Beware, Bug in the iPhone Alarm

Beware, Bug in the iPhone AlarmSydney - A number of iPhone users get up kesingan for setting the alarm on their cell phones did not work.

An online forum which quoted site Mac Forums technologies presents a number of iPhone users in Australia oversleep because of the settings with the sound of an alarm on their cell phones slower one to two hours or even no sound at all.

Interference or a bug that occurs on the iPhone it seems to happen on a regular user setting the alarm with the same time each day for one week.

The bug is a design fault in the hardware or computer software or programs that cause the equipment is not functioning properly.

"So a little late for work this morning," wrote seroang iPhone users in the Mac Forum. Other iPhone users, Michael21 wrote, "today is really a mess."

In addition to Australia, last week TUAW blog also revealed a similar incident had occurred in New Zealand.

There's Twitter On Google TV

There's Twitter On Google TVSan Francisco - On October 17 next, Google will launch its newest product, the Google TV. These services include real-time broadcast television is combined with the Internet, so users can access various sites via the television.

At its debut, Google took the Sony and Logitech to make Internet television device. Google TV service can also be connected with Netflix online movie rentals, online shopping sites Amazon, and the microblogging site Twitter.

"We are very excited and can not wait to be present in your living room," wrote Google product manager TVs, Ambarish Kenghe, in his blog.

According to him, Google TV will bring new experiences to explore the virtual world while enjoying a television show as usual at home. He gave an example, various applications in Netflik for example allows users to menimkati more than 20 thousand movies and streaming television. While the application CNBC will offer real-time display and video clips from the cable network.

Users will also receive streaming music from Pandora; rent or buy movies and television shows through Amazon On Demand, watch NBA basketball games from Game Time, and subscribe to the songs on Napster.

Spotify Present In Windows Phone 7

Spotify Present In Windows Phone 7Music streaming service, Spotify will be present on the phone with the Windows platform Phone 7. Although no cell phone that came out with this operating system, Spotify has announced a tariff for its services amounted to £ 9.99 per month.

"Spotify is an example of the software innovation that comes from Sweden and Europe" said Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer. Previously, Spotify is also already in the smartphone that runs with the Windows operating system Phone 6.

In Windows platform, users can enjoy the songs from the application Spotify via WiFi or 3G features a variety of settings, such as speed up, slow down, pause, skip and view your music collection.

Users can directly access the application via the website or Windows Marketplace in seven European markets, namely Britain, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Spain, France and the Netherlands.

In addition to mobile phones present in the Windows platform, Spotify also existed in the smartphone that runs the IOS operating system made by Apple, Android and Symbian.

Fujitsu Presents Dual Touchscreen Phone

Tokyo - Japanese electronics company, Fujitsu showed a prototype phone which features two touch-screen functionality.

Mobile phones on display at the event Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies, or CEATEC that took place this week in the land of the cherry, it has two touch screens facing each other.

According to an official statement Fujitsu, unpublished phone name that will be produced in the near future. With two touch screen, according to Fujitsu, the user can edit photos on a single screen and check email on another screen.

Both screens can also be rotated to form vertical and horizontal. Unfortunately, not yet clear when the phone will be launched and whether it is available only for the Japanese market or abroad.

The Jungle, Artificial Panasonic Game Console

Panasonic is preparing game console called The Jungle. Citing reports Gizmodo, this is the first portable game console designed specifically for online gaming.

Reflecting the success story of the PSP and Nintendo, a Japanese technology company is likely to rise again in the gaming industry after 20 years and made a failed 3DO gaming market.

The Jungle comes to look like a small PC and comes with a QWERTY keyboard. This game console also features a touchpad with the D-pad so that users can take the game online from your PC.

Walking with the Linux operating system, game console also has an HDMI port and reportedly equipped with Wi-Fi.

Facebook-Skype Video Chat Service

Social networking site Facebook is rumored to being a long term cooperation with communication services via the internet, Skype.

Partnership the two companies planned to be realized through voice chat service, integration of short messages and Facebook Connect.

According to the site that already has 500 million users were, on average, has 130 members who have been friends maximizing chat service, messages between the wall and electronic mail.

Although not yet clear when the implementation of the cooperation is carried out, expected later Facebook users can take advantage of the text or telephone communication service Skype.