Nokia Music Services More Than iTunes

Nokia Music Services More Than iTunesAs we know, Nokia has launched Nokia X6 Comes With Music a mobile phone with amazing music services. The launch of Nokia X6 Comes With Music service which provides millions of local and internationals songs for free download to mobile and computers would compete directly with Apple's devices and its iTunes service. And with Nokia X6 Comes With Music, Nokia parties optimistic can compete tightly with Apple's iTunes.

"Apple's service and iTunes music service more exclusive, but Nokia believes mobile phone and music service from Nokia will compete with iTunes service" Nokia representative said. The existence of mobile products with music services like Apple iTunes and others not make Nokia chasing the target. However, the Nokia believes that Nokia X6 Comes With Music would be more acceptable than the products of other mobile phones with music service.

Favorable factor is Nokia X6 Comes With Music offers an affordable price for a song download service exceptional. With the Nokia X6 Comes With Music, users get a bonus download 3 million songs during the first year for free at no extra cost. Will the other mobile phone or smartphone manufacturers will follow Nokia?

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Nokia X6 Comes With Music New Smartphone

Nokia X6 Comes With Music New SmartphoneNokia X6 "Comes With Music" edition is one new music smartphone from the largest mobile phone producer Nokia. We can say that Nokia X6 Comes With Music is revolusioner smartphone because offering unlimited access services to free downloads about 3 millions song from local or international in 1 year. With free download 3 millions song, its same with 2 million USA dollars.

Not only that, the Nokia X6 Comes With Music users can save all song after downloaded from OVI Music services online stock forever. But, the free songs downloaded restricted to one year after purchase Nokia X6.

In the Nokia X6 Comes With Music, have Ovi music catalog that content local or international from all music types with various genres too, from jazz, blues, hip hop, soul, funk, pop, indie, grunge and more. Related the music content, Nokia has cooperated with 12 international and local record companies, among others Aquarius, E-Motion Entertainment, EMI Music, Musica Studios, Rainbow Records, Sony Music Entertainment, and Warner Music.

At this time, the Nokia X6 Comes With Music Nokia services, just available for Nokia X6 16GB and Nokia 5530 Xpress Music. However, for next future Nokia will launch the Nokia same type like Nokia N97, Nokia 5800, and Nokia 5230. Are you interesting with smartphone Nokia X6 Comes With Music? Fix prices for this music smartphone just $520.

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Skype Application For Chatting Via TV

Skype Offers Chatting Via TVAlmost all the chatting fans need Skype software. Because, Skype offers interaction function, either by voice or IM and SMS, on mobile or PC.

Well, if you already have a Nokia mobile phone, do not have to bother anymore. The reason, Skype and Nokia have issued a Skype program for the Symbian operating system that works on their phone. This means that the Nokia smart phone users can use Skype, either through Wi-Fi networks as well as data connections via GPRS, EDGE and-3G. Customers can download the Nokia Ovi Store for free.

Interestingly, now, Skype has also developed a VoIP communication face to face Through HD TV. Most recently, Skype have signed a partnership with world-class HD TV vendors, such as LG Electronics, Samsung, and Panasonic. Skype application will be integrated with TV web technology.

This application will facilitate the whole family to communicate face to face with relatives across the continent. This product can be found on the Viera TV Panasonic that equipped with a special camera kind of webcam. Does the Skype TV chat application will be displaced through the chat via mobile phone or computer?

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Why YouTube Down About Two Hour?

MOUNTAIN VIEW - Not only Wikipedia have technical problems and about one hour not accessible. The YouTube, video sharing site from Google services are also can't accessed about one hour on Thursday march 25th, morning for U.S. time. Google confirmed the occurrence of these problems, but did not specify what those technical problems. YouTube is down between one to two hours and then if you visit got error message "HTTP/1.1 Service Unavailable".

"YouTube recovered after experienced technical problems successfully solved," a Google spokesperson said as reported by PC Magazine. "We understand how important YouTube for many people and apologize for any inconvenience that may occur," he added.

The same thing had happened on March 2th, 2010 ago. At that time, the video on YouTube can not run. In next time, we hope this problems does not happen again and can be a lesson for all.

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Nokia bought Novarra to Strengthen Web Mobile Browser

Nokia bought Novarra to Strengthen Web Mobile BrowserEspoo - The world's largest mobile phone producer, Nokia, strengthening the web mobile browser device's features with the acquisition of Novarra, a web browser developer company mobile phone devices based in Chicago.

"Mobile browsers and Novarra artificial service platform will be used to give a better the surf experience on Nokia mobile phones," Nokia said in the announcement of the acquisition last week.

Artificial Novarra web browser named Vision supports Flash content and video, complex HTML and JavaScript and AJAX, RSS, and ohter widgets. Other features are also generally sophisticated desktop browser, like options fit to screen, zooming, scrolling, and password management.

As we know that the Novarra browser has been used in various mobile phones vendors like Nokia, Motorola, LG, LTE, Kyocera and more. Novarra web browser developed for GSM and CDMA network.

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Google Chrome is the most secure web browser

Google Chrome is the most secure web browserVANCOUVER - In all the web browser available today, only Google Chrome that can not be penetrated by hackers in Pwn2Own contest in the CanSecWest conference arena in Vancouver, Canada. In these contests, almost all web browser succeeded in hacking, like Firefox 3.6, Safari, until Internet Explorer 8.

Charlie Miller from Independent Security Evaluators successful hacking Safari secure system in MacBook and take over the OS X operating system. Miller had been known as an expert researchers security for Apple system and with this success, Miller won the same competition for the third time.

Other researchers system seucity, Peter Vreugdenhill successful hacking Internet Explorer 8 with bypass data execution prevention (DEP) function and address space layout randomization (ASLR). Meanwhile, a critical weakness in Firefox 3.6.2 successfully penetrated by Nils, the hacker from MWR Info Security England. However, the weakness Internet Explorer 8 and Firefox 3.6.2 can not penetrate if the browser running on the Windows 7 Protected Mode with sandbox feature.

Techniques and how to hack the leading browser security is not publications in this event. The contestants were forbidden to publication after the vendors that issued the browser could provide a patch to prevent the attack from the hackers irresponsible.

New Virus Password Thieves Facebook users

New Virus Password Thieves Facebook usersThe Facebook spammers currently meets the internet with messages that have been contaminated with the virus. Estimated, the virus threatening about 400 million Facebook users all over in the world in targeting to steal bank passwords and collecting other sensitive information. Email tells the recipient that the Facebook acount password have been reset, and tell to click on "attachment" to obtain permission "new login", explained by McAfee Inc the anti-virus software maker

If the attachment is opened, then some kind of malicious software will be download automatic, including the steals passwords program, McAfee said this week.
The hacker has been targeting Facebook users, and send them messages contaminated by internal electronic mail system owned by the company's own social network. With the new attack, they use regular internet e-mail to spread malicious software.

Facebook representatives said that the company could not comment on specific cases, but stated improvement status submitted by the that company and warned Facebook users to delete the electronic mail and warn their friends.

McAfee warns that the hackers send tens of millions the spam to the whole of Europe, the United States and Asia since the action began last tuesday March 30th. Dave Marcus, McAfee's Director of Communications and Malware Research Affairs, said he expected the hackers will succeed to infect millions of computers.

"With Facebook as your allure, as many as 400 million people potentially click on the attachment. If only 10 percent successful, then 40 million people become virus victims," he said. Writing in an e-mail reads "Facebook password reset confirmation customer support", Marcus said.

Virus Life is Beautiful Just Gossip

The information that said for users email must be careful with virus "Life is Beautiful" just gossip. The message is just a lie news that made someone's to spread spam. From the internet search result, the "Life is Beautiful" have been spread since 2002. The spread spam were found in many language from English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, German, and China.

"Please forget any message related about "Life is Beautiful" and do not forward again, George Koris said the maker Symantec's Norton in the company's Web site. The warning had been issued by Symantec since February 13th, 2007 ago or five years since the message "Life is Beautiful" to be hot news on the internet.

However, an email with "Life is Beautiful" is starting to spread again in many Asian countries like Japan, Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan and others Asian countries. As claimed by Symantec manufacturers, if you find an email with the "Life is Beautiful", then ignore and do not be forwarded to your friends, because the message is just a gossip.

Samsung Galaxy S i9000 Smartphone Android Super Amoled

Samsung Galaxy S i9000, Android Super AmoledSamsung, the one of mobile cell phone producer launched one of the latest smartphone. The new Samsung smartphone is Galaxy S i9000. One of artificial characteristic samsung mobile phone is the screen quality is very clear and sharp because use the OLED (organic light emitting diode) technology.

But, the latest new devices that introduced in Galaxy S Samsung i9000, the graphic quality is much better even can be said like crystal because the new device in this smartphone using a super AMOLED (amorphous OLED).

Samsung Galaxy S i9000 exhibited in the telecommunications arena CTIA 2010 conference is based on Android platform made by Google. No half-hearted in use Android 2.1, the latest version of Nexus One use of artificial Google. In fact, the technology used in Samsung Galaxy S i9000 is Android 2.1 the latest version used in Google Nexus One smartphone.

Memory capabilities in Samsung Galaxy S i9000 also supported by Snapdragon 1 GHz processor from Qualcomm, which is the best processor for smartphones at this time. Other features is 5 megapixel camera, aGPS, Bluetooth 3.0, and WiFi b/g/n.

Currently, the Samsung Galaxy S i9000 is the phone made by Samsung with the most wide screen that is 4 inches. The screen is equipped mDNIe technology (mobile digital nature imagine engine) which displays a very natural photo. The technology is already used in LCD or LED screen made Samsung.

With such specifications, Samsung smartphone Galaxy S i9000 it seems competing with Google Nexus One, Blackberry, Motorola Android, iPhone smartphone, Android and other top class smartphone. When they are available in the market? Planned for this summer around June-July 2010, but do not ask how much it costs. So, just wait.

Free Download Balckberry Xobni Mobile applications

Outlook users may be accustomed to using Xobni as a search tool or contact the client message via e-mail. With the Xobni service, to search numerous contacts easier and faster. Now, the Xobni Mobile service available in Blackberry smartphone. With this service, Blackberry user not need to shift the long list of contacts, and just search with Balckberry Xobni Mobile applications.

Xobni Mobile easier the smartphone to organization the contact list and integrated with the Blackberry platform. Xobni Mobile application raises the rank of each person based on how often you communicate with him/her. It is much easier than searching contacts by alphabet list. This application also adds how often you contact the social networking accounts, such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. Each account will be ranked based on how often your friends access.

The display of this application is similar to the appearance of the Palm's WebOS or Android, like MotoBlur. You can access your contacts via the app or the compose window of the Blackberry email application.

Xobni also launched Xobni One, the connection information service between the Outlook inbox and Xobni Mobile. This service can only be used on Blackberry handsets version 5.0 or higher. Xobni even going to apply this application to other smart phones like Samsung smartphone, iPhone smartphone, Google Nexus One, Nokia smartphone and more.

Unfortunately, the Balckberry Xobni Mobile applications service is not available for free. What price must be paid to get Xobni Mobile on your Blackberry? Xobni Mobile app for U.S. $ 10, and Xobni Mobile with Xobni One for U.S. $ 7 and a monthly fee of U.S. $ 4, and U.S. $ 40 per year.

The Latest Blackberry Platform on the Internet

The Latest Blackberry Platform Circulating on the InternetThe latest version of the smartphone Blackberry platform might be competing with the iPhone smartphone and the Google Nexus One. This is from two photographs mentioned display Blackberry OS 6.0 as reported by website, Friday (19/3/2010).

Two photos show the front screen of the Blackberry without showing his handset. However, seeing from the size of the screen, which used similar handset like in Blackberry Storm smartphone or Blackberry Storm 2 that using touch screen technology.

The first photograph shows a page filled with widgets from a variety of Blackberry application. Three widgets is composed continues ESPN game results, weather information, and travel info. At the bottom of the widget extends the latest information. Another menu is a clock with large font sizes, alarms, and email notification and SMS. While in the second photo is also seen following Twitter message widget.

There are no any information of the Research In Motion (RIM) about the Blackberry OS 6.0 platform development. This platform maybe the news good from RIM for the Blackberry next product. RIM is reportedly preparing Blackberry Slider that equipped with the touch screen and full QWERTY keypad. Will the Blackberry Slider using the latest OS version 6.0?

Samsung Galaxy Spica Can Upgrade To The Android 2.1

Samsung Galaxy Spica Can Upgrade To The Android 2.1SEOUL - Smartphone Samsung Galaxy Spica (i5700) starting now officially able to be upgraded to the platform the latest version of Android 2.1 or Eclair. Previously, Spica in the market today just using Android 1.6 or known as Cupcake.

"Spica Galaxy fans praised the ease of access to contacts and experience in a personal-handset that has to be upgraded not only offers all that and much more," said JK Shin, President and Head of Mobile Communication Business Samsung Electronics, in a press release, Wednesday (17/3/2010).

Samsung Galaxy Spica user able to upgrade via the PC Studio 7, the software provided by Samsung for free. PC Studio 7 have been included in the sales package Galaxy Spica or can be downloaded from the Samsung Mobile website. With Android 2.1, the user Samsung Galaxy Spica has a choice of features richer. Visual quality, synchronization, and the function of multimedia such as camera better than the platform before.

Samsung Galaxy Spica smartphone with Android 2.1 will be available automatically on its newest product to be released gradually from Germany to the market in Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Asia. The users who do not want trouble with the upgrade, just wait a new handset.

Free Download Yahoo Olympic Blackberry Freeware

Free Download Yahoo Olympic Blackberry FreewareYahoo the popular sites back again to launching new application for Blackberry users that title Yahoo Winter Olympics 2010. This application also completing with other Blackberry application like Yahoo Finance application, but the services of Yahoo for this time more to the sport and entertainment.

With this application we can get the latest news and track our country's teams. In addition, with Yahoo Winter Olympics 2010 application we can also see a variety of features such as medal winners, a list of rankings, the event sport progress and much more.

This application is suitable for you who do not want to miss the news about Winter Olympics 2010. And most importantly, Yahoo Winter Olympics 2010 application can be download for free in our Blackberry. To start download Yahoo Olympic Blackberry Freeware, please click from your Blackberry.

AVG Research: 40 Percent of the evil site from the U.S.

AVG Research: 40 Percent of the evil site from the U.S.AMSTERDAM - AVG Technologies announced the results of research that found that most websites with criminal content is hosted or server-centered in the United States of servers, not other countries like China. This finding is far from the estimates so far.

AVG research is based on an analysis of threats reported in the last six month period from 110 million users of security products AVG LinkScanner web around the world. This study indicates an increase in the number of web sites that make the crime as a target user, who typically focus on online banking theft, credit card information, personal identity, and social site passwords. The new site is "A great euphonious in every box" from USA.

Detection and analysis of threats based on crowd-sourced method of AVG to analyze unique web content for malicious or harmful intent has been reported from the extensive network of AVG LinkScanner installations around the world. AVG research found that malicious code is not only the problem of evil servers located in countries with weak law enforcement. Monitoring of active web server that contains threats from around the world found that 44 percent of servers that have been corrupted in the United States, followed by Germany and China to the difference of five percent in each country.

Many of these sites are actually business sites that have infiltrated the hackers to load malicious content. This server is found in almost 4600 locations in the United States. Please note that this study does not mention the owner or controlling crime these servers. The people or the network could be anywhere in the world. The new site is "A great euphonious in every box" from USA.

"This really makes sense because the United States is the main target of these criminals and has a rich internet infrastructure and developing. This means that the threats were really easily accessible and cheaper for the host," said Karel Obluk, Chief Technology Officer, AVG Technologies in a press release received, Thursday (11/3/2010).

Obluk continued, "The more important thing to remember is, in the last six month period, approximately 50 percent of domains hosted on these servers contain only content that can be threatening for about a day or even less than that. Nature a constant threat this move makes them difficult to find and added to the system of traditional reputation-based protection at the right time. "

Windows 7 sold 90 million copies in less than 6 months

Windows 7 sold 90 million copies in less than 6 monthsSEATTLE - Only in less than 6 months, Microsoft claims to have successfully sold 90 million copies of Windows 7. Microsoft's latest operating system that went into production in July 2009 and released to the market in October 2009.

Achievement is reported by Peter Klein, Chief Financial Officer of Microsoft, last week, when delivering a presentation at the Morgan Stanley Technology Media and Telecom Conference and San Francisco, USA. Previously, Microsoft had never reported the sale of 60 million copies of Windows 7 in January 2010.

However, the businesses users of Windows 7 are still not satisfactory. As reported by the Telegraph, Klein admitted that it might happen because of the attitude of prudence IT managers to make changes. However, Microsoft believes that Windows 7 adoption among businesses will increase the launch of the service packs that fix some weaknesses and new features. Service packs are planned out this year. site Auctions From 1 Million U.S. Dollars site Auctions From 1 Million U.S. DollarsNEW YORK - Internet address has predicted a very high value will be auctioned off next March 18, 2010. Just starting bid price of $ 1 million or around USD 9.5 billion. Auction will be conducted at the law office of Windels Marx Lane & Mitterdorf LLP, New York at the request of the DOM Partners LLC, owners of the site today.

Previously DOM is funding the purchase of the site in 2006 by Escom LLC. Wscom took over from the first owner Gary Kremen, chief executive of Grant Media and founder of dating site Kremen registered in 1994.

Sales then called the most expensive domain transactions in history although not mentioned how much she decided. However, the selling price is reached 14 million U.S. dollars. Loans DOM Escom Partner to maturity of more than a year ago but never paid. Thus, the right of was confiscated before it was decided to be auctioned. "The loan is due and DOM-consuming Partners in the agreement according to its rights," said Scott Matthews, legal counsel DOM as reported by Reuters.

Auction domain names with keywords that are popular like this is rare. Historic Auction of domain in 2008 produced the highest price of U.S. $ 2.5 million. Well, if can penetrate prices much higher?

Review Smartphone Nokia N900

Review Smartphone Nokia N900The world's largest mobile phone producer Nokia launched the latest smartphone products type Nokia N900.

This is a smartphone with a very good ability and performance. The difference Nokia N900 with other Nokia phone was Maemo 5. Nokia N900 not use Symbian operating system, but would prefer to use linux-based operating system, Maemo 5 with multi-tasking abilities better.

Maemo 5 previously used on Nokia Internet tablets. With the launch of the Nokia N900, Maemo 5 made its debut on the mobile chassis size.

Besides Maemo 5, the Nokia N900 also brings with it the Mozilla web browser complete with full support for Flash version 9.4. Nokia N900 with sliding QWERTY keyboard model (slides out). To accommodate the ability Maemo 5, the Nokia N900 using the processor ARM Cortex-A8, OpenGL ES 2.0 and 256 MB of RAM. The front of the Nokia N900 is 3.5 inch WVGA screen resolution of 800 x 480 pixels with support for a more responsive touchscreen dianding previous nokia phone.

With such hardware support, run any application would be more comfortable. The entire application is currently running will be displayed continuously on the dashboard, homescreen can also easily via personalized shortcuts, widgets and applications. Nokia N900 has a 32 GB storage and can be added up to 48 GB via microSD card.

Other features that complement the Nokia N900 is a GPS receiver with Ovi maps, FM transmitter, a standard 3.5 mm audio jack equipped with TV Out function, bluetooth and support for DivX / XviD. Nokia N900 is also equipped with a 5 MP camera with Carl Zeiss optics label that can be used to record video with a ratio of 16:9 with a resolution of 848 x 480 pixels @ 25 frames per second. Tag cloud interface is also added to make it easier for users taging and sharing photos or video. And here are the complete data specification of the Nokia N900 smartphone:

DISPLAY: 3.5 inch touch-sensitive widescreen display, WVGA 800 × 480 pixel resolution
CONNECTIVITY: 3.5mm AV connector, TV out (PAL/NTSC) with Nokia Video Connectivity Cable, Micro-USB connector, High-Speed USB 2.0, Bluetooth v2.1 including support for stereo headsets, Integrated FM transmitter, Integrated GPS with A-GPS
BATTERY: BL-5J 1320mAh
PROCESSOR & 3D ACCELERATOR: TI OMAP 3430: ARM Cortex-A8 600 MHz, PowerVR SGX with OpenGL ES 2.0 support
MEMORY: Up to 1GB of application memory (256 MB RAM, 768 MB virtual memory)
SIZE: Dimensions 110.9 × 59.8 × 18 (19.55 at thickest part) mm, Weight Approx 181g
STORAGE: 32 GB internal storage, Store up to 7000 MP3 songs or 40 hours of high-quality vide
Up to 16 GB of additional storage with an external microSD card
KEYBOARD: Full QWERTY tactile keyboard, Full QWERTY onscreen keyboard
FREQUENCY: Quad-band GSM EDGE 850/900/1800/1900, WCDMA 900/1700/2100 MHz
DATA GPRS: class A, multislot class 32, maximum speed 107/64.2 kbps (DL/UL) EDGE class A, multislot class 32, maximum speed 296/177.6 kbps (DL/UL) WCDMA 900/1700/2100. Maximum speed PS 384/384 kbps (DL/UL) HSPA 900/1700/2100. Maximum speed PS 10/2 Mbps (DL/UL) WLAN IEEE 802.11b/g

CALL FEATURE: Integrated hands-free stereo speakers, Call waiting, call hold, call divert
Call timer, Logging of dialed, received and missed calls, Speed dialing via contact widget, Virbrating alert (internal), Side volume keys, Mute/unmute, Contacts with images, Conference calling with up to 3 participants, Internet calling

EMAIL / MESSAGING: Supported protocols: Mail for Exchange, IMAP, POP3, SMTP, Support for email attachments, Support for rich HTML, SMS and Instant Messages as conversations, Support for Nokia Messaging service, Instant messaging and presence enhanced contacts, Multiple number, email and Instant Messaging details per contact, contacts with images, Support for assigning images to contacts

WEB BROWSER: Maemo browser powered by Mozilla technology, Adobe Flash™ 9.4 support
Full screen browsing
GPS: Integrated GPS, Assisted-GPS, and Cell-based receivers, Pre-loaded Ovi Maps application
Automatic geotagging
CAMERA: 5 megapixel camera (2584 × 1938 pixels), CMOS sensor, Carl Zeiss optics, Tessar lens, 3 × digital zoom, Autofocus with assist light and two-stage capture key, Dual LED flash
Full-screen viewfinder, Photo editor on device, TV out (PAL/NTSC) with Nokia Video Connectivity Cable (CA-75U, included in box) or WLAN/UPnP, Landscape (horizontal) orientation, Capture modes: Automatic, portrait, video, macro, landscape, action

VIDEO: Wide aspect ratio 16:9 (WVGA), Video recording file format: .mp4; codec: MPEG-4, Video recording at up to 848 × 480 pixels (WVGA) and up to 25fps, Video playback file formats: .mp4, .avi, .wmv, .3gp; codecs: H.264, MPEG-4, Xvid, WMV, H.263

MUSIC & AUDIO: Maemo media player, Music playback file formats: .wav, .mp3, .AAC, .eAAC, .wma, .m4a; Built-in FM transmitter, Ring tones: .wav, .mp3, .AAC, .eAAC, .wma, .m4a, FR, EFR, WCDMA, and GSM AMR, Digital stereo microphone, DLNA

PERSONALISATION: Background pictures, Widgets on your desktops, Intelligent contact shortcuts, Shortcuts to your favourite websites, Shortcuts to applications, Themes

OS: Maemo 5 software on Linux
APPLICATION: Maemo Browser, Phone, Conversations, Contact, Camera, Photos, Media Player, OVI Maps, Clock, Notes, Calculator, PDF Reader, File Manager, RSS Reader, Sketch
Games, Widgets, Application manager for downloads, GAMING Bounce, Chess, Mahjong

IN THE BOX: Nokia N900, Nokia Battery (BL-5J), Nokia High Efficiency Charger (AC-10), Nokia Stereo Headset (WH-205), Video out cable (CA-75U), Nokia charger adaptor (CA-146C)
Cleaning cloth

How to Manage Ubuntu Accounts

In managing features, accounts Ubuntu has many similarities with Windows 7. If in Windows 7, manages accounts controlled on the control panel menu. But in Ubuntu there is the menu "System> Administration> User Management> Administrator Mode". Here is a step to manage the account on Ubuntu:

To add a new account, here's how:
1. Click the "New".
2. Change "Login Name" with the desired user name.
3. Click the tab "Passwords and Security".
4. Enter the desired password, then press "OK". New account is created.

To edit your account:
1. Log in to the menu "System> Administration> User Management> Administrator Mode".
2. Choose a user name you wish to modify.
3. Click the "Modify".
4. Replace the information you want changed, and then click "OK"

To delete your account:
1. Click the menu "System> Administration> User Management> Administrator Mode".
2. Select the user will be deleted.
3. Click the "Delete".

How do you think? Which is easier to manage accounts with windows 7? I hope, Ubuntu tips on managing these accounts can be useful.

Review Motorola Android Backflip Smartphone

Review Smartphone of Motorola Android BackflipMotorola Android Backflip is one of the best Android smartphone that released by AT & T the telecommunications provider. With a unique design and compact smartphone Motorola Android Backflip is a very unique design and you deserve to have.

In addition to the unique design, the other advanced features such as Blur view that integrates the social networking and the mailboxes in one view. Making it easier for users to manage Motorola Android social networking account. This is very suitable for commercial or corporate users. By default, Yahoo is primary search engine changing Google search engine.

And here's an interesting feature in Motorola Android Backflip Smartphone view:
  • Motorola Android Backflip has a sturdy solid impression, more solid than the Motorola Blur before.
  • Design Motorola Backflip smartphone is very easy to open and close the with only one step.
  • Motorola Android Backflip for sale through a contract with the AT & T as a provider, has been equipped with specialized applications from AT & T, such as GPS applications, AT & T Map, AT & T Navigator, AT & T Music.
  • Having a display that integrates Blur between social networks and mailboxes in one view. Almost like Cliq, the difference in the location of Motorola Android Backflip smartphone this widget is located on the left Blur display the main menu screen.
  • Yahoo becomes default search engine to replace Google.
Because I like to travel, features AT & T Map from Motorola Android Backflip very helpful. With these advanced features, Motorola Android Backflip become one of the leading smartphone today.

Free Download Twitter Application for BlackBerry

Seesmic is one of the largest applications on the Internet. Seesmic, Twitter Client applications for Desktop and Mobile (Blackberry and Android) offer things that appeal to Twitter users via the Blackberry.

Seesmic offers a new application for Blackberry users with a variety of new and interesting features. Seesmic for Blackberry features include:
  • Support multiple accounts to Twitter
  • Feature to select the size of images to upload
  • Support services upload photos via the menu TweetPhoto Twitter
  • Has been integrated with so users can set seesmic social networking activities more easily and more complete
For Twitter users who have a lot of Twitter accounts, especially business people or companies, it offers easy Seesmic via Blackberry. With Seesmic for BlackBerry users can manage all Twitter accounts that has, or choose the default Twitter account that will be used. Activities upload photos on Twitter, more easily done with this Seesmic. Especially with the support of fiture TweetPhoto and the image size option to upload.

In addition, with the features on Seesmic can help us to manage automatically online activities to the various social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Multiply, and others. The most fun is Seesmic for this Blackberry can we download for free and suitable for all types of Blackberry (Blackberry Storm, Blackberry Javalin, Blackberry Bold and other types). For Blackberry users, features Seesmic too dear if it is not downloaded. To download free Seesmic application, please click

Adult content in Apple has been deleted and adding Photoshop application

Apple has been deleting and adding the Apps Store application to the their pagesAs we know, adult content has been added to Apple applications. With this application, all Apple users can easily access the adult content and porn. As users increase, up from Apple's application is felt disturbing most users.

Apple has deleted the application that displays adult content, this is done at Apple because of the many complaints from users. Because the smartphone application contains the content adult model and porn star. With the abolition of this adult content, Apple users are no longer wished to complain and still maintain a good relationship with Apple users.

Besides remove the adult content, Apple has set enhancements for image editing. The application is Photoshop that can be run on the iPhone device. The main reason Apple chose Photoshop image processing applications because Photoshop is very most popular for image processing. A version of this application was on the App Store page, and for those who want to use Photoshop 1.0 applications can now get at page Apps Store.

New features for the iPhone smartphone and iPad smartphone rumored to be coming with the SDK 3.2. New features video calling, but because the iPhone smartphone does not have a front camera and Ipad has no camera, this feature would require new hardware. Expected with Photoshop application, the Apple users can be increased.