Tips to avoid the forbidden grip on the iPhone 4 smartphone

Tips to avoid the forbidden grip on the iPhone 4 smartphoneComplaints about 'disability' on the iPhone 4 smartphone begins to appear and has been recognized by Apple. It turns out, is there a way forbidden in holding the iPhone 4. How do I avoid it?

Many users have reported, when the iPhone 4 grasped with his left hand, the telecommunications signals to be reduced or even lost. This is certainly a little trouble those who like to call in his left hand, especially for a lefty.

Apple also has acknowledged the existence of this problem and advising iPhone users not to hold four cell phone in a certain way. Is forbidden grip is holding the phone with the fingers touching the slit in the side of the mobile phone. Especially, call Apple, avoid clutching the lower left corner of the iPhone 4 smartphone.

What Happened?

On the iPhone Apple has moved the action four cellular signal from the antenna of the phone (as in the previous generation iPhone) to the side of the phone. Note that the components of the antenna is actually still there at the bottom of the phone, but the phone is made of metal will help the signal reception.

On the iPhone four lines also appear black. It really is a gap that helps move the action of the antenna signal reception from the bottom to the side of the phone.

As presented by Spencer Webb, an antenna designer from Antennasys Inc., that might be intended to improve signal reception. "This may improve the isotropy of the radiation pattern, but only if the phone was in the air," said Spencer.

Unfortunately, the placement of that gap has weaknesses. Spencer says - as has been didemokan by many iPhone users 4 - touching the slit with your fingers, or make short circuit between the two, will disrupt the signal reception capability.

This is why there's grasp on the use of banned iPhone 4 smartphone. Although the grip of that kind has been widely shown in the demo also made by Apple's own party.

How to Avoid?

Now, Spencer also said that in the previous generation iPhone, there are ways to avoid negative effects from the hand grip on the mobile phone signal. This is done by putting the phone in the pocket, the screen facing your body, and using a Bluetooth headset.

But on the iPhone 4, due to the action of existing antennae on the phone, this would not have much effect. In fact, according to Spencer, it could be the iPhone 4 smartphone would be worse if used in a pants pocket.

There are two alternatives that can be done four iPhone smartphone users:

1. Using a Vulcan-style grip. This means holding a mobile phone with finger position grappler separate pairs, such as the Vulcan greeting in Star Trek and not meeting the usual four human fingers.
2. Using a chassis that is able to avoid contact between the fingers with the iPhone 4. This casing will be at your fingertips as an insulator to metal parts without compromising the ability of the iPhone 4 catch the signal.

Apparently, the second way is the most sane to be done. Moreover, in addition to sweeten the look, did not wearing casing 4 will also help protect the iPhone from scratches that might occur in the body.

Nokia Ovi Suite 2.2 Ready Downloaded

Nokia Ovi Suite 2.2 Ready DownloadedNokia have updated their latest OVI Suite to version 2.2. Interested users can directly download it. This version also has support the performance of N900 smartphone and Maemo mobile phone.

For information, the Nokia Ovi Suite is a device that serves to synchronize the Nokia and PC with online. Ovi Suite can also be used to transfer music, photos or video sharing, and backup content safely, from our Nokia mobile phone.

In addition, Ovi Suite can be used as a means of software updater. Now, regarding this matter Nokia Ovi Suite 2.2 has supported N900 handsets. So Maemo mobile phone users can use it.

When I tried, the speed of response and there are some bugs that had previously been repaired. Interested users can directly download this 96MB file sizes on the following link.

Apple acknowledged the weakness on the iPhone 4 smartphone

Apple acknowledged the weakness on the iPhone 4 smartphoneApple finally acknowledged the iPhone 4 smartphone complained of weakness of the consumer, namely at the antenna. Steve Jobs the company leader that then gives a warning that the way a user hold the iPhone 4 smartphone can affect the touch screen mobile phone signals.

Consumer reports on some of the damage on iPhone 4 smartphone immediately responded to Apple. Of the many complaints, and the signal connection is a problem that most users complained. Some reports mention, this is especially true when the iPhone be grasped with his left hand.

Apple confirmed this suspicion. From these reports, which covered the finger position affects the functioning of the left antenna iPhone smartphone. Because in that area, located antenna to capture signals.

"When you hold the smartphone will affect the antenna performance. If this happens on the your iPhone 4 smartphone, avoid clutching the lower left corner area, especially those that cover the black lines that exist in these parts," the Apple announcement.

In addition to disruption caused by the antenna performance, some consumers also complained about the iPhone 4 smasrtphone screen that have yellow spots and visible scratches marks on the body of the smartphone.

Apparently, the weakness of Apple products like this not first. Early last year, the iMac desktop buyer ever reported for 27-inch desktop display was yellow. At that time, Apple claimed to have problems in their production process and offer refunds to customers. Is this the case with Apple willing to replace the money to buy the iPhone smartphone?

Microsoft Open Stores Music Via Bing

Microsoft Open Stores Music Via BingWashington - Microsoft come crammed into the music download service market. With search engine Bing, a computer manufacturer also offers song download service, play movies, TV programs and games.

Bing displayed similar features with Apple's iTunes music service owned MySpace and iLike. Previously, Google will also release a song download service, but until now not clear when the facility is ready to run.

In addition to opening "music shop", Microsoft also provides information about the artist's biography and a list of albums that the songs can be played. These downloads also do not have to worry about the "hijack" a song because Microsoft has license to every song that exists.

HP Release G7 Server

HP Release Server G7California - Hewlett-Packard has released a new server Tuesday G7 yesterday. HP claims the G7 server has a faster performance because it uses a new processor from Intel and Advanced Micro Devices.

The server also has a large memory capacity up to 2 Terrabita and and improving the I / O technology.

In addition to the G7 server launches, on occasion, HP also introduced seven blade servers and three other servers, including Intel Xeon processor 5600 series and 7500 and Advanced Micro Devices' Opteron microprocessor 6100.

With the launch of seven servers, the HP server architecture tried to fix the system and increase computing capabilities to be effective.

"Our customers need a server that is able to handle heavy workloads," writes Anand Akela, Marketing Manager of HP in a blog.

According to Akela, HP has implemented a new architecture called Prema server to server ProLiant DL980 G7, which includes up to eight sockets and running on Intel Xeon 7500 processor with eight-core Nehalem-EX code.

Xbox 360 Got Heat Alarms

Xbox 360 Got Heat AlarmsCalifornia - the latest game console from Microsoft, the XBox 360 has an alarm as a signal is too hot temperature and automatically turn off. The latest game consoles slimmer than its predecessor was able to detect self from the excessive heat when the air circulation is not going well or excessive usage.

If the game engine was getting hot and happening Red Rings of Death (RRoD), then the red lights on the console will light up and a message will be displayed on a television screen players to remind them that the XBox 360 is overheating.

If not immediately turned off, this game engine will automatically stop working presumed dead and can only be turned on again after a complete power lights blink.

In a statement, Microsoft said the warning against this summer as the security mechanism in the game. Heat is a "disease" in the previous game consoles, so the owners must reinstate the game apparatuses to Microsoft for repair.

Apparently, iPhone Smartphone is frail

Apparently, iPhone Smartphone is frailCalifornia - Corporate SquareTrade has a license to sell spare parts iPhone declare 26 percent of Apple smart phones are released only last for two years.

"The percentage was better than the previous year," said Vince Tseng, Vice President of Marketing SquareTrade. According to the survey company, throughout 2008, more than 25 thousand users who use the iPhone 3G warranty repair devices.

Years ago, the SquareTrade also said 31 percent of all iPhone suffered damage after two years of use.

Damage that normally occurs usually due to carelessness on the iPhone users, such as falling or exposed to water and operating the device in it that did not work, such as a touch screen that "ngadat".

According to Tseng, a smart phone version of Apple's iPhone is the most robust 3GS because very few complaints or damage were reported. Then how about the iPhone 4 which will be sent starting today?

Archaeologists Discover Oldest Apostle Painting

Archaeologists Discover Oldest Apostle PaintingRome - With the use of laser technology, archaeologists painting the faces of the apostles of Jesus Christ. The painting was found in the catacombs of Saint Tecla in the center of Rome, yesterday. Experts estimate the painting was made in the late 4th century or early 5th century BC.

"This is the first picture that we know about the four faces an apostle," said Professor Fabrizio Bisconti, head of the archeology of Rome. The faces of the apostles, according to Bisconti was a follower of Christ first.

The face is painted clearly there is St. Peter, St. Andrew, and St. John. This painting has the same characteristics as in paintings or other images, such as St. Paul described the elongated brow and forehead, bald head and pointy beard.

"This is a very important discovery in the history of the early Christian community of Rome," said Bisconti.

AMD Launches the Opteron 4000 Series

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) launched its 4000 series chip in a conference Operton GigaOm Structure Infrastructure Cloud Computing and the Internet today.

Intel competitor states Opteron processor 4000 series are four and six-core chip running at less than 6W per core, more hemar 24 percent compared to previous generations.

AMD claims this chip is the first server platform designed for surfing, hyperscale data center, and SMB users.

"With the AMD Opteron 4000 Series, customers now have a powerful server platforms and cost-efficient," said Patrick Patla, Vice President and General Manager of the AMD. "This is a high-end embedded systems."

For the price, the AMD Opteron processor 4100 series was released at a price of U.S. $ 99 or approximately USD 1 million. According to Patla, work is also highly optimized processor because it does not rapidly heat and electric power saving.

Best Webloger Trophy recipient Imprisoned Iranian origin

Bonn - Ironically, one of the international award-winning best BOBs webbloger from Iran Zhila Jaghob Bani jailed for publishing criticism in the presidential elections last year. Journalists at the same time these women activist gets 70 days imprisonment and banned from working as a journalist for 30 years.

Zhila wrote about the protests of Iranian society over the presidential election dispute in his blog We Are Journalists. Her husband is also a journalist also received a prison sentence, even heavier ie seven years in prison for his criticism.

Project Manager Gabriel Gozales Bobs said BOBs award is in support of freedom of opinion. "The winners will get more support, more people who listen to them," he said during a speech before the delivery of trophies yesterday (22 / 6).

BOBs Awards held every year since 2004 by one of Germany's biggest television stations Deustche Welle. A total of 12 person jury, including from Indonesia Budi Putra rate blog content in terms of uniqueness, interesting language about various issues.

Smallest Printer From Samsung

Smallest Printer From SamsungPT Samsung Electronics Indonesia is launching a laser printer is the smallest of which is claimed today. ML Series 1660 will start in July will be marketed.

Last February Samsung released a series of series of low-end printers to high end. This time with the same features Samsung ML1660 series issued with a smaller form factor. Ie the engine size of 336 x114 x156 mm. Weight 4.95 pounds and 8MB of system memory.

IT Business Group Head PT Samsung electronics Indonesia is saying this printer offers the features 'one touch' in its design. "Without a lot of buttons but the full design to print more comfortable," Budi said in a press conference in FX, today.

Budi explained that besides a one-touch feature is also embedded features a screen print button. This feature enables users to print what is visible from the computer screen.

More Printers and Consumer Products Manager Winny Windiarini Samsung Electronics Indonesia said Samsung's mainstay products as this quarter two. "Features the same but smaller advantages. This is the smallest compared to competitors," said Winny

Laser printer with black and white printing has a print speed that is almost the same as the previous printer. "The first print speed of 19 pages per minute, which is 16 pages," said Winny. While the first printing was claimed out in less than 8.5 seconds. And print up to 1500 pages.

This printer is also compatible with Samsung software AnyWeb Print. This device allows users to choose, move and put the specific content from web pages to a new page on pc screen. It also only print the required information only.

ML-1660 electric energy saving as much as 9.55 watts per hour. In break mode, the ML-1660 consumes as much energy as 10 watts compared to 0.45 watts when the device is turned off.

Great Potential, Mobile Advertising Not Much glance

Indonesia has huge potential for advertising through the internet and mobile technology. But unfortunately until now its use is still not official recognition by the telecommunications business informatics.

Chief Executive Officer of PT Inter Partner Initiative (m-Star) Joseph Lumban Gaol said the trend in mobile internet usage has begun massif. Supporting industry content providers and creative industries in Indonesia have grown but the supporting environment is not ready. As operators, application makers, media measurement and so forth.

"Like New Kid On The Block is mobile advertising. Potentials large but still blocked," he said in Jakarta today. Joseph said the mobile phone users no less than 165 million, a lot of inventory as a way to advertise. Advertising opportunities through mobile phones and the internet was not yet widely used.

He mentioned last year that traced the ad budget prediction of a research institute to reach U.S. $ 4.2 billion or Rp 37.8 trillion outstanding in Indonesia. Figures are for ads on television, radio, print media. While advertising on the internet still has not taken into account.

Joseph said that ad budgets are not measurable targets and response. Therefore one solution through mobile advertising. Whether just for awareness or performance of a product. Clients can choose to pay per click or per thousand target. "Clients can choose who, what, where, age, gender or consumer target audience," he said.

m-Star who is engaged in the mobile industry adveriting and internet offers to its clients to track consumers based on location, handset, operator, social media and personal character. "For example, the client wanted ads placed at Blackberry users alone or adolescent girls, can be done," he said.

He then gave an example with this detection, the client can measure the acquisition of the desired target. Like Teen Rexona product with Facebook social networking media in a month to get hundreds of thousands of fans page. Then drink Vitacarm, target 50 thousand consumers and the results 10 percent responded. "This response is higher than an ad from the flyer," he said.

Joseph says an average of responses between 2-5 percent of Internet advertising, whereas through mobile phones reached 20 percent. For most types of mobile phone clients 60 percent of which is selected Nokia mobile phone to advertise. The reason it is easier for the user.

Joseph also said dozens of clients from various types of products to its clients to advertise via the internet and ponsel.Contohnya Bank BNI, Bank BCA, Unilever, Air Asia, Mig33, Durex, and others.

Google Chrome Invite Indonesia Improve Local Existence

Google Chrome Invite Indonesia Improve Local ExistenceTo encourage the use of Indonesia's Chrome browser, Google does not just translate all the menus are in Indonesian language. Google also encourages the development of local content in the browser is uniquely Indonesian.

How? Chrome browser feature seems to have named the extension that allows anyone to add additional applications. We have dozens of Indonesian special applications that can be used as an extension of Google Chrome.

One application provides direct navigation menu to access the latest news updates from Google Chrome users who install the extension could mngintip teraktual news without having to open a new page or tab and type the address Only by know-click the icon at the top right of your browser will display a list of recent articles in the column and select the channel and stay attractive for display in a new tab.

Other extensions in the form of a theme to change the background image browser Chrome. There is now some theme like idol figures Persija striker Bambang Pamungkas, artist Dian Sastrowardoyo, cartoon characters Benny & Mice, as well as the Sumatran tiger theme bautan WWF. There is also information fil from Cineplex, Forums, and Kapanlagi.

"We want this extension continues to grow into the thousands over and over again," said Andrew McGlinchey, Head of Product Management Google Southeast Asia on the sidelines of a press conference the launch of Google Chrome version of Indonesia in Jakarta, Tuesday (06/22/2010).

According to Andrew McGlinchey, support for local content is one key to success selaun browser speed, practicality, and safety. Google also has to make Indonesia as one of the important markets today.

"Pertunbuhan Internet users in Indonesia is very high and is still much we can do here," he said. Every time new product launches, continued Andrew McGlinchey, Google will attempt to bring in the local version to potential markets such as Indonesia.

Google user growth in Indonesia was recognized very high. Andrew claims, the number of users of Google services in Indonesia are still growing double digits every year without mentioning the exact amount.

Review Sony Ericsson Yendo Smartphone First Walkman Touch Sailing

Review Sony Ericsson Yendo Smartphone First Walkman Touch SailingNot to be outdone by its competitors in the segment of music phones, Sony Ericsson also end up using the touch screen on the Walkman phone for the first time. Sony Ericsson Yendo name. Her presence was announced on Monday (6/21/2010).

The experience of enjoying music will be more stylish with a touch screen like using a smart phone, let alone Sony Ericsson Yendo use user interface (UI) is unique with the four corners of navigation that has been used on the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini and Mini Pro. The difference, Mini and Mini Xperia X10 Pro uses the Android operating system, while artificial Yendo using proprietary platform of Sony Ericsson.

"Here we reconcile the UI four corners of the popular and successful on the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Walkman phone experience that has won awards. Now consumers have the unique experience of Entertainment Communications," said Djunadi Satrio, Head of Marketing Sony Ericsson Indonesia, in broadcast press.

Features about the music, no doubt about the Walkman anymore. Crystal clear voice quality is guaranteed with high quality headset. Ease of enjoying music is also supported various flagship Walkman features like TrackID Touch to track pieces of songs from a tone that sounded just with one touch, MediaGo to synchronize with a computer list of songs, and PlayNow for access to your favorite songs online. The headset also supports a standard 3.5mm stereo jack.

Not only for listening to music, Sony Ericsson Yendo also provides applications that Facebook and Twitter has been able to upload photos directly from your smart phone. Send e-mail and SMS is also more practical to navigate the four corners.

Interestingly, a 720 Mhz processor or have above average smart phone. Sony Ericsson Yendo equipped with 2.6-inch display and 2 megapixel camera and supports GSM GPRS / EDGE networks. This product will be coming soon begin the fourth quarter of 2010 with a choice of blue, green, orange, pink and white.

Vivaz phone will Facilitate Xperia X10

Vivaz phone will Facilitate Xperia X10Two widescreen phones that will be devoted to class entertainment devices will be provided by Sony Ericsson as well as earlier this year. Each Xperia X10, Android-based phone made by Google and will be accompanied by Vivaz, Symbian mobile platform that supports HD video (high definition) 720p.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 has announced since November 2009 and then, but until now not been available in the market. The news in early February 2010, the X10 will start circulating in various countries.

While Vivaz is the latest mobile phone communications both within the family entertainment that will be marketed in the first half of 2010. With Sony Ericsson Vivaz communication really become an entertainment with high-quality HD video that allows consumers to produce and broadcast their best experience with the latest video capture and sharing features.

Not only record video with high quality format. The result of these recordings can be enjoyed through a 3.2 inch screen. In fact, the video can be instantly shared on the internet via YouTube via WiFi or 3.5G network.

An open platform also allows users to personalize their entertainment experience by downloading the application through the Symbian Developer Community and PlayNow.

"With Sony Ericsson Vivaz, we have created a phone that can capture spontaneous moments in high quality video and upload to the web expressions to share with the world," said Djunadi Satrio, Head of Marketing Sony Ericsson, in a release.

He said Sony Ericsson Vivaz features with a new design philosophy that is 'curvature of the human', which for the first time was introduced by Xperia X10. Design like this is going to be a consistent feature of the Sony Ericsson portfolio forward.

Their color with a target disesuaiakn entertainment market. Vivaz will be available in Indonesia from the first quarter of 2010 in a choice of silver, black, blue, red. About the price, wait time.

Here are the main specifications of the Sony Ericsson Vivaz:

- The operating system Symbian S60 5th edition
- 720MHz processor
- 8.1 megapixel camera with face and smile detection
- Supports 3.5 G network via UMTS HSPA
- Wi-Fi
- Social networking - Facebook and Twitter applications
- Location-based services of A-GPS
- Touch screen display nHD 16.9, 16 million color, 3.2-inch, 640 x 360 pixels nHD
- 75 MB internal memory and 8 GB microSD memory card
- Measuring 107 x 52 x 12.5 mm
- Weight 97 grams

Name Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Has Significant Meaning

Android Sony Ericsson All Classes Will Rise
You may feel a bit behind in the "chase" the progress of the smart phone. How could they not, after the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 and X2, suddenly has emerged X10. Where the X3 series until X9?

Apparently, the Sony Ericsson election X10 names have special meanings. "X10 is a powerful figure, which illustrates perfection," said Hirokazu Ishisuka, Corporate Vice President, Head of Asia Pacific Region from Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications, in the event Sony Ericsson Media Conference 2010 in Singapore, Tuesday (09/03/2010).

Do not be surprised also if the X10 does not use the Windows Mobile operating system such as X1 and X2, but the Android OS. This could not be linked to one another.

"Xperia is providing such a unique experience for consumers. He is not bound by a specific platform, and that's not why we launched the Xperia," said Peter Ang, vice-president of Marketing, Asia Pacific Region, Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications.

The uniqueness of these products is on providing the best user experience. In addition to X10, with the signature application Android phone from Sony Ericsson, is actually still there X5 series that offers a transparent screen. Unfortunately, this series did not enter Indonesia.

Android Sony Ericsson All Classes Will Rise

Android Sony Ericsson All Classes Will RiseSony Ericsson will update the software on all Android smartphone platform in the third quarter of 2010. Three types of artificial Android smartphone Sony Ericsson Xperia each X10, X10 Xperia Mini, Mini Pro and Xperia X10.

All three types of phones sold today still use the Android operating system 1.6. In the third quarter later, the phone will be sold into the market using Android 2.1. While not the latest, because there is Android 2.2, Android version 2.1 has better features.

"Smartphone XperiaTMX10, X10 and X10 mini mini pro will get software upgrades during its life cycle to support the performance and add new experiences to communicate and entertainment," said Sony Ericsson's press release, received Monday (6/21/2010).

With these upgrades, Xperia X10 so you can record HD video. Toward the end of the year will also be upgraded so the next Xperia X10 devices can connect wirelessly with television sets and enhance application and Mediascape Timescape.

Xperia X10 is a major smartphone Xperia collections in the circuit and has a 1.8 megapixel camera and 4-inch screen which makes multimedia creations and impressions are the most superior in its class. Xperia X10 and X10 Mini Pro Mini to reach a broader market needs to stay focused on entertainment.

Yet there is no certainty whether Sony Ericsson will also serve this software upgrade for devices that have been sold. Technically, it might be done.

Axioo Curriculum Program Generate IT Expert

Axioo Curriculum Program Generate IT ExpertCompetence of information technology not only from the knowledge gained in school, but also based on flying hours with a direct jump into the field. The reason this is the basis of the commencement of Axioo Curriculum Program (ACP) which aims to help high school students in vocational fields of information technology to prepare themselves before entering employment.

This program is a form of corporate responsibility for the education of Indonesia and also part of the development of industry and education partners to support vocational schools in order to produce graduates who are qualified, skilled, and ready to use to meet the needs of skilled manpower in various industries.

By following this program, students are expected to have a competitive advantage through a process of transformation of knowledge (knowledge acquired at school) into a working knowledge (the combination of theoretical science that is applied to real cases in the field).

"There is no other way, students will experience this transformation process through hours of flying, which is directly involved in a real IT job, feel directly how he must remain innovative and find problem solving when working in conditions under pressure," the statement in a press release Axioo.

ACP is not the usual training. This program is in addition to providing appropriate educational information technology industry competency standards, students will also receive training in business units that are available or internship opportunities in the group of companies Axioo so get real experience in customer service and after sales service.

Pascapendidikan and training, the learners will face the graduation exam, and can only be passed if they are able to meet the required competency standards. The best graduates will have the opportunity to jump in group Axioo company or another company in need.

To run this program, authorized distributor Axioo took in Indonesia, PT Tera Data Indonusa. As an initial project, in collaboration with CMS Axioo MedikaCom, Bandung and its local partner dealers Mitra Abadi Computer.

Since 2005 Axioo is a manufacturer of laptops that use the original brand from Indonesia. Currently Axioo has even penetrated the broader market in various countries of Southeast Asia and Europe.

New Hotmail SkyDrive Online Storage

New Hotmail SkyDrive Online StorageHotmail is a massive change. User directed to use the storage and online sharing service owned by Microsoft's SkyDrive.

Through e-mail service that has been updated, you can submit 200 documents into the cloud Microsoft's 50MB size along with 200 photographs, each of which may be sized 50MB. Documents may be sent a PowerPoint presentation and video.

To file photo, online album will be created in SkyDrive. E-mail-e-mail sent to the closest colleagues and friends taulan to comment on the photos of your holiday will give them access to cloud the image file. While the photos received in e-mail can be viewed automatically. So there will be no malware issue here.

Not much changes for desktop access to Hotmail. There is a summary page that allows you to not see the spam, until you actually get into your inbox. Also available is a tab to access the folders for contacts that you'd have to mark it as a contact or a "social group" for all your playing partner Farmville.

Hotmail is also made to make it more friendly for smart phones.

In Windows Live Hotmail blog entry, program manager Dick Craddock writes, "mobile Inbox supports filters, in-line message preview, HTML messages, e-mail offline viewing, conversation threading, the ability to flag messages, option to show or hide details message header, and others. You also can manage the invitations received from Hotmail, set reminders (reminders), collect a lot of calendars, or various calendars with your friends and family, and do it all from your phone's web browser."

iPad Replace Book Liturgy in the Church

iPad Replace Book Liturgy in the ChurchROME - With the many support applications, Apple iPad smartphone device can be used for various purposes. From the reading device, gaming, Internet access, and others. In fact, a priest in Italy has been used as a substitute for the book lead the liturgy during Mass at a Catholic church.

The priest named Paolo Padrini who is currently a consultant at the Pontifical Council for Social Communications at the Church of the Vatican to make an application whose function is similar to the liturgical books for use in various countries. He said the application will be available free starting in July in English, French, Spanish, Italian, and Latin.

"Books in print will never disappear. (But) we should not have questioned the presence of a new device in the background to support the ritual of praying," said Padrini. He believes the presence of applications in such devices help the pastor who frequently traveled from one place to another.

Not this time Padrini made a breakthrough to transform conventional books used in church-Church of digital devices. Two years ago, he has made an application for the iPhone named iBrievary which contains the daily prayer book used by priests over the years. Until now, this application has been downloaded 200 000 times.

Applications for iPad iBrievary similar, but more comprehensive because it also contains the readings and songs that were sung during the Mass throughout the year. The next upgrade, would provide a promising Padrini audio features as well as the comments and suggestions for the homily and music accompaniment.

Because success iBrievary Similarly, the Vatican Church Padrini recruited to run programs targeting youth. Vatican church itself is open by the presence of new technologies. Pope Benedict XVI who likes classical music and even have been using iPods since 2006. Vatican Church also regularly update the channel on YouTube and Facebook.

Goals in world cup affect Twitter traffic

Twitter has increased the number of sending messages, called Tweet, during the World Cup in 2010. However, a jump which is very high, especially every happened goals.

Twitter According to data released on Friday (18/06/2010), the average number on a normal day Tweet Tweet 750 pieces per second. However, during the Japanese goal to Cameroon, Monday (14/06/2010) and then, on average there are 2940 Tweet per second.

Almost the same amount is also reported to occur when the first goal of Brazil to the goal of North Korea on June 11, 2010. On average there are 2928 Tweet per second after a goal is scored. Meanwhile, during the Mexican goals to South Africa on the same day there are 2704 Tweet per second.

"Tweet-Tweet is a TPS (Tweet per second) highest during the competition took place. Goal-this goal was met Tweet per second highest measured within 30 seconds after nested goals," writes the blog Twitter.

Nevertheless, welcome to the soccer goals are still not as high as the final result of the NBA basketball games. When the Lakers win, the average Tweet Tweet reach 3085 per second. Well, just wait if the World Cup final in 2010 will generate more Tweet?

Simple tips for a new blog indexed in search engines in one week

Many people who perform a variety of ways to make their new blog indexed in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. They perform a variety of ways such as buying backlinks from blogs that have high page rank, submit to various directories, social bookmarking and so forth.

I've done it that way, there is a successful, but many have failed. In fact, my new blog entry is quite difficult search engines index it, despite already having done that way. After I check, it was just entered and indexed in Google after one week, at Yahoo and Bing for a month. Because I like to try, then I created another new blog. My blog content with six original articles. That articles not write in one or two days, but I write for three days.

It turned out after one week I checked on Google, Yahoo and Bing, my blog that contains six articles are already in the index. Then I typed with my targeted keywords on Google search engine, and the result is the main keyword got on the second page of one million pages. Then I check on Google Webmaster Tools, and the results were encouraging. Because some visitors clicked on the targeted keywords.

Well, from my story above, I'll give the secret to our blog or site indexed and getting good position on search engines within a short time:

1. Make at least six of the original article. I've made hundreds of articles that I get from various sources, and the results were disappointing. Because, the blog that contains articles from others will be difficulties in the index because the search engines appreciate the patent.

2. Make your internal links between pages and do not have external links. With my experience, the internal links more important than backlinks from the outside even though high page rank. Search engines prefer internal links to new blog.

3. Update routine, when the crawler search engines find your blog, it will be seen how often the blog are updated. Appropriate my experience, the blog updated regularly, would often be visited by search engines, although for the new blog.

4. Do not ever seek or give backlink. Although the backlink is very important, but if the blog is still new, this will be considered spam by search engines. You can build backlinks when the blog is already one month or more.

I am sure, you have own experience of SEO techniques. My experience is still learning SEO, may not be relevant anymore, but it does not matter. If you had an interesting experience to make the blog indexed within a short time, please share in the comment form.

Tips open the PDF files that infected with viruses

Quoted from newest Kaspersky laboratory with topic "Information Security Threats in the First Quarter of 2010", now Adobe products is the main target of hackers. This is because the ability of the prevalence and multi-platform Adobe products. Among the many types of viruses, spyware and malware threats are detected, the family is the most popular Exploit.Win32.Pdfka with the percentage of 42.97 percent. This malware takes advantage of the weak side of Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat.

When coupled, Exploit.Win32.Pidief and Exploit.Win32.Pdfka targeting Adobe products with a total of 47.5 percent or about half of all attacks are detected. Detected attacks spread through the PDF document that contains Javascript that without the knowledge or consent from users to download and bring the rest of the malware directly from the internet.

Among the ten vulnerabilities of the most common software detected on users' computers during the first three months of the year 2010, three vulnerabilities found in Adobe products, six are found in Microsoft products, and the one found in Sun product.

All three programs targeting the vulnerabilities that Adobe was found on 23.37 percent, 17.87 percent and 15.27 percent of all computers are checked. The first vulnerability and last critical vulnerability that allows hackers to take complete control over the system remotely.

In addition, Adobe products user are often unaware of the potential threat posed, for example when opening a PDF file from an unknown sender. This report highlights the fact that many users of Adobe products do not install the patch that is designed to remove the software vulnerability and thus remain vulnerable to attacks.

One of the vulnerabilities in Adobe's products became public knowledge since three years ago has had a patch that is available all the time. This shows that there are still many users who do not update their software. To overcome this problem, on 13 April ago, Adobe released an automatic update that runs in the background. Developers are expected to help reduce the number of unpatched applications that look so attractive to cyber criminals.

iPhone 4G with the slim design and more interesting features

iPhone 4G with the slim design and more interesting featuresSteve Jobs, the iPhone's spokesperson stated that the launch of the latest tools from Apple's most anticipated mid-year, the iPhone 4G finally officially announced at WWDC 2010, June 7 yesterday. New features presented in iPhone 4G smartphone.

Not only the features, the design 4G generation is also completely new and unique when compared with the first version iPhone, iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS. Could be iPhone 4G is thinnest ever iPhone smartphones produced. The cover also uses stainless steel plus scratch-resistant glass and crystal clear screen to produce a maximum optical quality.

As expected, these devices have a front camera for video chat using iChat service. What are the details of the specification from iPhone 4G smartphone? The following are the technical data from iPhone 4G smartphone.

iPhone 4G a retinal screen 3.5 inch, 960 x 640 pixels resolution, that means four times sharper than the previous production. Thus, these devices can produce up to 326 pixels display sharpness in each one-inch screen. Contrast ratio is also very good, up to 800:1. Not to miss is the IP technology, to color with high quality and wide viewing angle.

Steve from Apple also hopes to realize the iPhone lovers by instilling 5 mega pixel camera with digital zoom capability up to 5 times. As a core performance, iPhone 4G using the A4 processor. Speed is obviously much higher and can not be compared with the previous iPhone smartphones.

Not only that, Apple also boosted battery life. Battery was up to seven hours to talk with 3G connections, six hours when surfing with 3G and 300 hours in standby condition! It's just not as expected capacity of many people - in which some loyalists and technology site speculates that the iPhone will come out with a memory up to 80GB. Like its predecessor replenish Apple 4G version with a maximum capacity of 32 GB.

The good news, Apple is giving a bonus for connectivity. 4G iPhone is a mobile quad (four) band, HSDPA / HSUPA with dual microphones and wireless connection features, 802.11n Wi-Fi. Another cool feature of the iPhone 4G is the Gyro-accelerometer, motion sensor that delivers six corners, wow!

4G iPhone smartphone can also record HD quality video 720 pixels at 30 frames per second. You simply click, lead to a clear focus to get good video and adjust it to the problem, not to worry, the iPhone has the ability to edit video. iMovie is now also accessible in all of the iPhone, including the old version. Simply update your OS to iOS 4. Only, not all the features in iMovie can function in the old iPhone. For those interested to upgrade the operating system of the previous iPhone smartphones, free download latest iPhone OS from Apple's offer which will be released on June 21, 2010.

Back to the specifications of the iPhone 4G, this smartphone has a multi-tasking capabilities with the addition of other features. Like 3Gs, even the iPhone 4G comes in two colors, black and white. About the price, Steve announced the iPhone 3G revenue stamp. For models with a capacity of 16 GB and $199 and $299 for the 32 GB model. Of course that price does not include operator services.

Reservations for buying iPhone 4G smartphone are done today. Officially, the iPhone 4G smartphone began to circulate in the market on June 24 later, but specifically in five countries, U.S., France, Germany, England and Japan. Then at the beginning of July, the second phase of release to the market, the iPhone will be penetrated Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. Besides these countries, the iPhone 4G smartphone will be available on the market on September.

Learn simple SEO techniques for best search engine results

The main thing that should be prioritized for online business is SEO optimization. SEO or search engine optimization is a technique used to create a web page you can appear on the front page search engine especially Google, Yahoo and Bing. Because with the SEO techniques, then the visitors came more appropriate target than the visitors who come from other sources.

Actually, there is no special secret about SEO techniques. If you already know the basic things needed in the techniques of SEO, it will be easy to develop. Here I present important information about the most basic SEO techniques to produce a web site are in a good position on search engines.

Basic SEO Techniques
With good SEO techniques, then more targeted visitors. Currently, various types of searches has been provided by search engines such as keyword search, image search, local search, video search, and others. However, the type of text search (keyword search) still occupies the highest position. Because the source of traffic from search engines, obey the rules of each search engine providers, especially Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Incoming link
Believe me, if a site then there is no link, search engines will be very difficult to find. Link is divided into two, links in and links out. In a good seo techniques, incoming links more than out links. Get a variety of incoming links with natural proccess.

Keyword is the basic and important thing in seo techniques. Remember, visitors come to search engines because they typed keywords. properly identify the keywords that you target competition and comparison. Good keywords are keywords that are sought after but little competition.

Regularly update
Do update your website regularly. If you are new to the web site, try to update at least once a week. This is important because search engines really like the web is dynamic and always updated.

Traffic from search engines
After you apply the SEO techniques, then the traffic from search engines will be obtained. With increasing age of a site and SEO techniques continue to be developed, then your website will occupy a good position on search engines. Generally, the time needed in order to stabilize the site is 6 months.

So the tips and tricks to learn SEO techniques simple but very effective. I Hope, the simple learn SEO tips that I present can be useful for you. If you have questions about learning SEO basic tips and tricks, please send via the comment form.

Easy SEO tips to get quality dofollow backlinks

Backlink is one of the SEO techniques are still important in the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, All The Web and other search engines. In general, the backlink is divided into two types, nofollow and dofollow. Dofollow backlinks are considered better than the nofollow. By getting a lot of backlinks, the blog or website would be considered important by search engines. Many people do everything they can to get a dofollow backlink, for example by buying backlinks even though a good price.

There are actually a fairly easy way to get backlinks, however, I will discuss one way of getting good quality backlinks and dofollow that I got from the SEO forum. Please see the tips to get dofollow backlinks:

1. Determine the three keywords you want to drill in order to have better positions on search engines. Do not make more than three keywords in each article, because this will be considered spam by search engines and free blog service providers. Make different keywords, for example: if you target the keywords about "health beauty tips", create a keyword: health tips, beauty tips or diet health tips.

2. Sign up in 10 free blogs like Blogger, WordPress, Blogsome, Hubpages, LiveJournal, Yahoo360, Squidoo and other free blogs. The more blogs that you join is better.

3. Make five unique articles which comprise at least 250 words and each article contains a backlink to the blog you want to optimize with keywords that you target. Make a minimum of five articles, because search engines will index blogs that contain at least 5 articles.

4. Once finished creating a free blog that contains five articles, search and get the blog RSS Feeds address

5. Submit all addresses your free blog RSS Feeds to the RSS Feed Directory like millionrss, feedagg,, feedage and others free RSS Feed Directory. Please submit minimum to 20 RSS Feed Directory, the more the better. Please type "free RSS Feed Directory" on Google or Yahoo search engines for get RSS Feed Directory service.

6. After two weeks, repeat step three. Why must wait two weeks? So, that natural steps in the search engines crawler and blog service providers.

Then, how many dofollow backlinks you will get?
Suppose you create 10 free blogs that have 10 articles, 3 backlinks and has been submitted to 20 RSS Feed Directory, then the dofollow backlinks you get are:
10 x 10 x 3 x 20 = 6.000 backlink

Yes, you will get 6.000 quality dofollow backlinks free and forever. With have 6.000 dofollow backlinks, then your blog will be considered important by search engines, thereby increasing in search engine result pages. Hopefully, the simple tips to get quality dofollow backlinks useful for us. If you have questions about how to get free quality dofollow backlinks and others SEO tips, please send via the comment form.