone manufacturers.

"We also hope that the phone companies and the GSM operators also want to share content. So their profits so far, may be divided by the Indonesian public," he said.

iPhone Still Losing Compete with Blackberry

iPhone Still Losing Compete with BlackberryThe number of iPhone users, the smartphone made by Apple, in which Indonesia has increased rapidly. Since its launch a year ago, tens of thousands of mobile service users choose the device.

"About 30,000 of which was used since the first launch in March 2009 and then," Gideon Edie Purnomo said, VP of Channel Management at SingTel launch news conference iPhone 3GS in Jakarta, Friday (19/2/2010).

For iPhone 3GS, Telkomsel has prepared a 5000 unit in the early stages for the first month. Gideon was reluctant to say how much sales targets, but only says ready to add whatever if less and will do an evaluation every month.

Gideon admitted, the number of iPhone users were not for the Blackberry which has now reached nearly 200,000 users in Telkomsel. Although demikina, he said the public interest against the iPhone is good enough. Therefore, Telkomsel continued to support the development of application content into the power of the iPhone.

Before launching the iPhone for the first time last March, Telkomsel had hoped the iPhone could exceed the Blackberry. At that time the number of Blackberry users has reached about 50,000. However, the Blackberry smartphones has a very high growth outpacing the iPhone last year.

New Browser Webkit Blackberry Smartphones

New Browser Webkit Blackberry Smartphones The news that RIM is developing a browser technology for their Blackberry smartphones are increasingly strong, even in the Mobile World Congress 2010 is the prototype technology demo. And in general the result was quite interesting.

As we have seen, compared to its competitors, especially the iPhone, Blackberry "only" have a browser that has the basic skills. RIM has acquired the technology development company to a browser WebKit IRIS; Torch Mobile. Some time before RIM has won a patent for web browsing scheme based proxies, such as that held by the new Opera Mini.

With the technology behind the scenes that seemed convincing. Many analysts expect mobile technology is the latest Blackberry browser will have the ability to render web quicker and better. Even this new browser will be a major competitor candidates who have the Safari browser in iPhone. With increasing number of internet mobile users RIM steps to improve the browser performance is a step to maintain the business sustanaibilitas Blackberry smartphone.

Is the browser better predicted it will provide significant leverage for the Blackberry market share? We'll see further developments. As new information to the Blackberry browser will be released around May 2010.

OS Ubuntu combined with the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

OS Ubuntu combined with the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1OS Ubuntu combined with the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

OS Ubuntu is one of the most flexible operating system, proven operating system can be combined with a variety of platforms and applications. Ubuntu is one of best application for mobile smartphones like Blackberry, Apple, Motorola and more. Latest news is the OS Ubuntu was able to be combined with one of the leading Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 smartphones. Of course this is very exciting news, especially for Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 users.

Although all of the features have not or can not walk very well but this is the discovery that we can develop later because the Ubuntu operating system is one best of open source operating system. If you are interested to follow information on how to combine the Ubuntu operating system with Sony Ericsson Xperia X1, please visit the tutorial from XDA Developer site XDA Developers or via Engadget.

Download Freeware Portable Podcatcher For Blackberry

Download Freeware Portable Podcatcher For BlackberryThe people from PodcastReady created the most convenient Podcast client. PodcastReady's MyPodder software is a podcast client that is actually portable, enabling you to directly install it to your mp3 player, in our case our Blackberry.

MyPodder is simply like having a portable version of itunes in your Blackberry that you can update whenever you plug in your Blackberry to a Windows, Mac and even a Linux machine. As long as the computer you connect to your Blackberry has mass storage support you can run MyPodder and download your latest audio and video podcasts.

To get the latest version of myPodder you need to create a free account in the Podcast Ready website and download the "All in one version(Windows,Mac,Linux)". You then need to install MyPodder to your Blackberrys media card, preferably inside the Blackberry folder so all your audio and video podcast can be recognize by your Blackberry's media player.

Creating new podcast is easy you just choose the podcast you like in the Podcast Ready website and your list will show up in your Blackberry's myPodder automatically. You can also follow any Podcast not found in Podcast Ready by just entering the RSS feed.

It can't get much easier than this, I can now download Podcasts while I'm charging my Blackberry. Just in case for some reason you don't want to create an account in Podcast Ready I've included a link to an older version of myPodder that does not require opening an account.

Download Lastest version of myPodder: Podcast Ready ( req a free account). Download Old version of myPodder: Podcast Ready Old Version (RSS links have to be manually entered).

Twitter application for Blackberry

Twitter application for BlackberryTwitter users are now free to access these services through mikrobloging smartphone with a number of third-party applications such UberTwitter, Viigo, or Snaptu. However, users create a special Blackberry, Research In Motion (RIM) will release a Twitter application for BlackBerry.

Applications are still in beta, it already can be used at this time. However, for the new can be downloaded and used a particular user who received a special invitation to try it.

"Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones will soon be available for download, so you can perform all your favorites on Twitter," RIM statement on its website.

Its features include complete as the desktop services such as Twitter update information, send private messages, reply tweet, re-tweet, follow friends, and do a search. Can even send the link directly from the Blackberry browser, upload photos, and join in the discussion.

Create Your can not wait to use it just because RIM promised to release it soon. In order not to miss further information, you can register to receive updates from RIM.

Google Buzz The New Social Networking From Google

Google Buzz The New Social Networking From GoogleMOUNTAIN VIEW - According to leaks in circulation the day before, the internet giant, Google, finally officially introduced a social networking service with Google's name Buzz. This service does not stand alone, but directly integrates with Gmail service started Tuesday (9/2/2010) and will gradually be available for Gmail users around the world.

So, create a Gmail user, just getting ready to try without having to do the installation. Make that do not have a Gmail account, would have to register first to try Google's Buzz. Interested nge-Buzz? Learn what it used to Google's Buzz.

Google Buzz provides features that allow Gmail users can now quickly share messages, website links, and photos with their fellow colleagues Gmail users. Google's call to share ideas because it provides features such as Twitter messages, but without the character limit. It also features photo and video sharing as well as updates from various services that have been used, such as Twitter, Picasa, Flickr, and Google Reader.

This service is also accessible via smartphones, especially the special applications for Android, an open platform developed by Google. Google Buzz also be integrated into the Google Maps service so that users other activities can be seen on the map.

Strategy does Google is expected to strengthen its competitiveness to face the service of popular social networking sites, like Twitter and Facebook. Moreover, according to comScore research, Gmail is an e-mail service, web-based world's third most popular. The number of users in December 2009 reached 176.5 million. Gmail is still under Microsoft's Hotmail and Yahoo e-mail, each of which occupy the first and second positions with the number of users the world 369.2 million and 303.7 million.

This is not the first time Google released a social networking service. In 2004, Google launched Orkut social networking. In contrast to the social networking giants Facebook and MySpace in the United States, Orkut only managed to reach certain markets of the world, like Brazil. Google also launched Google's Wave, a new service which is currently limited to new users who were invited.

Similar steps had already been previously carried out Yahoo! though not yet known how much the level of popularity among users Yahoo! Mail. Yahoo! also tried to take the social networking market with the launch of Yahoo! Meme or Yahoo! Mim to Indonesia.

Google Purchase of Social Services Search Aardvark

Google Purchase of Social Services Search AardvarkWASHINGTON - Internet giant Google has bought Aardvark, the search social services specifically designed to answer questions from users. Aardvark will forward these questions to the social networking service, and choosing the right answer.

"I can confirm that we have signed an agreement with Google," founder and chief technology Damon Horowitz Aardvark in the email to AFP as reported by Antara.

However, it can not comment further about the acquisition. Leading technology blog TechCrunch estimate the purchase price was not less than 50 million U.S. dollars.

Aardvark is based in San Francisco is a start-up company founded in 2007. The founders include former Google employee and now employs about 20 people.

Aardvark using the network of contacts in person to provide answers to questions via the Web at, instant messaging, email or Twitter. In a blog posting recently, Aardvark said it had had more than 90,000 users in October 2009 and 87.7 percent of the questions sent to Aardvark receive an answer from a friend or friend of a friend.

Aardvark said 75 percent of users who ask questions Aardvark also answer questions for others. Each question is answered claimed today between 5-10 minutes depending on the type of questions and the number of networks owned by its users.

Later, working on Google's social networking service. Last strategic move is to a Google service that adds features Buzz status updates and sharing links, photos, and videos through Gmail.

Review Smartphone Nexian NX-251D

Review Smartphone Nexian NX-251DReview Smartphone Nexian NX-251D
Nexian NX-251D is one smartphone besides Blackberry, iPhone and more. The dimension of this smartphones is 108 x 44.5 x 14.3 mm. The weakness of this smartphones is just have 0.3 MP for camera. The below is detail specification of smartphone Nexian NX-251D:

  • Double SIM Card GSM - CDMA (Dual On)
  • GSM: 900/1800/1900 Mhz, CDMA: 800 Mhz
  • RUIM Card & SIM Card Slot
  • Dimension / Weight : 108 x 44.5 x 14.3 mm, 75.2 Gr
  • Display Screen : 1.77 inch, CSTN 65.536 colours
  • Ringtones : Polyphonic, MP3
  • Supports External Memory (microSD)
  • Phonebook Memory : 1000, Messaging Memory : 300, GPRS : Class 10
  • Bluetooth : v1.2, Messaging : SMS, MMS
  • Camera : 0.3 MP with setting: White Balance, Scene Mode, Effect Settings, EV and Banding
  • Multimedia: Image Viewer, Video Player & Recorder, Audio Player, FM Radio, Games (Copter & Robot)
  • Organizer : Calender, To Do List, Alarm, Calculator, World Clock.
  • Battery Type : Li-ion Battery 800 mAh, Standby 240 hours*, Talktime 400 minutes

How to Quickly E-Mail Respond in Outlook 2010

How to Quickly E-Mail Respond in Outlook 2010Whatever action you do to the e-mail you receive? Apart returned, typically electronic mail will be forwarded to a friend or colleague. To do this, surely you must click on Reply or Forward and then type the e-mail address that goal really was-that's all.

There lho quick way to respond to e-mail that went. Here's how.
  1. Click "Start> All Programs> Microsoft Office> Microsoft Outlook 2010".
  2. Select the e-mail to respond, and then consider the block Quick Steps in the tab "Home". There were options to Move, Team E-mail, to Manager, Reply & Delete, and Create New.
  3. Match menu, click To Manager to forward to your Manager, Team E-mail to disseminate the contents of the e-mail to team members, or Reply & Delete to reply to e-mail.
  4. Button "To Manager", "Team E-mail", and "Reply & Delete" will automatically open a new window for typing e-mail response or a window to forward e-mails to the bosses who are ready to be sent to the destination. When you first click on the button "To Manager" or "Team e-mail", you will be prompted to enter an e-mail your Manager.
  5. Staying click "Send" to send e-mail.

Improving Damage Data E-mail

Microsoft Outlook is always connected to the file "Personal Folder File" berekstensi PST. Create who do not know, this file serves to store e-mail and settings folder in Outlook.

By default, when you first start Microsoft Outlook, PST will be created and placed in the C:-Documents and Settings -Local Settings-Application Data-Microsoft-Outlook-in XP or c:-Users--AppData-Microsoft-Outlook-in Vista and 7.

Is definitely not fit anymore, could happen this file corrupted e-mails that could not be opened. If this happens, do not pesismis first. We try Oprek PST file with a hidden tool supplied by Microsoft. This tool is called the Inbox Repair Tool. Where is the location, and how it is used? Follow the steps below.
  1. Start Windows Explorer, then go to the folder C:-Program Files-Common Files-System-Mapi-1033-.
  2. In the 1033 folder, look for programs with scanpst.exe name, and run the program.
  3. After the window "Inbox Repair Tool" is open, enter your file name and its path in the "Enter The Name Of The File You Want To Scan".
  4. To set the log file settings, press the [Options ...].
  5. The next step, click the [Start]. Inbox Repair Tool to quickly repair all your files are corrupted.
  6. When all files have been repaired, click [Close].
  7. Now open the file. Pst you to import it through Microsoft Outlook.
Please note, the number of files that can be "saved" depending on the level of damage that you correct the file. If the damage is severe enough, of course files can be read only a few or even can not read at all.

Print E-mail List

Want to print the e-mail? That's no easy task. Just choose just the e-mail which will be printed, right-click, and select Quick Print. The contents of the e-mail will be directly printed via the printer.

But what if you want to print a list of e-mail? There are practical ways to do it.
  1. Start Microsoft Outlook 2010.
  2. Click the tab "File" at the top left corner of the screen.
  3. Select the "Print" to print.
  4. On the "Print What", select "Table Style".
  5. On the right side preview window will appear containing printouts of e-mail list. Preview also displays all the pages that will be generated.
  6. At the printer, select the printer that will be used for printing.
  7. Click the "Print" which is at the top to start printing.

Read E-mails Like Chatting

Formerly, the usual e-mails appear one by one based on the incoming shipment. As a result, you will need a series of difficulties as related conversations.

In Outlook 2010, these weaknesses have been overcome. This program has adapted the concept similar to the Outlook Mobile in Windows Phone. Related messages can be displayed simultaneously in a group. In this way, e-mail activity was similar to chat. We can see the history of conversations that have been done instantly.

To configure a new conversation model ala Outlook Mobile this, follow these steps.
  1. Start Outlook 2010 via the "Start> All Programs> Microsoft Office> Microsoft Outlook 2010".
  2. Click the tab "View", then consider the Arrangement. There is the "Conversation" with a large triangle below. Click on the button.
  3. Make sure there is a check mark in front of the option "Show Message in Conversation".
  4. Give a check mark in front of "Show Messages in Other Folders". This option will make Outlook display the conversation in the Inbox and Sent Items.
  5. To view all the talk at the same time, provide a check mark in "Always Expand Conversation".
  6. Now, try to click on one of the e-mail responses you receive. Below it will appear a series of conversations via e-mail with the subject and the same topic.

Free Download Freshbooks for Blackberry

Free Download Freshbooks BlackberryAnother interesting Blackberry application that can be downloaded for free on the internet that is Freshbooks. With this application we can perform various tasks such as Time Management, Invoice Management, Account Management and many other interesting features.

This Blackberry application is suitable for all types of our favorite blackberry. The following is a feature of Freshbooks which we enjoy when we have our blackberry download at:

  • Time Management
    Easily upload time on the go. Use a timer to track time as you go, or manually enter hours.
  • Client Management
    - Use your BlackBerry to call or email clients.
    - Map client addresses directly on your mobile phone.
    - Search capability for quick access to hundreds of clients.
  • Invoice Management
    - View full invoice details, enter payments and send invoices from your BlackBerry.
  • Account Management
    - Use multiple accounts on one BlackBerry device.
    - Staff and admin usage adheres to FreshBooks priveleges.
Fascinating is not it? All that can be downloaded for free. To be able to download this free application blackberry please visit: