BlackBerry Curve 9360 Sign in Indonesia

BlackBerry Curve smartphone is one of the models made by Research In Motion (RIM) is popular in Indonesia. One more models available in the country is the BlackBerry Curve 9360 with a price of USD 3.599 million through the three official distributors namely PT Comtech Cellular, Mobile Media Infotama PT, and PT Artha Mandiri Teletama ..

"We expect the BlackBerry Curve 9360, with a significant increase in performance as well as all the advantages of the BlackBerry operating system 7, will be well received by new users, as well as loyal BlackBerry users who want to enhance the experience," Hastings said Singh, Vice President of South Asia Research In Motion, in a press release on Friday (10/07/2011).

The shape of this new BlackBerry Curve smartphone is more slender. GPS support and Wi-Fi is included, coupled with a 5MP camera with flash and recording capabilities can be shared instantly videoyang into social networking. Slot microSD / SDHC memory card support up to 32 GB for additional storage media.

The operating system used the latest version of 7 new BlackBerry. The ability of processors, displays, and memory, better than previous versions and there is already a built-in support for NFC (Near Field Communications), a new technology platform to support wireless transactions.

7 supported BlackBerry Internet browser is more responsive with support for WebKit browser engine that provides web-browser experience a faster and smoother significantly. The new browser also supports HTML5 prepared for future access multimedia content.

New Fotur is also included with BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) version 6 is already able to connect with third-party applications. For example, by somersault so that users easily interact with each other through the application of "Fuel connected". In addition, there are applications Social Feeds 2.0 that provides ease of access to social networking updates in one view.

Computer Tablet 35 U.S. Dollars from India

India launched its tablet computer is touted as the cheapest in the world, with a subsidized price of only 35 U.S. dollars. Tablets will be sold to students in order to expand access to digital in the country.

For the initial stage, the computer named Aakash, which means the sky, it will be produced as many as 100,000 units. Only in a few months later the number will be increased availability of the millions of units.

"Immediately, the computer 35 dollars (U.S.) will be available to every child in school. This tablet computer will help the quality of learning in children," said Minister of Telecommunications and Education India Kapil Sibal.

Aakash developed over two years by a British company, DataWind, with Google's Android operating system. The device is equipped with wireless Internet connection capabilities.

Through this project the government wanted to realize the application of information technology in education, although no denying many critics who doubted the ability of the tool is worth 1750 rupees.

"Tablets are usually even cheaper can not be used," said Rajat Agrawal, Executive Editor BGR India. "The device is usually not equipped with touch screens are nice and usually very slow."

Bharat Mehra, an expert in the use of communication technology in development, argues that this cheap tablet computer can be used for distance learning antarsiswa in rural areas.

Not the iPhone 5, but the iPhone 4S

SAN FRANCISCO - The latest generation of Apple's smartphone has been waiting the past few weeks was not the iPhone 5. No new models with screens wider or thinner design than 4 as the rumored iPhone. Apple announced its newest product, the iPhone 4S, in a press conference in Cupertino, California, United States, Tuesday (04/10/2011).

4S iPhone is Apple's first product launched under the leadership of Tim Cook as CEO to replace Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs did not appear at all on stage. Tim Cook opened the event with a showcase achievement 4S Apple before the iPhone was announced at the peak of the event.

In appearance, the same as the iPhone 4 that has been circulating for almost a year with the screen size and the same thickness. However, new features, better than its predecessor's. 4S iPhone using the processor and graphics card with dual-core chips like those used A5 Apple iPad 2 thus providing twice the performance and multimedia access experience seven times faster.

IPhone camera according to the latest predictions, namely the 8-megapixel sensor that produces images with a maximum size of 3264 x 2448 pixels. Interestingly, it can record video with 1080p HD quality. This product uses the new Image Signal Processor designed for Apple to do facial recognition and introduction of white balance 26 per cent better. The lenses are composed of five layers so as to produce images 30 percent sharper and equipped with infrared filters to produce a more natural color. Just takes 1.1 seconds for the first time shooting.

Connection supports GSM and CDMA networks at the same time thus giving greater convenience to the user to select the desired service. 4S iPhone also has a direct use of IOS 5 that comes with new features. Data access capabilities with high speed downlink packet access (HSDPA) also increased from a maximum of 7.2 Mbps on the iPhone 4 to 14.4 Mbps on the iPhone 4S. 4S does not yet support the iPhone 4G technology LTE.

This will be the first smartphone that supports voice recognition feature that is named Siri. The user can give commands to the various menus such as playing music, GPS navigation, and search contacts. Siri is designed to be a personal assistant that helps users answer questions directly.

iPhone 4S will be available starting October 14, 2011 with white and black model with a price of 199 dollars for the 16 GB version, 299 dollars for 32 GB, and 399 U.S. dollars for 64 GB. Everything is of course to purchase a data package subscription contract two years in the U.S.. Apple is adding distribution channels through the Sprint Nextel in the U.S. than AT & T and Verizon Wireless. Besides the U.S., the first debut will also be available in Canada, Australia, Britain, France, Germany, and Japan. Following 24 other states on October 28, 2011.

The presence of 4S iPhone nor more economical models like the rumors that circulated earlier. However, Apple is definitely strategy remains the same, that is so new products are present, the old models come down in price. iPhone 3G 8 GB model and even provided free of charge to customers with a two-year contract in the U.S., while the iPhone 4 8 GB model priced at only 99 U.S. dollars with the same contract.