Kaspersky Support Scuderia Ferrari F1

Kaspersky Support Scuderia Ferrari F1Kaspersky Lab which is known as a developer of security solutions announced plans to partner with the Scuderia Ferrari Formula One team in 2011 and 2012. At the end of the season, F1 Grand Prix 2010 in Abu Dhabi, Kaspersky Lab will officially announce the sponsorship of the world famous racing team for two years.

In addition to determining the final standings of the F1 World Championship 2010, the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is also a chance for Kaspersky Lab to announce plans high-level partnership agreement with Scuderia Ferrari.

Kaspersky Lab enter the world of motor racing at the beginning of this year when he signed sponsorship agreements with the AF Corse Ferrari racing team at Le Mans Series Championship. After a good start in the racing world, Kaspersky Lab decided to increase the partnership with Ferrari to Formula One. For next year, the followers of Ferrari and F1 teams can see the features of Kaspersky Lab's logo on the car this team. By reaching Formula One, Kaspersky Lab to meet its strategy to raise the profile of its brand on a global scale.

Review Nokia QWERTY phones

Review Nokia QWERTY phonesDespite losing start with a local manufacturer, Nokia is still going to demolish the lower middle market with a QWERTY phones. Latest mobile phones which will be released to the market, Nokia X2-01, any plan would be priced at under $ 1 million.

"It's the only phone with a price under $ 1 million that can directly download the application directly from the app store," said Anvid Erdian, Marketing Product Manager Nokia Indonesia, in Jakarta on Friday (26/11/2010). Nokia X2-01 is practically the same class because smartphones can run multiple applications simultaneously aka multitasking and connect to the online application exchanges OVI.

According Anvid, X2-01 is designed to lower middle market. Previously, Nokia had already been released QWERTY phone with a price of Rp 1.2 million, namely the Nokia C3. With prices more affordable, X2-01 chance to reach consumers even more. He was reluctant to mention exactly what price. To be sure, will be released before the end of the year.

Like the C3, X2-01 also rely on messaging and social networking features. For example Facebook and Twitter updates directly from the main screen. Also chatting via Yahoo Messenger, Gtalk, OVI Chat, and Live Messenger. Includes email support up to 10 accounts at once.

However, with prices more inclined, there are a number of features that are less than C3. Among other things, is not equipped with a WiFi connection and does not support 3G. The camera is only VGA class can even record video, not like a 2-megapixel C3.

But make no mistake, this phone also has benefits. For example, a direct button to open the music application. This button can also be arranged so that when clicked on directly to the FM radio feature. External speakers too loud. In it also is mounted applications Life Tool. There are three colors that will go in Indonesia, black with red color, black with gray color, and white with silver color.

Well, for baseball pulse burst gara2 much access various data-based services, Nokia also will encourage consumers to subscribe to data services in cooperation with the operator. Nokia has been holding Telkomsel, Indosat, and XL to provide a data plan OVI from Nokia's Messaging and price of Rp 1,000 per day up to Rp 100,000 per month to access various services without limits.

Millions of Car Will Be Bluetooth

Millions of Car Will Be BluetoothTraffic Police did not hesitate to cause it caught the driver's car phones are on the phone while driving. This rule was also applicable in many countries. Even though using a Bluetooth device.

Yet car companies continue to prepare the device for the needs berhalo-halo. IMS Research Institute says that in 2009 alone as many as nine million cars already equipped with Bluetooth. Even estimated in 2017, the number of car air-Bluetooth will increase and reach 25 million units.

On the other hand, apparently not satisfied with the car company just installed a Bluetooth for communication purposes only. Though there is consumer demand for the use of Bluetooth as a medium to download the audio streaming capabilities of the A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile). But compared with the demand for telephone needs are not too many.

Experience has shown that despite using the A2DP quality, audio quality is delivered are often still not good. After all, so this trend according to IMS observations, tends to increase. Even some car manufacturers began to eliminate features in the car CD player.

Bluetooth will be very useful not only for two things above. His role could be enhanced for example for the purposes of the wind on the tire pressure monitor, control devices in car infotainment, as well as other sensor functions. For, the era of cable is already becoming obsolete. Moreover, if later found that more Bluetooth devices can save energy.

The issue in Indonesia, although the rules of safe driving have been defined, but has not touched the case if the driver uses the Bluetooth wireless network. Allowed or not?

More Feminine, Xerox Printer Color Pink

More Feminine, Xerox Printer Color PinkFuji Xerox launched its first line of laser printers in the market country. Uniquely, the available printers with warrants pink or pink. Feminine dong!

Of course, since the selection of color printers DocuPrint CP105 series b was made based on various surveys and research that showed an increase in the market of women's segment. The survey conducted by the Pew Research Center, United States, showed that more than 43 percent of purchase decisions device IT (Information Technology) in the household are made by women.

In addition to the pink color, the printer which was launched on Tuesday (11/30/2010) is also available in quartz, light colors are more neutral.

Fuji Xerox DocuPrint model series launched three technology brings SLED (Self-scanning Light Diode). The printer is CP105b, CP205, CM205 b (colored) and DocuPrint P205 b/M205 (monochrome). Printers include single-function printers and multifunction printers as well as one of the smallest and lightest in its class.

Printers, launched at the Restaurant Trans Force Grand Indonesia, Thamrin, Jakarta is targeting the personal segment, Small Micro Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

Teddy Susanto, Country Sales Manager of Fuji Xerox Printers Indonesian Channel, said Fuji Xerox has been observed no changes in customer buying trends by personal and SME / SME. Previously they buy printer ink and now switched to laser printers.

"The change in this trend is likely due to the need for a higher print speed and lower cost of ownership. Therefore, I believe that our new DocuPrint series printers will be able to meet the needs of customers from the personal segment and SMEs / SME," said Teddy.

Latest color laser printer Fuji Xerox DocuPrint series consists of two series of laser printers with a single function (CP105b and CP205) and one multifunctional CM205b. CM205b Series features printing, scanning and copying.

All the latest printers that have a 3-year warranty. In the first year the customer will get the standard one-year warranty covering parts and repair costs.

Fuji Xerox also provides unlimited free two-year extended warranty. Fuji Xerox offers other services yaituy finished one hour express service, where customers they can service the printer in just over an hour.

Fuji Xerox Smallest Printers Get New Record

JAKARTA - CP205 Printer DocuPrint CP105b/DOcuPrint won awards from the Indonesian Record Museum (MURI) as the world's smallest laser printer. Conferment of the award was handed over by the boss MURI Jaya Suprana interrupted the launch of five new printer Fuji Xerox on Tuesday (11/30/2010) on Restaurant Trans Force, Grand Indonesia, Thamrin, Jakarta.

The award was accepted by Teddy Susanto, Country Sales Manager for Fuji Xerox Printers Indonesian Channel and Vincent Sim, General Manager of Fuji Xerox Printers ASEAN Channel. DocuPrint CP105b is the smallest color laser printer with dimensions 394x304x234 mm. Jaya said the size of laser printers in the past nothing is as small as DocuPrint CP105b/DocuPrint CP205.

"The Age of first laser printer that does not segede (DocuPrint CP105b/DocuPrint CP205). I remember the first time to buy (laser printers) segede car," said Jaya Suprana. Both printers were an answer to users who do not have space large enough to be able to get the product compact color laser printer.

Teddy said the success they create the smallest color laser printer is a high proof of Fuji Xerox's commitment to consumer homeland.

"Fuji Xerox is to understand the market demands ever increasing and dynamic today. With the success we introduced the smallest color laser printer is a high menjai evidence Fuji Xerox's commitment to the market in Indonesia as well as an effort to continually provide solutions to the needs of users who want a product that is more efficient and flexible, "said Teddy.

Both printers that have a "printhead" tech SLED (self-scanning light-emitting device) that can provide color prints with a resolution of 1200x1400 dpi.

DocuPrint CP105b/DocuPrint CP205 is also equipped with environmentally friendly because EA (Emulsion Aggregation) - Eco toner can lower energy consumption by 20 percent. And reduce Co2 emissions generated by 35 percent compared to the previous types of toner.

QWERTY Touch Screen Generation

QWERTY Touch Screen GenerationAppearances Micxon S900 QWERTY phone is not much different from the BlackBerry. What difference does it just the technology, and the rest equal to the BlackBerry? No, he is the same as local phone or other Chinese brands. If it be honest, Micxon phone keypad is less friendly - hard and placement of navigation buttons are far apart with the push of the button execution. So hard, if you like looking for a deeper menu.

Fortunately, you can play jacks that can help select features. Because the S900's screen is a touch screen, although less sensitive. When using the stylus luggage, the intended access to the menu does not always succeed. Must the new successfully pressed a few times. So also access with your fingers. In addition to less responsive, the user must have the pointed tip of the nail.

Browse to locate the important parts on the outside of the S900 continues conducted signals. USB ports found on the right bank and Micro SD slot on the left edge. On the back of the casing with stainless, Signal found a VGA camera.

Typically a BlackBerry-style mobile phone, spaciousness 2.2-inch screen could make the need to search menu on the S900 is more comfortable on the eye. At the very least, you can jajal comfort font size large enough when opening the application up. As for the placement of speakers, QWERTY phone embed it on top of the screen, right in the middle position. These speakers are in charge of the earphones while using the phone mode, in contrast to the rear speakers are assigned as pemuntah sound when playing audio player.


The Micxon not alone in the official price range of 800 thousands. There Mito 2000 also bandrolnya similar. S900 also became adherents of the application up and chat through Ebuddy or Yamee as a primary merchandise.

Compared to its predecessor which embed many applications, Micxon S900 minimal and innovation averse. Yes Signal see it that way, because the enrichment of features that are usually done hape China than the previous product did not exist in Micxon S900.

Micxon somewhat less attention in the present ease of access to applications up in the main menu. You must click on the browser to hit a shortcut. But do not worry, for the playful to the website once you comment and change the status and profile can be run. Another interesting application, namely 'sensor shake' that by simply moving your hand can change the wallpaper on the S900.

Camera & Video

For photographing the problem you have to do hape quality settings in order to boost the maximum density in Micxon S900. If not, the quality of shots to be in vain because the results are less good. Moreover, no one pinned to assist lighting when photographing in dim places. No flash. Automatically, the results of her shoot a lot of noise, aka freckles.

To activate the camera simple. Go to the Multimedia and directly select the camera. Please do not hesitate to give the optimum parameters. If you want good results, select Settings> Image Settings> Image Size> 640x480. Then in the. Boxes below, change the Image Quality> High. Well now, you just snap out of the room.

If so, please pictures stored on Micro SD. Just info, Micxon sales package does not include a microSD.

Audio Player

Anything else that can make the nuances of complete entertainment. S900 MP3 player in the mobile phone. Peletakannya not much different in the multimedia, together with a camera feature. So if you want you can play directly tested the fingers to be visited this feature.

Unlike the camera feature settings can be significantly felt, for the sound quality Micxon S900 tend to operate without regulation, although it is provided. Because, from a few parameters that try to play, no drastic changes that could make a difference.

Begin, please move the songs to the phone, you can perform a refresh. Note the settings should be directed to the phone memory where the file is located. Then go to settings to try it. If so, are u ready to sing a song? Yups ... But, Alamak! Kenceng very sound ... But given the range of other Chinese mobile phone also has a loud voice commander-style ceremony, the signal is not too surprised. Well, try to plug the handsfree. Discordant voices must be directly tereleminir deh. As a result, the ear was still awake and entertained.

Our Opinion

Bandrol cheap, seems to be the main reason Micxon S900 products get to market. The producer thinks his phone can compete in class QWERTY phone. As a result, the application up and design that refers to the deliberate design of top mobile phone display.

PLUS: Has Motion Sensor; loud voice.

Cons: Keypad is a little harsh; navigation button remote with buttons eksesusi making it difficult operation.


Dimensions: 106 × 51 × 10 mm

Weight: 136 grams

Battery: Li-Ion 1000 mAh

Network: Dual on GSM (900/1800 MHz)

Screen: 262,144 color TFT, 240 × 320 pixels 2.2 inches

External memory: Up to 2GB Micro SD

Connectivity: GPRS Class 12, Bluetooth A2DP

Camera: VGA camera (640x480)

Messaging: SMS, MMS

Applications: Facebook, Yamee, eBuddy, Supports JAVA.

Package Contents: Mobile Micxon S900, handsfree, 2 batteries, USB data cable, charger, 1 silicon case, warranty card, manual book.

Talk time: an average of 3 hours

Standby time: an average of 3 days

Other: Browser Wap 2.0, Polyphonic (MP3), Audio / video player, stereo FM radio, FM recording, Health, Lunar / solar calendar, Call in firewall, Phonebook 500 entries, alarm clock, World clock, Calculator, Stopwatch, Mobile QQ messaging, Handwriting, E-book reader, a PC webcam, Speakerphone, Game.

Downloaded Firefox 4 Beta Ready

Web browser speed wars continue. After Microsoft releases Internet Explorer 9 Beta, turn Mozilla released Firefox 4 Beta on Wednesday (11/11/2010). Software that is claimed to be able to access the site faster than previous versions that can be downloaded from the Mozilla site.

Mozilla said the browser can run the latest version of the JavaScript and display graphics faster. Additional applications are also fully supported so developers can quickly adjust.

This performance improvement because it supported the use of new pengompilasi JagerMonkey called JIT. Pengompilasi has been added to the Firefox JavaScript engine SpiderMonkey processing. Mozilla claims, benchmark results show that the new browser three times faster than Firefox 3.6.

Firefox 4 Beta also provide better support to the graphical processing unit (GPU) and take advantage of DirectX technologies on Windows and OpenGL on MacOS X. Firefox 4 Beta also supports WebGL, standard 3D graphics technology to carry out on site without additional plug ins.

Firefox final release of this latest new will be issued in early 2011. The next beta version will be issued before the final version.

HTC Wildfire, The Mini Desire Make young people

HTC Wildfire, The Mini Desire Make young peopleRecognizing the importance of friendship in the virtual world activity through social networking sites that exist, the HTC smartphone based product release for beginners class. Variant cell phone that is named Wildfire is already carrying the operating system Android 2.1 Eclair.

Mentioned targeting the beginner class users and young people because, despite using a similar form factor design by Desire-HTC HTC Wildfire add special features that is more focused on the integration of social networks most popular.

One feature that is not, or not, owned any other Android-based HTC is the HTC Caller ID. This feature displays the current status of the caller is on Facebook complete with date of birth. This makes the user can know or guess the reason he was called up so that talks can be more 'disconnected'.

Other features such as Friend Stream displays the status of a friend Facebook, and Twitter on the same screen. Similar to the existing Timescape features on Sony Ericsson phones Android output.

In terms of specifications, HTC Wildfire is equipped with an internal GPS for navigation, Accelerometer for motion-based gaming, Digital Compass, Proximity Sensor that automatically turn off the screen when brought near to the face while dialing, and Ambient Light Sensor which adjusts the intensity of light-dim the screen when used indoors or outdoors.

While for the purposes of connectivity, the phone also provides Bluetooth v2.1 A2DP, WiFi b / g, and standard 3.5 mm audio jack.

For those who love taking pictures, the resulting picture quality is good enough because of the flash and auto focus system. Results photographs or video footage can simply be enjoyed comfortably on scratch-resistant screen measuring 3.2 inches.

Although officially circulated in Indonesia, unfortunately HTC new Wildfire available in mid August 2010. Prices in the market is estimated to USD 3.7 million per unit, or half the price of HTC Desire.

Let's Fight in Ionopolis

Let's Fight in IonopolisPocari Sweat officially launched the first integrated social networking games in Indonesia using social networking Twitter, Facebook, and Foursquare. The name of the game is Ionopolis.

According Suhendar, Product Marketing Manager of Pocari Sweat, the game is designed to educate the public about the importance of fluids in the body.

"Ionopolis packaged in comic form, there is the plot. The story is content to educate people about health. There's a trivia quiz contains questions about health," he said during a press conference at the Plaza Semanggi, South Jakarta, Thursday (11/11/2010).

Ionopolis the name of a city of imagination. Narrated, in this city has come a villain who does not appear and threaten the population Ionopolis. The players will be given a series of challenges to destroy the enemies of the people Ionopolis.

"The challenge, among others, by doing a check in the venue that has been determined by category or name through the Foursquare, Facebook or Twitter status updates, and answering trivia quizzes about healthy lifestyles to get points," said Suhendar.

If the player managed to defeat a particular monster, then they will get certain points. Points are then collected and which raised the highest points will receive various prizes, including the iPod Shuffle and gift vacation to Japan.

"Every 2 weeks will be rewarded an iPod Shuffle for 3 players with the highest points. Later we will also strain the 100 semifinalists who will be making comics use their photos combined with a piece of the picture on the site Pocari Sweat. Of the 100 people will be filtered 10, then filtered again so 2 people who will be able to vacation to Japan, "said Suhendar.

According Suhendar, Ionopolis was introduced on 25 October. Within a week, Ionopolis has been played by approximately 13,000 people. "Now it's 2 weekly. Based on the last update, there are already 26,000 pocarian who participated this game," he said.

Notebook Made from Bamboo Second Generation

Notebook Made from Bamboo Second GenerationEco-friendly lifestyle has become part of many people. Various means were used to bring environmentally friendly lifestyle than a matter of choice foods, vehicles, to electronic devices.

Not to forget in the design of the notebook. Asus, the Taiwanese computer manufacturer, has introduced a green notebook models with the release of Bamboo Series since 2008.

"This is a symbol of greening, a greener lifestyle in terms of material use," said Juliana Chen, Product Marketing Manager Asus Indonesia, while U43JC Bamboo Series notebook introduced in Jakarta, Thursday (11/11/2010). Product is a second generation of notebooks that use bamboo material.

Juliana explains the process of using bamboo in the production of notebooks. First, bamboo is cut into pieces and then dried. Pieces are then pressed and glued together before being installed, injected plastic layer, and painted. "With us to integrate the use of bamboo, we can reduce 25 percent the use of plastic," said Juliana.

The use of bamboo is not without reason. Juliana said in Chinese philosophy, which is the origin of these plants, bamboo is a symbol of elegance. Bamboo is also physically stronger material than the other organic materials from nature.

Not only environmental raah, Asus is also considering a notebook designs made from bamboo. If the first series, it looks like the original bamboo fiber is bright, this time as the surface color older wulung bamboo. Notebook is just too thin with a thickness of 19 millimeters. The battery resistance is claimed to achieve 10.5 hours Super Hybrid Engine technology is supported. One unit As dibanderol for 1209 dollars or about USD 11 million.

Specifications U43JC Bamboo Series

Processor Intel Core i5-460M (3 MB cache, 2.53 GHz up to 2.8 GHz Turbo)
Operating system Windows 7 Home Premium
VGA Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce 6310M with 1 GB of VRAM
14-inch HD screen (1366x768) LED display
RAM Memory 2 GB DDR3 1066 MHz
GD 500 SATA hard drive
Disc Drive DVD Writer Super Multi Dual Layer
WiFi 802.11 b / g / n and Bluetooth 3.0
Battery 8-cell Li-Ion 5600 mAh
Weight 2.1 kg
2 MP Webcam
Price U.S. $ 1209

Beware, Bug in the iPhone Alarm

Beware, Bug in the iPhone AlarmSydney - A number of iPhone users get up kesingan for setting the alarm on their cell phones did not work.

An online forum which quoted site Mac Forums technologies presents a number of iPhone users in Australia oversleep because of the settings with the sound of an alarm on their cell phones slower one to two hours or even no sound at all.

Interference or a bug that occurs on the iPhone it seems to happen on a regular user setting the alarm with the same time each day for one week.

The bug is a design fault in the hardware or computer software or programs that cause the equipment is not functioning properly.

"So a little late for work this morning," wrote seroang iPhone users in the Mac Forum. Other iPhone users, Michael21 wrote, "today is really a mess."

In addition to Australia, last week TUAW blog also revealed a similar incident had occurred in New Zealand.

There's Twitter On Google TV

There's Twitter On Google TVSan Francisco - On October 17 next, Google will launch its newest product, the Google TV. These services include real-time broadcast television is combined with the Internet, so users can access various sites via the television.

At its debut, Google took the Sony and Logitech to make Internet television device. Google TV service can also be connected with Netflix online movie rentals, online shopping sites Amazon, and the microblogging site Twitter.

"We are very excited and can not wait to be present in your living room," wrote Google product manager TVs, Ambarish Kenghe, in his blog.

According to him, Google TV will bring new experiences to explore the virtual world while enjoying a television show as usual at home. He gave an example, various applications in Netflik for example allows users to menimkati more than 20 thousand movies and streaming television. While the application CNBC will offer real-time display and video clips from the cable network.

Users will also receive streaming music from Pandora; rent or buy movies and television shows through Amazon On Demand, watch NBA basketball games from Game Time, and subscribe to the songs on Napster.

Spotify Present In Windows Phone 7

Spotify Present In Windows Phone 7Music streaming service, Spotify will be present on the phone with the Windows platform Phone 7. Although no cell phone that came out with this operating system, Spotify has announced a tariff for its services amounted to £ 9.99 per month.

"Spotify is an example of the software innovation that comes from Sweden and Europe" said Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer. Previously, Spotify is also already in the smartphone that runs with the Windows operating system Phone 6.

In Windows platform, users can enjoy the songs from the application Spotify via WiFi or 3G features a variety of settings, such as speed up, slow down, pause, skip and view your music collection.

Users can directly access the application via the website or Windows Marketplace m.spotify.com in seven European markets, namely Britain, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Spain, France and the Netherlands.

In addition to mobile phones present in the Windows platform, Spotify also existed in the smartphone that runs the IOS operating system made by Apple, Android and Symbian.

Fujitsu Presents Dual Touchscreen Phone

Tokyo - Japanese electronics company, Fujitsu showed a prototype phone which features two touch-screen functionality.

Mobile phones on display at the event Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies, or CEATEC that took place this week in the land of the cherry, it has two touch screens facing each other.

According to an official statement Fujitsu, unpublished phone name that will be produced in the near future. With two touch screen, according to Fujitsu, the user can edit photos on a single screen and check email on another screen.

Both screens can also be rotated to form vertical and horizontal. Unfortunately, not yet clear when the phone will be launched and whether it is available only for the Japanese market or abroad.

The Jungle, Artificial Panasonic Game Console

Panasonic is preparing game console called The Jungle. Citing reports Gizmodo, this is the first portable game console designed specifically for online gaming.

Reflecting the success story of the PSP and Nintendo, a Japanese technology company is likely to rise again in the gaming industry after 20 years and made a failed 3DO gaming market.

The Jungle comes to look like a small PC and comes with a QWERTY keyboard. This game console also features a touchpad with the D-pad so that users can take the game online from your PC.

Walking with the Linux operating system, game console also has an HDMI port and reportedly equipped with Wi-Fi.

Facebook-Skype Video Chat Service

Social networking site Facebook is rumored to being a long term cooperation with communication services via the internet, Skype.

Partnership the two companies planned to be realized through voice chat service, integration of short messages and Facebook Connect.

According to the site that already has 500 million users were, on average, has 130 members who have been friends maximizing chat service, messages between the wall and electronic mail.

Although not yet clear when the implementation of the cooperation is carried out, expected later Facebook users can take advantage of the text or telephone communication service Skype.

Nokia Launches Three challengers iPhone

Nokia Launches Three challengers iPhoneLondon - N8 Inspired from Nokia, the Finnish mobile phone manufacturer launched a three-smartphone with touch function, ie, E7, C7 and C6. All three devices running the Symbian operating system OS ^ 3.

Nokia E7 features a touch with an area of 4-inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of 640-360 and slideout keyboard. E7 is also equipped with 16 GB for a single onboard memory, 256 Megabyte RAM and embedded 8-megapixel camera with dual LED flash and 720p high-definition video.

Nokia is also adding features Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connectivity, HDMI and 2.0 micro USB port. Nokia E7 claimed to have spent nine hours of talk time on GSM networks and five hours more than WCDMA. There are several color options available for your phone that a price of U.S. $ 637 or about USD 5.7 million, which is gray, silver, green, blue and orange.

While Nokia C7 is a smartphone that focus on users of social networking. Nokia C7 present with features of Facebook, Twitter and integration with Webmail on the display device. Nokia C7 has a wide screen mobile phone, camera, features Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and battery life similar to E7.

From the side view, C7 has a thinner form, ie, only 0.41 inches with larger memory capacity of 8 GB for a single on-board and is equipped with a microSD card slot up to 32 GB for a single and reached a maximum storage of 40 GB for a single. Phones that can be connected to television and FM radio transmitters will be sold at a price of U.S. $ 430 or about USD 3.8 million.

The Nokia C6 has a more petite shapes. With an area of 3.2-inch screen, the C6 is equipped with forward-facing camera for video calls and the camera is facing the rear with a resolution of 8 megapixels, Dual LED flash, video capture 720p and 2X digital zoom. Unfortunately, this smartphone has a relatively small storage, ie 340 Megabyte though it can be supported with 32 GB for a single microSD card. The tiny mobile phone will be released at a price of U.S. $ 335 or approximately USD 3 million.

In addition to launching three new smartphones, the Nokia World conference in London, England, Nokia also claims still controlled 24 percent of smart phone market in the world.

On this occasion, Nokia also had sarcastically stating Apple iPhone will make a free phone at the touch anywhere and in any manner that is guaranteed not to disturb the function of the signal. These allusions may be directed to Apple CEO Steve Jobs said last July that all smartphones have a sensitive area and can affect performance.

VMware Launches Solution for Enterprise Email

Virtualization solutions provider VMware Inc., today announced the launch of collaboration solutions and enterprise-class email, Zimbra Collaboration Suite Appliance. This solution is provided as virtual devices, and is designed for the VMware platform vSphere. This virtual application claimed to be able to cut costs and complexity of infrastructure management.

The customers can choose to run Zimbra Appliance in their own data centers, or through one of the 2000 VMware vCloud partners that provide application services. As a virtual service, customers can install these applications more quickly, within minutes, compared to the traditional way.

Through the model of virtual applications, users can manage email and collaboration needs with resources, cost and less risk. Zimbra Appliance also improve the ability vSphere VMware virtualization platform.

The result, users can improve service levels by reducing the impact of system failure or during maintenance. This application also features integrated security features like firewall, anti-virus and anti-spam.

"Zimbra Collaboration Suite Appliance provides secure email to customers with guaranteed data protection in VMware virtualization platform vSphere, and collaboration solutions they can use in just minutes to start the installation can use the inbox only less than 10 minutes," said Jim Morrisroe, General Zimbra Manager, via a press release today.

Zimbra Collaboration Suite Appliance are available now with prices starting at U.S. $ 625 for each license 25 mailboxes. To obtain information about this new virtual appliances, visit: www.zimbra.com/products.

Intel Showcase Excellence 'Sandy Bridge'

San Francisco - Intel Corporation exhibited a number of advantages of their latest products from Intel's Core processor family, in the event the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) in 2010. Intel Developer Forum that was held for the 13th time it was opened on Monday (13 / 9) before, and will be closed today, Wednesday (15 / 9).

As in the previous administration, also served as an IDF 2010 Intel Corporation meeting with the technology industry executives, designers, and engineers from across the world. They share their innovations in building technology, Moscone Center West, San Francisco, United States, where forum.

One of which was introduced in the forum is a new family of Intel Core processors, the code-named "Sandy Bridge". This processor is promised to make personal computer (PC) become more responsive and able to provide a better visual experience to PC users.

Through the release of Intel, Paul Otellini, president and CEO of Intel Corporation said that Sandy Bridge which is the second generation Intel Core processor family, allowing PC users experienced some things that they could not do before. Unless they use a desktop computer equipped with sophisticated graphics.

To prove his words were, Otellini showed someone who was playing the game "Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty" are popular, with full details on a laptop that uses Sandy Bridge, without an additional graphics card.

Visual effects in the game basically looks the same as played on a laptop that uses an additional graphics card. But laptops are apparently strong enough to play the game simultaneously record video in high definition (HD).

Dadi Perlmutter, executive vice president and general manager of Intel Architecture Group, also demonstrates some other advantages of the second generation Intel Core processor family is. Demo is related to how the growing PC users require more powerful computers.

Perlmutter showed the processor that will be produced starting fourth quarter 2010 also allows the resulting responsive computing, where users can search menggendalikan music and photos on your computer using your body movements via real-time 3D tracking software, GestureTek. He also shows a console gaming experience on the PC-based second-generation Intel Core processor, using Sixence control technology.

AVX new features on this processor is also capable of accelerating video broadcast motion tracking. Developers will benefit from this new instruction, because it can speed up the motion tracking and face recognition, image, video and audio processing, and computational simulation and analysis.

Perlmutter gave an example by showing a variety of security applications and information to analyze the video. A camera mounted at the entrance to the main room with a "video trip wire" to count the number of people who entered the room and detect objects that are lost or removed from the room.

Sandy Bridge also has a version of Intel's Turbo Boost technology that enhanced, allowing the processor core using heat tolerance of available reserves to increase their frequency in order to get the job done faster.

He showed that performance improvements occur when processing high-definition images into 3D models with ray tracing effects. With Anyar processor, the PC performance increases compared to the Intel Core processor-based system in 2010.

Sandy Bridge will also reportedly have dedicated hardware to process the video format. To highlight the benefits of this feature, Perlmutter quickly process the video into MP4 format standard, and then send it to the big screen television using the Intel Wireless Display Technology.

Planted to the personal computer processor "Sandy Bridge" This plan will be rolled into the market early next year.

Microsoft Launches Internet Explorer 9

Microsoft Launches Internet Explorer 9Redmond - Microsoft Inc.. launched the latest beta version for Internet Explorer web browser, IE9. The Company is headquartered in Redmond, the United States that claims its new browser has a fast performance and better security systems.

According to Microsoft, this new browser is not only used to access the web site but also provides the application of those sites. This browser uses a web single box for Address and can be pinned to the taskbar.

With IE9, Microsoft hopes to integrate the website with Windows programs. "The speed five times better than others," said the head of the branch Windows in the UK, Leila Martine.

Three Options LG Wink, Chic Mobile Phone

Three Options LG Wink, Chic Mobile PhoneLG Mobile Communications Indonesia did not want to fall behind in the mobile market. Thursday (02.09.2010) ago, LG introduced the LG series phone qwerty Wink. This series comes in three variants, namely C100, C305, and GT350i. All three variants will be present at the market mid this month.

Tommy Tjahjono, Head of Sales Division, Mobile Communication PT LG Electronics Indonesia, said the LG series Wink is a new product that drove the ninth this year. "Until the end of the year, there were about six to 10 new products that will release," said Tommy to Cash.

LG series that has been previously drove for example; GW300, GW305, and GW525. Tommy admits, intense competition in the mobile industry causing each active vendors release new products with competitive prices. No doubt, LG also released new products with prices starting at USD 229 000 per unit to $ 3.69 million per unit.

According to data of Growth from Knowledge (GfK), currently still tasted LG 2.6 percent of the mobile industry. "We see the potential is still very big, but we had dared to target a market share position and next year," continued Tommy.

Besides competing in terms of price and model, vendors are also competing to win customers via social networking site features. Outbreak of social networking sites to make rapid release of LG mobile phones that support such access, including LG Wink. This phone allows users to access messaging and social networking site with more ease and fun.

LG Wink comes from the word meaning wink wink. This icon is used to represent the younger generation lack the words in mobile phone. "In other words, LG Wink also tried to break through the limitations qwerty phone in design, features, and price," says Tommy.

Wink Motorola C100 is a qwerty phone with a vertical wide-screen 2.2 inches wide. Vertical screen is designed to give comfort to mobile users in the surf in cyberspace. This phone has dimensions of 114.5 x59, 6x13 mm allowing users holding in one hand.

LG Mobile has developed a widget feature that functions facilitate users in accessing the Twitter and Facebook. C100 has a 1.3 MP camera and FM radio. For connectivity, the C100 is equipped with Bluetooth and 3.5 mm socket that can be connected with supporting audio devices. Motorola C100 membanderol worth USD 799 000 per unit.

The Motorola C305 is a mobile phone Wifi Wink dimension 116x61, 9x11, 9 mm, which can be grasped in one hand and placed in the pocket. Similar to the C100, C305 is also supported by a tool that allows users to access social networking and other support activities such as uploading photos. Motorola C305 peg for Rp 1.09 million per unit.

The latter, the LG GT350i Wink Plus is a full touch screen phone that appears in the minimalist. This phone only has three buttons below the screen three inches wide. Dimensionless cell phone 107.5 x52, 5x15, 9 mm is also equipped with a sliding qwerty keyboard.

LG GT350i Wink Plus is also equipped with a threaded SMS that can change the appearance of an SMS to chat via instant messaging facility. Each incoming message will also be accompanied by a photo poster to make people feel like talking directly with his interlocutor. The price this mobile phone for Rp 1.69 million per unit. Richard was sure, though the price is affordable, but LG ensure the best after sales service for the third variant of this Series LG Wink.

Stephen Hawking Controversy in Twitter

Controversial opinion British physicist Stephen Hawking who ignore God's role in the creation of the universe turns out to make a scene around the world. Stephen Hawking instantly became the hottest topic of conversation on Twitter perched at the top Trending topics.

We visited on Friday (09/03/2010) night, the number Tweet with the keyword or keyword Stephen Hawking reached more than 1000 times in just half an hour. Average of the User twitter pass the information from various sites about the controversial opinions.

Not a few who claimed to have already ordered the latest book written by Stephen Hawking through Amazon titled "The Grand Design". In a book that will be launched Sept. 9 in England, Hawking has written a number of opinions that reaps many tangapan it.

Hawking menulkiskan that the universe could be created because the law of gravity. According to him, no need to carry the name of God as if the creator. He explained the theory of M which explains how the universe can be created spontaneously.

Their opinions are directly reap the responses from many parties and be led to the mass media opinion in the British response. Responding to a controversial opinion, a number of religious leaders in England say do not have to confront religion and science because it has a different perspective. One of Hawking's colleagues at the University of Cambridge, also believes Hawking will interpret the term differently from God's meaning in the scriptures.

Toshiba "Recall" 41.000 Laptop Satellite

Japanese electronics maker Toshiba recall or withdraw 41 000 laptops in the whole world because of risk of fire. Portable computer that is drawn Satellite series T135, T135D Satellite, and Satellite ProT130.

"It could be a hot notebook when connected to AC adapter; and has the potential to burn," so stated the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

In the report mentioned, the Toshiba has received 129 reports of the heat of the laptop computer and change the shape of the casing around a laptop AC adapter. It is said that there were two people who reported minor injuries caused by the burning of these laptops, and two reports of damage the laptop.

Until the End of the Year, Nokia Still Have 10 Mobile Again

Until the End of the Year, Nokia Still Have 10 Mobile AgainIn order for market share was eroded, PT Nokia Indonesia will spend about five to 10 new products in the rest of the year 2010.

Legi Soegianto, Product Manager of Nokia said, competition in the mobile industry is extremely tight to make the company must release a minimum of two products per month. It said intense competition has been underway since last year.

"Besides, we also have to adjust to market needs both new users and who want to replace the cell phone," said Legi to Kontan, Friday (9/3/2010).

So far, Nokia has released approximately 15 new products. That way, the total new model that Nokia released this year reached 20 models to 25 models. Some Nokia phones throughout 2010 including the X5, X2, C1, C6, C3, D5, and D3. All new phones are targeting all segments, ranging from the lower middle segment up to the top. This is reflected in the price of Nokia phones that range from Rp 300,000 to Rp 5.6 million per unit.

In the near future the company will release this month and N8 E5 next month. E5 is a business phone that offers a quick-office applications. There are also features push-mail, chat, and camera 5 megapixel (mp). To support their work, this phone is also equipped with internal memory of 250 megabits (MB), the external memory 2 gigabit (GB), and 32 MB microSD. This phone will be sold in the range of USD 2 million per unit.

The N8 is a mobile high-tech high-end mobile phones with camera 12 MP. "This will be a 12 MP camera phone with the first in the portfolio of Nokia," said Legi promote. This camera also implement HDMI technology that allows video capture clearer. Consumers can also edit videos on the phone or even connect with a PC. Applications Dolby speakers also made clear phone voice. N8 will be sold in the range of Rp 5 million per unit.

With the pounding the market with a total of about 20 models up to 25 new models, Nokia is optimistic this year could maintain its position as market leader. "Our market share is still above 30 percent this year and we hope to survive the market leader," said Legi.

Wildfire, Cheapest Android smartphone from HTC

Wildfire, Cheapest Android smartphone from HTCWildfire is the Android-based phone which was created as a cheaper version of Desire. With a price of $410, Wildfire become the cheapest new Android phone from HTC that circulated in Indonesia.

The price was still puts Wildfire in over a number of other beginner-level Android phones that play in the $ 22 price range. This price gap does not necessarily make the HTC smartphone worry.

"We have a class of its own," Agus Sugiarto said, Indonesia Country Manager of HTC smartphone, at the launch of Wildfire, 14 July.

Almost two weeks we played with a smartphone that looks very similar. The biggest difference is about the size of both quality and sharpness of the screen.

Wildfire uses 3.2-inch screen size with dimensions of 106.75 x 60.4 x 12.18 millimeters. When see, Wildfire almost the same width and thickness, but shorter. About these smaller size, actually has its own benefits. Wildfire taste better grasped and kept in a pocket.

Display screen is not clear as Desire. This is what instantly felt when you first turn it on. QVGA resolution is 240 x 320 pixels.

HTC minimize the use of physical buttons. Home button, Menu, Back, and Google Search to use touch buttons, rather than physical buttons, such as in Desire. However, the optical navigation button trackpad is maintained.

Matter of convenience of use, Wildfire same with Desire smartphone. Wearing a touch screen interface Sense HTC Android as much fun as other models from HTC smartphone.

However, with smaller screen of Desire, our comfort while typing with the virtual QWERTY keyboard slightly reduced.

HTC has a 5 megapixel camera with flash that can function as a flashlight when we download the application from the Android Market.

Again, very unfortunate HTC not provide sufficient internal memory to store multimedia files. To take pictures, we must inculcate an external memory card with a maximum capacity of 32 gigabytes.

The battery endurance is very good. With use frequent, could still survive for two days. Meanwhile, in a standby condition, Wildfire Android smartphone can last up to 480 hours.

At first we thought that to cut the price of HTC's 3G network should dispose of it. Apparently not. Besides having the 2G GSM / GPRS / EDGE 850/900/1.800/1.900 MHz, Wildfire Android smartphone has a network HSDPA / WCDMA 900/2100 MHz with download speeds up to 7.2 megabyte per second.

Some Wildfire Android smartphone features available is FriendStream to access various social networks within one interface, the G-Sensor, digital compass, proximity sensors, and light sensor.

Most features can you find at other Android phone from HTC smartphone. But one thing is relatively new is the element of "decency" in Wildfire Android smartphone.

So when a call comes in and you lift the phone from his position is placed, then the ringtone volume is automatically reduced. If you do not want to answer the call, simply put the phone back in the inverted position, the ringing tone will be dead and the call will go to the ballot box.

Nokia X5 smartphone, the small box for young stylish

Nokia X5 smartphone, the small box for young stylishWhat mobile cell phone that like young people in Indonesia? Country Manager Nokia Indonesia, Bob McDougall replied emphatically: attractive design, great to chat, have a social networking and entertainment features. And QWERTY feature.

That answer is make inspired the Nokia when making Nokia X5 smartphone. The Finnish company is Indonesia when it chose to launch the Nokia X5 smartphone is the first time.

"We make the phone to understand what customers want," McDougall said when launching the Nokia X5 smartphone at the Plaza FX.

Nokia X5 performed with body-color box. If the board issued no keyboard, this phone looks tiny. After being moved, a new look original form, ie QWERTY slider phone that "very box."

McDougall said the QWERTY phone market share in Indonesia is quite large. He was optimistic Nokia X5 smartphone would be following the success of Nokia C3 mobile phones. Moreover, the Nokia X5 smartphone, he said, could be to have fun.

Marketing Director Andrea Facchini said Nokia QWERTY phones in Indonesia is an important thing. Similarly, the type of smart phone. Therefore, in newest mobile phone, Nokia merge data service plan on Nokia X5 smartphone. "With Nokia X5 smartphone, usability, accessibility, and the experience and fun rolled into one," he said.

To attract young people, this phone colors pink and gray. In addition, he has the ability to move in a way vibrated features. Nokia X5 smartphone, the dimension 74.3 x 66.44 x 16.85 millimeters, weighs 129 grams. 2.36-inch screen display and has resolution of 320 x 240 pixels and 262 thousand colors QVGA.

This slider phone also features media keys for quick access to music player and four-way navigation button. Nokia X5 smartphone has WAP 2.0 XHTML browser through the layers (stack) HTTP / TCP / IP. As a result, users are easy to use e-mail client with attachment support for images, videos, music, and documents.

The technology embedded in the Nokia X5 smartphone supports SMTP, IMAP4, POP3, MMS, and SMS. Editor MMS / SMS combined and Nokia Xpress audio messaging. This mobile phone has Quad-band EGSM network 850/900/1.800/1.900 3GPP Rel. 5, WCDMA 850/1.900/2.100 or 900/1.900/2.100.

To reap the consumers, Nokia X5 sells with a price of Rp 1.8 million from August 20. The price was relatively cheap if you get 5 megapixel camera capabilities and other features. Moreover, carrying the big name Nokia.

Ten Reasons Not Buy iPhone 4 smartphone

Ten Reasons Not Buy iPhone 4 smartphoneHere's ten reasons not to buy Apple's latest smartphone is not recommended Concumer Reports. But at least Apple has been using a good marketing strategy to boost sales of these mobile phones, though ultimately disappointing consumer.

Here are ten reasons why the iPhone 4 smartphone not worth buying:

1. Expensive.
In America, this Apple smartphone with the cheapest price of $199 for 16 GB single version and $299 for 32 GB. When arrived in Japan, of course, the price of this phone is expected to more than $300. Compare if you buy the cheapest version of the BlackBerry smartphone in the market price of Japan which has now decreased to $200.

2. iPhone 4 smartphone anti-technology
This smartphone can not be used for a variety of features that can be used with devices other than Apple's. For example, can not be used concurrently accessing Wi-Fi.

3. No Flash
Flash services that can be used to play the video into the application "must" have for any smartphone. But the iPhone smartphone does not have the four services.

4. No multitasking.
Want to try instant messaging or instant messaging on the iPhone 4 smartphone, it was not as fast as it should. iPhone user must open an application beforehand to see if there is a message in your mailbox.

5. Battery is the same as the smartphone capabilities in general.
When Apple leader Steve Jobs touting the iPhone four stand-by time longest among other smartphones, ie up to 300 hours. It turns out that ability just like any other smartphone. For example HTC smartphone multitasking more precisely with the camera and screen quality is better.

6. Need money for any development application.
Unremitting iPhone 4 smartphone users spend money to develop various applications, such as a special version of BBC iPlayer, NatWest Phone Banking, Eon's meter reader and more.

7. Poor headphones quality
You can listen to whatever you listen to someone who use the iPhone or iPod Apple's original.

8. iPhone 4 smartphone is not well designed
There is no reason that the smartphone has a sensitive area that will affect or influence the signal quality if used over long periods.

9) Satnav Cost
Nokia smartphone and Google Android smartphone provides satellite and navigation facilities for free. Meanwhile, to use the satnav applications on the iPhone, users will need to spend around 19.99 Pounds Sterling, it was a bargain.

10. There is no supporting devices such as docks
Unlike the iPod and iPhone, which has the docks as a portable music player device that allows for more fun listening to music, there is no match docks for iPhone 4 smartphone.

Here's Eight Website To Boost Your Mood

Here's Eight Website To Boost Your MoodIf you feel tired with the affairs of a barrage plus alarming news from around the globe, there are eight sites that can make you smile, or at least increasing your mood today. Here is their website:

1. Happy News
News site with the tagline "Real News, Compelling Stories, Always Positive" can certainly open the door of your heart that there is hope out there. This site is very much about the life story of someone who is "happy ending". For example how about Haitian dancer who danced with a prosthetic post-earthquake. Website lifted the story of virtue, heroism and promote the spirit of sertya inspiration.

2. Gives Me Hope
The site opened one million visitors in one month to give the real story about the kindness and generosity. Some of the stories in it, such as how the first day of school children with cancer and he was embarrassed because his hair fell out after undergoing treatment or chemotherapy.

3. 1000 Awesome Things
This website is actually a blog that revealed some minor things to be happy in everyday life hari.Contohnya, when a child learns to bring his new song on the keyboard and that's the reason why the child was smiling all day long.

4. PostSecret
This website is the place to share secrets. The founder of this site, Frank Warren to write some of the secrets via postcards sent from someone without mentioning namanya.Beberapa story touched the heart and essence is human compassion. Warren uses this site as a container for supporting the Hopeline, an anti-suicide organization.

5. Cute Baby Fix
Like the name of his site address, of course this website displays many pictures of cute baby and makes us smile.

6. Christian the Lion
It's not a website, but the video tells the story of two men named John Rendall and Anthony Bourke bought Christian, a young lion in 1969 and maintain the lion in their house in London. A few years later they release these lions to live freely in the wilds of Africa.

A year later, the two men met again with the Christian and the reunion was immortalized in a video with background music Whitney Houston.

7. Today's Big Thing
This site contains a funny video that plays the latest events in various fields, there is an art, entertainment, sports and more.

8. ZooBorns
This website displays pictures of funny and interesting about the kids a beast.

Toshiba Prepare Television Three Dimensions

Toshiba Prepare Television Three DimensionsToshiba is preparing a television with three-dimensional technology which will be launched next year. "We already have a television set and ready for launch," said Sales & Marketing Director of PT. Toshiba Visual Media Network Indonesia, Jun Nishioka in Jakarta.

According to him, made by Toshiba's three-dimensional television now existing in Japan. The television has not arrive to the Indonesian market, clearly Jun, because the company was still seeing the market opportunity in the homeland. "Hopefully next year is already here," he said.

Television with a three-dimensional technology was warm in the middle of the talk of the digital universe. Samsung Electronics Indonesia (Sein), for example, has officially sold the television with the 3D technology on the market homeland on 9 April. Samsung sank a three-dimensional technology at the three types of homemade television, ie, LED, LCD, and Plasma.

Facebook Acquisition Hot Potato Site

Facebook Acquisition Hot Potato SiteCalifornia - Facebook is very serious to add features to its service locations. The proof, the company led by Mark Zuckerberg has bought a location-based social site, Hot Potato.

In his blog, Hot Potato announced that it has bought Facebook site yesterday. While not mentioning how much the sell price, posting written vanessagene express how happy it Hot Potato for these purchases. "This is an exciting year at Hot Potato," wrote vanessagene.

Hot Potato was active since November last year and known as location-based social networking. At these sites, users can tell their existence and are doing what activity, share photos or video and interact with each other.

Vanessagene written decision to join Facebook because the site has been making great products and followed by hundreds of millions of people around the world.

With the acquisition, saying vanessagene will no longer accept new users and registration within one month, the Hot Potato will remove all user data. "Everything will be stored by Facebook," he said.

Samsung Galaxy S the New Android smartphone from Samsung

Samsung Galaxy S the New Android smartphone from SamsungThe widespread development of trend-based Android mobile phone operating system from Google, was making a lot of the world's major mobile phone technology developers to participate using the Android Operating System. One of them is Samsung Electronic who also graced the Android OS-based mobile phone market by launching its newest product, the Samsung Galaxy S i9000 smartphone.

After previous successful to bring an Android phone with Samsung Galaxy Spica, this time with the Galaxy, S i9000, Samsung tried to spread high-end mobile phones with the technology. Samsung Galaxy S i9000users will be equipped with a variety of features offered by this new Android phone.

One of the features of Samsung Galaxy S mobile phone is the power of the process is fast in running applications that are embedded in cell phone. Samsung Galaxy S-strength reinforced with 1 gigahertz processor, enabling to process all applications that are accessed by mobile user in a very fast time. The speed of the processor that integrated in Samsung Galaxy S makes it into the ranks of smartphone and sophisticated mobile phone. Samsung Galaxy S processor capability, so it can run sophisticated applications such as SCREEN Reality Browser which also integrated in the mobile phone.

Samsung Galaxy S introduces the SCREEN Reality Browser as an application which is already integrated in the latest Samsung mobile phones. SCREEN is an application used to search for Point of Interest (POI), such as the location of ATM, restaurants, banks, places of recreation and so forth. SCREEN applications are integrated directly into the Samsung Galaxy S is a special version with spot Point of Interest (POI) are more numerous and varied. With SCREEN application in the Samsung Galaxy S, this smartphone users will no longer have difficulty in finding a place as well as information about the site, such as distance to a phone number where are looking for in detail. Turn the SCREEN application in Samsung Galaxy S, point the camera into the street and you'll find your favorite restaurants directly on your phone screen Samsung Galaxy S.

Samsung Galaxy S has an advantage in terms of a larger display screen, with four-inch AMOLED screen Super, making users more flexibility in exploring other features on mobile phones. With Samsung super AMOLED screen display Galaxy S, the user can play video with MKV format with much clearer and sharper display. In addition, users also can take pictures with a capacity of 5 Megapixel camera and then view it on screen 4-inch Samsung Galaxy S. Super AMOLED screen is able to reduce light reflection from the outside up to 4 percent, so the display screen does not look more glare if operated outdoors. In addition, Super AMOLED screen only use one screen separator above touch sensor, making it easier to operate the touch sensor in the Galaxy S smartphone.

Have you previously been difficult to find hotspot signals to access the internet? With Samsung Galaxy S, you can produce own hotspot using wireless tethering feature. The workings of wireless tethering features using 3G signal from Samsung Galaxy mobile phone and turn it into a wi-fi signal. Now, you can directly connect to the internet anywhere, anytime from a computer or laptop that has the ability to capture a wi-fi signal.

To type documents, send SMS or access the internet directly from mobile phone, user need not be bothered typing in a way to tap on the touch-screen phone Samsung Galaxy S. Samsung Galaxy S users can type with swyping virtual keyboard on the Galaxy S. Sufficient to do is select the first letter of a word, and slide a finger into the other letters, the user is typing the word in question. Swype feature is also one inherent features integrated in Samsung Galaxy S. Swype features currently have the ability to perform text-based prediction with Indonesian, Arab, Spain and more, thus make the Samsung Galaxy S users to edit documents in languages.

In my opinion, the currently Samsung Galaxy S mobile phone is the most intelligent smartphone. Hopefully my review about Samsung Galaxy S the new Android smartphone useful.

Surprise Me Shocked Feature from Nokia X5 QWERTY Smartphone

Surprise Me Shocked Feature from Nokia X5 QWERTY SmartphoneThe latest Music phones with sliding model from Nokia X5 QWERTY Smartphone is not only unique in terms of design and appearance to the box with the additional QWERTY keyboard. Various unique features in it as well, one of which features "Surprise Me". This features is a new way to enjoy music.

By way of playing the Nokia X5 mobile phones, in the flat media at the time playing music, the Nokia X5 will move to another song chosen at random from the existing music playlists.

So, when hang out together friends, and bored to listening to the songs already memorized the sequence, you can play features "Surprise Me" from mobile phones Nokia X5 and going to be surprised with a random selection of Nokia X5 QWERTY Smartphone.

The music features in Nokia X5 QWERTY Smartphone is also supported with good sound quality and is also equipped with 2 GB memory card that can be increased up to 32 GB. So, music can be stored more numerous and varied. Nokia X5 QWERTY Smartphone comes with a price of USD 200 from August 20, 2010 in various Indonesia, Singapore and Asia mobile phone outlets.

Review Nokia X5 QWERTY Smartphone

Review Nokia X5 QWERTY SmartphoneThe largest mobile phone producer Nokia launched latest series mobile phones, its Nokia X5 QWERTY Smartphone. This mobile phone comes with a unique square-shaped box and a sliding QWERTY keyboard.

We know, the QWERTY cell phone always comes with features and designs that are too serious. Know, Nokia X5 QWERTY Smartphone comes with a unique design and features a fun with smartphone functionality.

Unique and futuristic design of the Nokia X5 QWERTY Smartphone comes with black and pink color. Next, this QWERTY mobile phone will comes with other colors, but in the Nokia X5 first launch issued just black and pink, because this color most of interested.

This slide QWERTY mobile phone will be available in Asian markets like Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, Korea on August 15, 2010 with prices ranging from $200. I hope my review about Nokia X5 QWERTY Smartphone usefull.

Review Samsung Galaxy Tab Android Smartphone

Review Samsung Galaxy Tab Android SmartphoneCurrently, the competition in the market tablet increasingly. Companies are increasingly competing device makers make Slate or tablets that can compete with Apple's iPad smartphone. One of them is Samsung, which plans to create a tablet-based Android operating system.

According to reports from Reuters, Samsung plans to launch the tablet PC in the third quarter of this year to compete with the iPad and other tablets that use Windows as the case may be launched also by Microsoft. Samsung tablet output, this could be called "Samsung Galaxy Tab". So far, Samsung is using the brand Galaxy for Android based products.

Samsung Galaxy Tab somewhat unique because it uses the screen 7-inch or 2 inches larger than Streak Dell, but smaller than the iPad smartphone. There is no official information about this tablet, but the possibility of using the Android version 2.2 or commonly called Froyo.

However, Electronista site launch, Samsung Galaxy Tab may use the Super AMOLED screen that will provide quality images with high resolution and contrast ratio is very high so it can be seen outside the room with a beam of sunlight. Moreover, this tablet uses 1.2GHz processor, has two cameras, front VGA resolution camera and behind the camera with a resolution of 3.2 MP, and 16 GB of internal memory and microSDHC external memory slot. Are you interested with Samsung Galaxy Tab?

Saudi Arabia Blocking BlackBerry Service

Saudi Arabia Blocking BlackBerry ServiceAs planned earlier, the Government of Saudi Arabia finally started to stop the BlackBerry services or Blackberry applications starting on Friday (06/08/2010). A number of users in the country reported that the BlackBerry service started not working since Friday morning.

"I sure the BlackBerry services to have stopped," said one user in Jeddah, as reported by AFP. The average users began to realize that his BlackBerry device is no longer functioning as usual since 9:00 pm local time.

Earlier, on Tuesday, the Saudi Arabian telecommunication regulator has asked the three mobile operators that serve to halt BlackBerry smartphone service from this Friday. The reason, the BlackBerry service does not meet the regulatory requirements set by the government can not monitor the content of messages that are distributed among BlackBerry users.

All transmitted data is encrypted on the BlackBerry service with a highly secure and managed from a server in Canada. With this causes, make difficulties Saudi Arabian authorities to monitor the possibility of abuse that could be considered threatening state security.

Saudi Arabia steps undertaken only difference five days after the United Arab Emirates (UAE) said the same reason. A new BlackBerry smartphone in the UAE will be banned starting next October 11, 2010 and still awaiting response BlackBerry providers, Research In Motion (RIM), Canada. Blocking BlackBerry will also be conducted by the Government of India. Then where else the state will block the Blackberry?

Google TV Coming This Year

Google TV Coming This YearMountain View - Rumors about Google TV was not gossip. Internet giant based in Mountain View, California, USA, was officially announced the Google TV, the latest breakthrough that will bring the overall Internet experience on a television screen.

"This will open up access to your TV from only a few channels to millions of channels of entertainment on TV and the web," said Salahuddin Choudhary, Google TV Product Manager, in the official Google blog on Thursday (20/05/2010). Certainty the presence of Google TV was announced simultaneously with the activities of Google I / O in San Francisco, which is an annual event the meeting of the Google application developers.

For the success of this project, Google took the Sony and Logitech. Google TV first product package, including supporting devices, such as Blu-ray players and set top box, will be available from autumn or between July to September this year.

Google TV is built on a platform based on open source, ie, Android and Chrome. Thus, features open the possibility to be developed in the future, plus applications and other web based services. Inside Chrome already equipped browser to access websites including search service to search for video, TV channel, and other interactive content.

Google TV plans to release a SDK (software development kit) and a web API (application programming interface) to a TV for the developers as soon as Google TV is available in the market. Applications for Google TV will be collected in the Android Market. However, currently Android and Chrome programmers can optimize their application for TV service with new tools that have been released by Google.

Motorola and Verizon Develop Tablet TV

Motorola and Verizon Develop Tablet TVTablet computers increasingly heated competition since Apple pioneered the iPad to the market. Motorola did not want to lose and was mentioned was preparing a tablet mainstay not only for accessing Internet-based applications and content, but also view digital television broadcasts.

Financial Times site launch, the tablet made by Motorola is designed with Verizon as a more convenient device for accessing digital TV service cellular operators are called FIOS. These devices are expected to attend between October and November.

According to the report, the tablets made by Motorola uses 10-inch display and camera equipped with front and rear so that it can be used for the teleconference. Estimated Android platform used the new version, called Android Gingerbread because the latest version 2.2 or Froyo currently do not support digital TV services.

In fact, it is not impossible, that device will be a supporter of Google TV service that Google planned to deliver digital TV experience on the go up into the living room. With the full support of Flash, Motorola tablets that can freely access the streaming video services like Amazon Video on Demand.

This device is believed to be in direct competition with Apple's iPad. Although the market began to appear other tablet device, which has been prepared as Samsung, LG, as well as mobile phones and other computer manufacturers.

Sharp will be spearheaded 3D Smartphone

Sharp will be spearheaded 3D SmartphoneJapan's leading electronics company, Sharp, the world's smartphones will hit the market with the launch of the smartphone-tech three-dimensional (3D). Sharp probably will become the first manufacturer to offer a smartphone that is designed specifically for three-dimensional experience.

This smartphone users do not need to use special glasses to view 3D images or videos because the screen has been designed to present a three-dimensional image that can be enjoyed with the naked eye. The devices will also be equipped with cameras that can produce images and video in a three-dimensional format directly.

Sharp has introduced a 3D technology on a small screen is suitable for gaming consoles and smartphones in April. Development of 3D technology that can be seen directly with the naked eye has become a serious concern considering electronics industry during the three-dimensional display is mostly to be seen using special glasses which of course a bit cumbersome.

Earlier, the new Nintendo using similar technology in mobile devices Nintendo DS game console.

According to a spokesman for Sharp, Wednesday (04/08/2010), Sharp will release this smartphone globally by the end of 2010. Her presence is expected to strengthen market share Sharp currently very strong in Japan, but still very small at the global level. Whether his presence would make the Sharp can compete in the global market? We look forward to it.

Microsoft Will Creating iPad Competitors

Microsoft Will Creating iPad CompetitorsU.S. - the CEO, Microsoft, Steve Ballmer, also witnessed the successful iPad chills. He was not reluctant states, his company was working on the tablet computer to rival the iPad.

Ballmer said Microsoft will work with computer hardware partners like HP, Lenovo, Asus, Dell and Toshiba are able to surpass the popularity iPad. "We should make Windows 7 running on the 'blackboard'" Ballmer said told financial analysts at a meeting at Microsoft headquarters in Seattle, USA.

"This is one concern which prompted done here. No one is sleeping, we had to push extra hard, at this time also, with our partners hadware. As soon as the brand is ready, they'll throw it to the public. We want to provide products that people want to buy, "he said.

Ballmer admitted having impressed with the iPad sales figures better than he predicted. "We think that in the competition area. We must make real products, such as when successfully carried the windows in the netbook," he said. "We work based on what we say, working with partners, develop the Windows 7 in order to work to design the new digital boards hadware."

Ballmer's comments came several weeks after Microsoft prepared to release the two-screen tablet computer called the Courier. Previously reported, a special team within the company have been working on a secret prototype. However, Microsoft announced that they will not proceed with the project and Courier said the team was working on one of the many ideas being tested and did not 'have plans' assemble new tools at this time.

Google open service again in China

Google open service again in ChinaBEIJING - Google, Friday, stating that its services will be normal again could be blocked in China after a few moments ago. Google and the Chinese government censor had fallen out related activities and cyberattack by the Chinese government on the users of web services giant American.

Thursday, the search engine services, Google Ads and Google Mobile has gone through a full blockade of the country with the largest online marketplace in the world, 420 million internet users. Some news and pictures partially blocked (partially blocked).

Blocking indicates that Beijing is not satisfied with Google although there are changes made to ensure the company's license renewal Google in China. "Our machines are capable of estimating the blocking high," explains Google in a report by email to AFP.

"What happened last night is a relatively small block. But now users in China can access it normally," he added. In response, the AFP and then try to access Google in mainland China who only occasionally can be accessed normally.

The giant IT companies are also reminded that access at google.com / PRC / report.html is not real-time tool. But will be updated at least once a day.

Gmail is the only service from Google that can be accessed as normal without any blocking. Its another thing with YouTube, Google's other products are prohibited entry into China many years ago.

Intel Celeron processor will retire?

Intel Celeron processor will retire?SINGAPORE - Sophisticated technology that when eaten any time of course will become obsolete. It also goes on one of the products of Intel, Celeron. At the beginning, Intel Celeron handle customers, by bringing processors 'cost effective' special laptop and home computer.

But with the emergence of a new family category as Intel's Core can not be pursued Celeron. Based on the fact that, Intel Celeron will decide who tilled memuseumkan Intel products since 1998. Reportedly, Intel will stop the processor tasks in 2011 gradually.

Intel realistically assess the steps to be taken. Observers around the development of information technology and speculate laptops Intel has a new claim to prepare "The rumors were not true, Intel had no plans to remove the Celeron brand in 2011," said Barry Sum, as quoted from Computer World, last weekend.

In fact, the latest price list, Intel still include a new line of Celeron family. Desktop processor with a frequency of 2.4GHz and 2.6GHz is priced at around USD 43-53 or approximately Rp. 430-550

Intel has been relying on a number of brands for their main processors since the early 1990s, when the lineage of his predecessors to produce a Pentium 486 processor. Since then the company continues to add other brands, including Xeon, Itanium, Celeron, Centriono, Atom and Core.

Xeon and Itanium is Intel's brand specifically for the category of server processors, while Intel's Core is a major mainstay for laptops and computers. While the Atom family is designed for small laptops low price, aka netbook and also a small kind of mobile devices.

Then as usual, sitting in the category of the cheapest Celeron Intel processor category, located just below the Pentium. Intel currently sells eight versions of the Pentium, all in a kind of dual-core chips with speeds ranging between 2.6 GHz to 3.2 GHz. Intel sells processors for each unit ranging from 64 dollars up to 87 dollars in a single package containing a minimum purchase of 1,000 units.