Take advantage of search engine optimization free tools for your blog

After you applied the SEO techniques in various blogs or your websites, then to find out the results and improve the SEO techniques, then use tools to monitor SEO techniques have you applied. On the internet, there are many tools to monitoring SEO techniques, from free to paid.

No doubt, that with the free SEO tools that optimal is enough for us, if you're interested in trying to pay it right to you. Well, here I shared a free SEO tools that I usually use to controling my SEO techniques that have been applied in a variety of my blog. Please see properly.

1. Google Webmaster Tools
One of free SEO tools that I like are from Google that Google Webmaster Tools. I am convinced, almost all webmasters are already using this free SEO tools. No doubt, that the Google service is equivalent to a paid service I've ever used. Almost everything that is needed by webmasters can be tracked with this tool, like popular keyword, content analysis, file site maps, statistics, inbound link, crawl rate, image search, etc. I never missed going to the news about Google. Features that are always innovative and creative and, most importantly, using these tools, then within a short time my blog will be included in Google's database so they can get a good ranking on Google's results pages.

2. Google Trends
I use Google Trends because I want to know what the keywords are popular of Google users search. By using Google Trends, so I can get the overflow of visitors on my blog. As the name suggests, Google Trends are always changing every time. Google trends is also beneficial for us who are confused to find keywords that want presented on our blog.

3. SEO for FireFox
If your are FireFox browser users, take advantage of SEO plugin to monitor the blogs that you have implemented SEO. I am sure, you will be very happy with this free SEO tools for simple and very effective.

I think the 3 free SEO tools is enough for us, sometimes too many SEO tools to make your own confused and will run out of time just to monitor the SEO. And most importantly, the SEO techniques is dynamic and requires you to keep learning and trying yourself. Hopefully, SEO learning tips on that I present is useful for you. If there are less questions with free SEO tools, please ask in the comment form.

Simple tips to improve your blog page ranking on Google search engines with content SEO techniques

As the largest search engine and control more than 65% market share, Google search engine of choice the owners of the websites or blogs to make in the first position. With the increasing complexity of the Google algorithms, the first way works, it has now become not so useful anymore. Especially if you use illegal SEO techniques, then do not ever expect Google will index your websites or blogs.

Another SEO technique that is hated and will banned by the Google is the duplicate content. If some time ago Google takes a long time to detect duplicate content, so this time Google will quickly find out duplicate content and immediately delete it or not will never enter into the Google database.

Many people ask with me, why my blog always get a good ranking in Google search engine?

Many people doing everything to get a good ranking in Google. One thing that makes them forget about the quality of the page itself. If a page is not attractive to the user, the user will immediately close the page and will not be interested to reading another articles. If this happens a lot, certainly not a good thing for you because it will cause your site's ranking down.

Actually, there is no special secret from me, I just followed the instructions from the most trusted source of Google itself. Google makes it clear that "content is the king", then I just make an article I wrote myself, useful and interesting for my blog readers. Since the article I made almost match what users search Google, the visitor is interested in reading another articles and the time he had spent quite some time.

The more he read the article and the longer time of visit, will make my blog better in Google and will maintain my ranking. If my blog located at the bottom, then in quick time will go up to a higher ranking. Now, makes the "content is the king" on your blogs for best Google result pages.

How to perform simple seo techniques on website or blog

Can not be denied that the purpose of search engine optimization (SEO) is very important in internet business. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the science of optimizing a site page or blog ranks highest on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines for relevant keywords. Knowledge of SEO techniques from the basic to the most complex we shall know. Because the SEO tips is very much on the internet, often makes us confused to where to start. Here are some tips for effective SEO for your website or blog.
  • The domain name you choose should be relevant to your product or service. For example, if product about Blackberry, try to use the domain name associated with Blackberry. Use your own domain name, do not use the free domain
  • If visitors have a lot, use unlimited bandwidth and powerful servers and rarely down. This is important, if the server is often down or run out of bandwidth, then the visitor will hit the back button and of course this is not good for search engines
  • Use keywords that are relevant to your product or service. Do not just use one or two keywords only, because this will be considered spam by search engines
  • Place the keyword in the title, file name, text in bold, underline, heading, striking color
  • Notice the keywords density level on each page
  • Get relevant links from article directories, forums, blogs and other social media sites
  • Avoid the black hat SEO
  • Avoid the invisible text, paid links, too many outgoing links, irrelevant articles or pages, links from porn sites
  • Do routine analysis of the results of such sites as: the source of the visit, the most entered keyword, length of visits, page views, traffic sources
Read also SEO techniques with title: keyword density in seo techniques. I think just doing simple seo techniques as above to the right, then your site or blog will get the best positions on search engines. Science of SEO techniques is always dynamic and requires us to continue to learn the techniques SEO. Hopefully, some SEO techniques tips and tricks that I wrote can help for you. If there are less obvious to learn the basic SEO techniques or learn SEO techniques for beginners, please ask in the comment form.

Know more detail with keyword density in seo techniques to be better in the search engines results pages

Keyword density is one factor used in the seo techniques. Keyword density is number of times your selected keyword display on a web page. With more and more sophisticated the search engine crawlers, so the ability to analyze a page has almost approached by humans. If keyword density is too often, certainly not going to make a comfortable guests so that search engines will consider as spam.

A few months ago, I found a blog with the keyword "jobs in usa" got first rank in the Google search engine. Because the keyword "jobs in the usa" compete with more than 310 million pages, of course made me curious and I visit those sites. Apparently, after I opened multiple pages on that blog, many strange things I encounter, that is using keywords over and over and not fair to write keywords that are associated with the keyword "jobs in usa".

After a month, I try to check again the keyword "jobs in usa" and I no longer see the blog on the main page of Google search results. Out of curiosity, I try to check the site:blog.name in the Google, and obviously I do not find that page and I can be sure that Google has deleted the site in their database and one factor is keyword density, because Google is banning spam. I am sure, that blog owner are certainly regret the incident.

Did the incident you've experienced?
In modern seo techniques, the use of keyword density is only deemed important by the search engines if the appropriate places. If we writing the keyword density in every rows, we will ge the incident as above because, the seacrh engine will mark as spam.

Then, how many of the most appropriate keyword density on a page?
Based on my experience and opinions from many SEO experts, the best ratio of keyword density is 3-5%. If less than 3%, it would be difficult to keywords index in the search engine, and if more than 5%, search engines will mark as spam. Once again, this measure is based on my experience and I know from many SEO experts. If you are interested, you can try yourself. I hope this article usefull for us. If you have any questions about keyword density, please ask via comment form.

Not even one month, one million by the market iPad

Not even one month, one million by the market iPadiPad, sold well. Not even one month is marketed in the United States, tablet computer Apple products is to break the 1 million unit sales.

''In the first 28 days, iPad sold 1 million units. This achievement about half of the time it takes the iPhone that is 74 days (to sell products with the same amount),''said Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

iPad United States seems to amaze the public. Because of high demand, the global marketing plan had been postponed iPad. Apple iPad previously planned to market the beginning of April. Spikes in demand in the United States to force Apple to suspend the plan until the end of May 2010.

Demand continues to increase''and not comparable to availability. To overcome this we continue to work extra hard to ensure that these products get to hand the customer a lot more,''said Jobs.

IPad users themselves also actively visiting Apple's official portal. Noted there are about 12 million applications have been downloaded the user iPad. They also download ebook about 1.5 million available in iBookstore.

IPad smartphone presence apparently also challenges application developers. Currently available at least 5000 applications for the iPad smartphone. While the App Store to collect no less than 200 thousand applications.

Following its success in the United States marketplace , iPad ready in the international market

Following its success in the United States marketplace , iPad ready in the international marketSuccessfully meet the needs in the United States, Apple opened the pre iPad for international orders online. These services, among others, open to interested students in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland and the UK.

Apple offers two versions of the iPad only version of Wifi and 3G version of the iPad. Products will be available starting May 28, 2010. IPad addition, Apple also announced the availability iBook in these countries began May 28, 2010.

After nine countries outside the United States, Apple plans to open a pre order in Austria, Belgium, Hong Kong, Ireland, Luxemberg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand and Singapore. iPad will be available in July.

For sale in the UK, Apple took the Orange, and Vodafone in 2002. IPad retail prices for Wi-Fi version with a capacity of 16 GB of 429 pounds (635 dollars), for the 32 GB version £ 499, while the price for the 64 GB £ 599. Meanwhile, for the type with a capacity of 64 GB 3G was released with a price of 699 pounds (1.034 U.S. dollars), while the capacity of 16 GB and 32 GB £ 529 sell £ 599.

IPad sales prices are dibundling highly varied among the operators. In the U.S., iPad Wifi with a capacity of 16 GB, its retail price ranging from 499 U.S. dollars, while a capacity of 64 GB 3G iPad selling for about 829 U.S. dollars. In Australia, Telstra fix the price 559 dollars for the iPad WiFi 16 GB, while for the same model of Softbank of Japan offered to pay 535 U.S. dollars.

Samsung Releases Mobile 3D AMOLED

Samsung Releases Mobile 3D AMOLEDSamsung increasingly digdaya at once at the forefront for business development amoled screen. In celebration Mobile World Congress 2010 in Barcelona, last February, Samsung introduced the Samsung S8500 AMOLED Super Wave. Now, Samsung again become provocateurs via the use of 3D technology in the cultivation newest AMOLED display, the Samsung W960.

Samsung W960 is a CDMA phone is equipped with capacitive 3D AMOLED display (the term most advanced touch screen technology) at 3.2 inch WQVGA resolution (240x400 pixels). He also has a camera capable of 3.2 MP (2048x1536 pixels) equipped with autofocus and video recorder functions.

In addition, the W960 is also equipped with DMB-T TV tuner. Special fee that is the ability of the W960 is a phone is capable of presenting 3D 3D display without the need to wear special glasses to view them. In addition, the Samsung W960 complete with ON and OFF button to activate its 3D functions.

Special features of connectivity, the W960 is equipped with 3G access HSDPA / HSUPA, EDGE class 10 (236.8 kbps), GPRS class 10 (32-48 kbps), Bluetooth v2.1 A2DP, and microUSB. Minusnya, W960 is not equipped with wireless Internet technology, aka Wi-fi.

Happenings price or time showing it is not yet known. Unfortunately, the W960 so far reported only marketed in South Korea and there has been no further clarification regarding the distribution plan to the outside of the cage.

Sony Polishes Netbook Series P

Sony Polishes Netbook Series PAssembler and netbook competition amid noisy uproar iPad success, re-polish Sony Vaio Series P. Re-polishing a mini version of the portable computer is expected able to transfer the user's interest in Sony who are tempted by iPad, equal or Smartbook.

Maximum PC site to write, Sony deliberately fixing the P series which measures 8 inches with a loyal Sony consumer expectations are still loyal. Sony still believe in the ability of the P series and provide additional improvements in a number of features to support mobile users.

Whatever Sony's improved? One was the presence of the touchpad and mouse Botton on the side of the screen. The existence of this feature is expected to provide comfort to the user when using two hands to hold.

Aroma phone feel so, when Sony gives features of the global positioning system (GPS) and compass digital. Both features allow the P series were used as navigational tools. At least, this feature can reduce the user wishes to think moving to Sony for another vendor.

Scented phones that also features pinned on the Series P is Accelometer. This feature allows users to change my website or see the next picture with just enough wiggle. This feature can also be enabled on your browser as a form of "forward" and "back" pages. Finally, Sony equip 3G modem on its appliances.

Problem pricing, predictable considering the addition of features will give effect felt in the pocket.
In previous series, Series P banderole can reach millions of rupiah. Alter the version most likely will exceed 10 million rupiah and bergangung specifications. The plan, Sony Vaio P Series will be launched in June 2010.

Here P Series General Specifications:
- Intel Atom Processor Z540
- Operating System Windows 7 Home
- RAM + 2GB DDR2 SDRAM Memory
- 64 GB SSD
- Screen size 8-inch (1680 × 768)
- Weighing just 600 grams, measures 120 x 19.8 x 245 mm
- Battery: Up to 5 hours

Samsung Launches First Cell Phone with 3D Technology

Samsung Launches First Cell Phone with 3D TechnologyIt was a matter of time just for the fans show three-dimensional (3D), to have a mobile 3D technology. Korean vendors, Samsung will make it happen.

Although not yet widely launch, last weekend has apparently been launched Samsung SCH-W960 mobile phone series 3D AMOLED. This is the first mobile phone capable of displaying 3D impressions. But unlike other devices three-dimensional, users do not need special glasses to view 3D display on this smartphone.

Samsung W960 is a CDMA phone 3D AMOLED with AMOLED capacitive touch screen 3.2-inch WQVGA resolution. This phone is equipped with a camera auto-focus 3.2 megapixel camera, 3G support with HSPA, DMB-T TV tuner, Bluetooth and microSD card slot. The interface is also from Samsung, TouchWiz 2.0.

To watch a three-dimensional impressions, AMOLED 3D W960 features 3D special shortcut keys to activate or deactivate the 3D mode whenever desired by the user. Unfortunately, Samsung's new 3D AMOLED market will be released in South Korea in the second quarter of this year, through all the operators in the country namely SKT, KT and LGT. Not clear, when the first mobile 3D technology will be launched in other countries.

Dim / GSM Arena, Specifications:
Network: GSM 900 / 1800 / 1900 (3G) HSDPA
Dimensions: 113.9 x 53.9 x 13.9 mm, weight 119 gr
Screensavers: 3D AMOLED capacitive touch screen, 16M colors, 240 x 400 pixels, 3.2 inches, Accelerometer sensor for auto-rotate the UI, Gesture control, Touch Wiz 2.0 interface
Ringtone: MP3, WAV
Memory: Internal (not known), microSD card slot
Data: GPRS, EDGE Class 10, 3G HSDPA technology, HSUPA, Bluetooth v2.1 with A2DP, micro USB v2.0
Browser: HTML
Camera: 3.2 MP, 2048x1536 pixels, autofocus
Other Features: Games, Java MIDP 2.0, DMB TV, MP4/H.264/H.263 player, MP3/WAV/eAAC + player, Organizer, document viewer (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF), Voice memo and T9
Battery: Standard, Li-Ion
Price: Not available
Availability: quarter 2, 2010 in South Korea

Blackberry Market Share Taken over by Apple

Apple managed to "steal" the share of Research In Motion (RIM) in the smart phone market in the first quarter of 2010. Based on IDC research published last week, Apple's share reached 16.1, up from 10.9 percent in the same period last year. Apple has shipped 8.8 million iPhone units worldwide, up 132 percent from 3.8 million units in the first quarter of 2009.

RIM itself lost 1.5 percent. In the same period last year RIM has reached 20.9 percent. This time, the company's share reached 19.4 percent. The success of Apple CEO Steve Jobs' strategy was triggered that duplicate Apple's profit last year by expanding into the Chinese market. In addition, the company also launched the iPhone version is faster.

Smart phone sales in this quarter increased 57 percent to 54.7 million units, equivalent to one in five phones sold worldwide. Phone market as a whole rose 22 percent. At this year's estimated global smart phone shipments will rise 30 percent to 226.8 million. This figure illustrates 18 percent of all mobile phones in the world. In 2014 the figure will double to 438.4 million.

Nokia still leads the smart phone market with a share of 39.3 percent. HTC, which stretched the Android mobile-phone it also increased its market share to 4.8 percent from 3.2 percent in the previous period.

New Smartphone For Language Translation

California - Microsoft is currently developing mobile phone technology with translation or translation facilities. The new smartphone that had been tested at the Festival of Technology in Redmond this can facilitate you to talk with anyone without constraint language differences.

This mobile phone works by recognizing and then combine conversations and written to a language you understand. At the time of testing, could be demonstrated when someone is talking on the phone in English while at the other end of the phone is answered in German.

Frank Seide, Microsoft is one of the researchers behind the project said the language of technology transfer through mobile phones is still far from perfect because this tool has not been able to translate the conversation and writing accurately and in context. "But this tool has been able to capture the essence of the conversation," he said.

Zynga Will Leave Facebook?

When you're geeks games on Facebook, you should already be familiar with Zynga. This is the company's popular game developers on Facebook. Now a startling news emerged in the virtual domain recently. Zynga Facebook reportedly will part. Zynga, according to a digital news site Techcrunch.com, the game will launch own social networking site called Zynga Live.

Description about this Live Zynga Techcrunch quoted a source. The source said Zynga CEO Mark Pincus himself who announced the initiative and confirm the breakdown of relationships Zynga and Facebook on Thursday last week.

Zynga mentioned Facebook and Facebook have been negotiating about Credits and talks did not reach the meeting point. Facebook is threatening to close the game on Facebook and Zynga Zynga also threatened to really pull of Facebook.

This question arises after Facebook asked Zynga and other application developers using Facebook Credits as the only payment platform. Facebook will attract 30 per cent fee to use Facebook Credits.

Is it true that chaotic? Sarah Jacobsson, a writer in the fractured relationship PCWorld.com doubt it. According to him, Zynga and Facebook have a mutually beneficial relationship over the years, where Zynga desperately need access to the millions of Facebook users who have been actively accessing the popular game-like game in Farmville, World Cafe, or Mafia Wars. While Facebook requires Zynga to give reasons for millions of users check the site regularly.

Energy Being Recycled Diapers

Japan - A Japanese company has developed new techniques to recycle the diapers that have been worn into energy. The machine that created this company called Super Faith nappy waste and its contents in three stages.

First, this machine destroying diapers became smooth as powder, then is dried and sterilized diapers. Once dry, sterile, powder was used as a diaper granules of energy that can be burned in a particular heater or stove.

The company estimates that every kilogram of grain diapers can produce 5000 kilocalories of heat. The company also has installed two processing engines that diaper on a hospital in western Tokyo, Japan. Machine at the hospital every day more than 1,400 pounds of stirring the diapers that have been used.

Not only Super Faiths diaper waste processing, the company Total Care System Fukuoka, Japan also has followed in his footsteps a way to destroy a diaper and then used as pulp and plastics used as raw materials or building materials. Total Care System Fukuoka, a company in England, Knowaste also used to treat diaper building materials.

iPhone 4G will be released April 2010

iPhone 4G will be released April 2010SEOUL - fourth generation iPhone, Apple's smartphone, rumored to be released in April. The news did not come from a source within Apple in the U.S., but instead leaked source in South Korea.

Was an executive with Korea Telecom (KT) stating this. The second largest telecommunications operator in South Korea is currently the exclusive iPhone partner in South Korea.

"We did not face barriers to introducing the iPhone 4G here, considering all the legal issues are resolved. Possible launch device will be performed in the first half," said KT officials who refused to be quoted by name as reported by Korea Times, Tuesday (12/01/2010 ).
Rumor iPhone 4G development has evolved since the last few months. The devices mentioned is the evolution of the previous version, the iPhone 3GS, which among other uses organic light emitting diode display (OLED) which displays a sharp contrast ratio of more sunlight and not be affected if used outdoors.

iPhone 4G possibility of using a battery that can be released easily. In addition, there are additional cameras to stream video. His ability is also likely to be more reliable with dual core processors and more sophisticated graphics card.

Sales of iPhone in Korea through KT long as this includes handkerchiefs. Since introduced in November 2009 until January 7, 2010 has sold 220 000 units of the iPhone 3G. KT CEO Lee Suk-chae set a sales target of 500 000 units of various types of iPhones until end of this year.

New iPhone is rumored to be Announced This Week

New iPhone is rumored to be Announced This WeekSAN FRANCISCO - Less than a week after starting the iPad sales to consumers, Apple will have a big plan again. This time, the future of the iPhone software that will be announced. Is the latest iPhone version will also be revealed?

Information is for sure, Apple has sent emails to some media to attend a meeting at its headquarters in Cupertino, California, USA. In the invitation just mentioned, the initial explanation about the iPhone OS (operating system).

It is possible that Apple will reveal the iPhone operating system that could be a rumor in the last few months. In fact, it is not possible leaks about the latest iPhone devices that have been mentioned many will be named the iPhone 4.0 smartphones.

iPhone is one of Apple's product lines are successful in the market other than a Mac computer and iPod. Apple's iPhone was first launched in 2007 and managed to sell 40 million units to date of the first version iPhone, iPhone 3G, until the third version of the iPhone 3GS. Now, when iPhone 4.0 came out?

New Intel processors and MeeGo The goal Android

Intel Atom processor-based platform the second generation of the newly launched Tuesday (05/04/2010), aiming at the market of smartphones and tablet computers is rapidly growing. Not without Intel's capital into the market of smartphones and tablets for at least two software platforms already mastered, Android and MeeGo (combination of Intel and Nokia Maemo Moblin).

"As one of the founders of the Open Handheld enggota Allaince (OHA), Intel has teamed up with Google over the last few years and provide support for the Android platform is launched," Intel said in a statement released Tuesday (04/05/2010). OHA is an organization that supports the development of Android-member software and hardware vendors.

Intel states characteristic of the Intel Atom processor Z6xx new series provides highly optimized to work on Android that could be used in all kinds of artificial devices smartphone vendors who use the operating system. These processors are sold in packages that have been equipped platform controller hub (MP20) and Mixed Signal IC (MSIC) distinct.

"Platforms based on Intel Atom processor has been optimized to produce the best performance and experiences with very low power requirements on the Moblin software platform 2.1," continued the statement by Intel.

Moblin 1.2 is a software platform based on open source (Linux) Intel designed for various types of handheld devices. More recently the development of Intel and Nokia Maemo Moblin equally based on open source mergers. Intel's new platform to ensure full support MeeGo.

Currently the closest competitors in the smartphone market is a platform widely used ARM processor manufacturers such as Qualcomm Snapdragon processor with 1 GHz. Samsung also has developed a capability commensurate with the processor equally ARM-based architecture. However, if the Intel platform will soon be absorbed by the smartphone market?

Insert Tweet in Blog and Web

Insert Tweet in Blog and WebSomeone comments on Twitter for an event that is often quoted in the article interesting for the web or blog. During this time, if not carried out by copy and paste, at best capture the screen and pasted in the form of a picture (image).

Apparently, this habit of Twitter's attention as an interesting trend. The people on Twitter were to intervene and provide convenience to its website and blog owners to insert a message on Twitter so much easier, neater, and really connected to these mikrobloging service.

"Really, very simple. Just paste a code that you can use to generate HTML code Tweet, cooled it," the description in the Media Twitter blog. To create a code, start Tuesday (04/05/2010) yesterday, Twitter Media has provided a prototype code generator that takes the name Blackbird Pie.

Copy the URL address Tweet who want to be quoted on the website or blog and enter into the box provided. Click the "bake it" and appeared to be copied code into your blog or web design quote and picture will appear. For the record, this does not guarantee work on all platforms. So far the new Twitter-based platfrom prove it on WordPress. Try it you never know works. If not there may be parts of a script that did not work.

7 Steps For Eradicate OjanBlank Virus

Local virus OjanBlank quite disturbing and potentially dangerous. This virus infiltrate from an external device that connects via USB port, like USB flash or portable hard drive.

When infecting a computer, this virus will do various things. These include monitoring whether the victim komoputer connected to the internet, turn off Windows Firewall, and send the data from the victim's computer to the virus creator. Here are the steps as outlined by the analyst for delete antivirus from Vaksincom:

1. Disconnect the network connection / internet.

2. Turn off System Restore
* Right-click My Computer, select Properties.
* Select the System Restore tab, give the checklist option Turn off System restore
* Click Apply, click OK.

3. Turn off the virus (with Command Prompt).

* Click Menu [Start] à [All Programs] à [Accessories] à [Command Prompt]
• In Command Prompt, type the command "tasklist (this is to see the process of active virus that is" WinGUI.exe or junx.exe)
* Once the process determines the active virus, turn off the virus by running / type taskkill command as follows:
Taskill o / f / im WinGUI.exe, or
Taskill o / f / im junx.exe

4. Windows Registry Repair

Fix Windows Registry that has been in the modification of the virus with the following steps:
a. Copy the script below using notepad:


Signature = "$ Chicago $"
Provider = Vaksincom Oyee
AddReg = UnhookRegKey
DelReg = del
HKLM, Software \ CLASSES \ batfile \ shell \ open \ command ,,,"""% 1 ""% * "
HKLM, Software \ CLASSES \ comfile \ shell \ open \ command ,,,"""% 1 ""% * "
HKLM, Software \ CLASSES \ exefile \ shell \ open \ command ,,,"""% 1 ""% * "
HKLM, Software \ CLASSES \ piffile \ shell \ open \ command ,,,"""% 1 ""% * "
HKLM, Software \ CLASSES \ regfile \ shell \ open \ command,,, "regedit.exe"% 1 ""
HKLM, Software \ CLASSES \ scrfile \ shell \ open \ command ,,,"""% 1 ""% * "
HKLM, SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ CurrentVersion \ Winlogon, Shell, 0, "Explorer.exe"
HKLM, SYSTEM \ ControlSet001 \ Control \ SafeBoot, AlternateShell, 0, "cmd.exe"
HKLM, SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ SafeBoot, AlternateShell, 0, "cmd.exe"
HKLM, SOFTWARE \ Classes \ exefile \ DefaultIcon ,,,""% a "%"

HKLM, SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Run, Microsoft Word Agents
HKLM, SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Run, Microsoft Office Agents

b. Save the file with the name repair.inf. Use the Save As Type option to All Files to avoid mistakes.
c. Right-click the file repair.inf, then select Install
d. Restart the computer.

5. Remove the parent file and duplicate files created by virus OjanBLANK, where the file has the following characteristics:

* File Size 224 KB
* Extension exe
* Having a MS Word icon
* Type the application file.

6. Delete the trojan file and companion files virus, which is as follows:
* C: \ WINDOWS \ system32 \ MSWINSCK.OCX
* C: \ WINDOWS \ system32 \ ijl11.dll
* C: \ WINDOWS \ system32 \ ms.exe
* C: \ WINDOWS \ system32 \ b.doc

7. For optimal cleaning and prevent reinfection, which should use an updated antivirus and recognize this virus very well.

10 Safety Tips on Twitter

Along success surge of popularity, Twitter becomes practical to make an easy target for cyber criminals. Especially if you look at the system that brought in the micro-blogging site is very open, very easy the hacker to break into.

Thus it seems necessary for the users of Twitter to fortify themselves. This is to ensure that the security of ourselves when it was busy singing terkamin in this blue bird site. Here are 10 tips to play safe by Ema Linaker Twitter, AVG Global Head of Online Engagement:

1. Limit your talk
Use Twitter to easily allow users to easily perform common Tweet about their location and activities. However, users are often unaware that their account is a public account (not protected or restricted), then everyone could see that they Tweet.

The comments provided in response to light from Tweet the long run could be used to determine the daily schedule of activities and plans for that user. Criminals can use this to make that user the next victim.

2. Be careful Link Opens
Be careful opening the link or links you get. Many people who use a URL shortening service on Twitter, so it is often difficult to actually find the sites you visit.

Web security products do allow you to check these links. However, the most important thing is to keep in mind that if there is any doubt about the links you get, you should not be opened!

3. Beware!
Beware of suspicious activities on the timeline or your inbox. When you start getting suspicious messages or friends you start a Tweet or send messages of smell spam, you should confirm in advance whether your partner's account had been targeted by hackers or perengkah.

4. Think Before Posting
Tweet you can read by all people around the world. Even when removed, Tweet you can still be seen by using the search engine. Think carefully what you write, because the consequences of your writing will probably further than you expected. Using hashtag will also facilitate the search for your Tweet.

5. Do not Hurry Believe
You never know who you are in a twitter follower. Do not easily believe in and make friends with people who may have bad intentions.

6. Check carefully Third Party Applications
There are hundreds of applications that you can use in Twitter. Before you use these applications, make sure that their security. Look for a lot of applications are discussed in the trusted sites. Remember that these applications often require your username and password.

7. Password Information
Use a different password for each account on your social networking. If you want more secure, create different e-mail to the accounts of your social network. That way, when you close your social networking account, you can easily delete the e-mail account.

8. When Log in
Check your browser settings you use. Make sure that your information is not recorded when you use the computer together.

9. Beware of Phishing Attacks
Beware of attempts to obtain your personal information through a Tweet or Direct Message (DM) is deceiving.

10. When Using Cell Phones
Be careful with your cell phone and anyone who can use them. If you have a Twitter application, make sure you always log out after you use it.

11 The weakness that often is not realized Network Admin

The threat of breaking into the network system not only coming from the hackers, people in the company's own staff alias could do it. Of course this requires an alertness of an admin to maintain the company's network security system in order not be penetrated. Here are 11 things that the writer can become a special concern for the reliability of the system admin for a network security company where you work to stay awake:
  1. Gullible and too trusting to the user / user you are, especially the female staff or friends who ask for help.
  2. Building and the access door entrance / exit that is not safe.
  3. Documents and computer disks or peripherals that have not been destroyed or not destroyed at the time was thrown into the trash can be read by others.
  4. A weak password or even the network does not use a password system altogether.
  5. Defense network that is less strong because there is probably no firewall and so forth.
  6. Access controls are weak, missing files and some that should not be given access to users who do not need.
  7. The system does not do patches.
  8. Authentication and disclosure of information a web application is not done haphazardly.
  9. Wireless system running with the default settings and without WEP, WPA or WPA2, is very risky and easy to dijebol.
  10. To enable SNMP host tissue in a state of default or just use guest mode to the community so it is easy to dijebol.
  11. Using a firewall, router, remote access and dial-up equipment in a state of default or password guest or using passwords that are too easy, because this entrance into the system hackers.
Below is some port that is very often performed penetration (hacking) by mischievous hackers and staff to try hacking into a network security system:
  • TCP port 20 and 21 FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
  • TCP port 23 Telnet (Terminal Emulation)
  • TCP port 25 SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)
  • TCP and UDP port 53 DNS (Domain Name System)
  • TCP port 80 and 443 HTTP and HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol)
  • TCP port 110 POP3 (Post Office Protocol version 3)
  • TCP and UDP port 135 RPC
  • TCP and UDP ports 137-139 NetBIOS over TCP / IP
  • TCP and UDP port 161 SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol)
Similarly, I hope some of this information can be used as reference for the network admin for more care in securing their computer systems and networks.

Online predators and tips to prevent it

Online predator is someone who acts friendly and tried to become a friend of Internet users and young children. But nature keeps ramahnya dangerous missions, namely in order to satisfy their sexual desires. The perpetrators of this crime are usually operated in chat rooms or social networking site Facebook and MySpace kinds. Mode they use are usually the first time is to win the trust of potential victims.

Everything they do, ranging from lying about their origins until well behaved. For example, the offender was aged 30 years, but when he met in a chat room as a teenager confessed 17-year-old teenager. Lie was even reinforced by images in his account that displayed photos of a handsome teenager 17 years.

Well, this is what sometimes less aware of potential victims. They've been complacent with the first false figures the predator is described by the figure of a handsome and cool, like the dreams of the adolescent female.

Watch out, though, when the victim had consumed the gentle persuasion of predators, then the next step is he will be wooed to satisfy the sexual desires abuser. Starting asked to send indecent photograph or pose via webcam to be invited to a coffee ground to have intercourse.

Yes, that's dirty tactics of the predator. With the advantage of a victim, he can cause a variety of things tragic. For that needed the attention of parents responding to this. Here are tips for parents in protecting your baby from online predators who quoted from the Internet Safety, Thursday (04/01/2010):
  1. Talk with your child about online predators is twisted. Give children the sense of threat that ditebarnya. Because we can, your child is being or had been the target of the predator.
  2. Provide your child how to deal with persuasion from online predators. Affirm the child to not be afraid to kick the alias blocks internet users who make them uncomfortable. Third. Put the computer in a crowded location of people passing by the house, not in a quiet place. Create conditions so that home users can monitor online activities of children.
  3. Avoid chat rooms. Not every scene contains a conversation in a chat room are not good things. But for children it seems less suitable. If you still want to allow children to join a chat room, make sure that the virtual world interaction forum that followed the baby has been moderated.
  4. Be careful with the information on Facebook and MySpace accounts. Ensure that the profile page or social networking sites your child in a high security system control. Better not post the info myself with too much detail on that account. Therefore, that personal data can be accessed by anyone and can also be used for things not good.

Simple Tips To More Environmentally Friendly Computers

Computers have become part of our lives. We use it to work, to communicate, to get entertainment. It is difficult to imagine life without computers. At the same time, consumers are now increasingly aware of the environment and trying to find a balance between being 'green' or environmentally friendly and use energy consuming devices, which have become part of everyday life.

Arrival of Earth Day, is a good time to consider how you can make changes to our planet and save some money in the process. Here are some simple tips from Lenovo to make your computing experience more environmentally friendly.

Ready, Set, Save!

Adjust your computer settings to switch to 'sleep' after 10 minutes of inactivity. The computer will re-awakened when you touch a keyboard or mouse. You can use the power management of Windows (Control Panel -> Power Options), or using other resources owned by the choice of your PC. For example, if you are using a Lenovo ThinkPad, use the Power Manager or the Battery Maximiser Wizard to set the settings and reduce power consumption.

Let the PC in mode 'suspend' or turn off.

Suspend mode (or sleep) as well as efficient by turning off the computer all night. It only took two to five seconds for your noteboook active again from that mode. By reducing energy usage throughout the year only amounted to 100 kilowatt hour (kWh), you can help reduce harmful emissions of about 40 kilograms per year.

Going to leave the computer for a cup of coffee? Turn off your monitor! If you're not going to use your PC more than two hours, turn off your CPU and monitor at once. Sized 17-inch PC monitor typically consume 100 to 150 watts of power. Although there was surge of energy when the computer is switched on, the amount of energy is still smaller than the energy used when the computer goes on in a long time.

If you are using Lenovo products, you can find out how much energy you save with Lenovo desktops, notebooks and monitors based on specific usage model for various configurations on http://lenovoweb.com/energycalculator.

Lower your electric bill with LCD monitor

LCD monitors use an average energy of 50% to 70% lower in active mode than CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) conventional. With the use of over eight hours a day, saving energy by selecting the same size LCD than a CRT can generally save more than 100 kWh / year.

Lenovo ThinkVision monitors also contain more than 25% of plastic used in consumer recycled plastic mechanical components. Monitor ThinkVision L2251x Wide use of consumer plastic recycled by 65% with the addition of 20% content recycled former industry without new plastic on casisnya.

Make each day as a day of environmentally friendly!

Do not rush to buy the prettiest or the fastest computer! When buying a PC, consider Energy Star rating to identify energy-saving devices. Energy Star power down the computer into sleep mode consuming only 15 watts or less power. This means that the electrical power consumption of about 70% lower than computers without power management features. Desktops, laptops and monitors that meet the 23 requirements of environmental performance criteria can be registered on the EPEAT by the manufacturer in 40 countries around the world.

Do not know where to start looking? Lenovo offers a full range of A and M Series ThinkCentre desktop and ThinkPad notebook series Edge, R, SL, T and W that supports the Energy Star.

Recycle, recycle, recycle!

Once you decide to become fully environmentally friendly, do continue to recycle your old computers and peripherals! With recycling, hazardous metal is extracted and plastic pieces removed and reused to make new products.

Also do not limit your environmentally friendly lifestyle is only on a PC - use recycled paper, put energy saving light bulbs, and reduce printing documents. This is a simple way, but effective way to ensure you enjoy an environment-friendly computing environment.

Happy Earth Day 2010!