QWERTY Touch Screen Generation

QWERTY Touch Screen GenerationAppearances Micxon S900 QWERTY phone is not much different from the BlackBerry. What difference does it just the technology, and the rest equal to the BlackBerry? No, he is the same as local phone or other Chinese brands. If it be honest, Micxon phone keypad is less friendly - hard and placement of navigation buttons are far apart with the push of the button execution. So hard, if you like looking for a deeper menu.

Fortunately, you can play jacks that can help select features. Because the S900's screen is a touch screen, although less sensitive. When using the stylus luggage, the intended access to the menu does not always succeed. Must the new successfully pressed a few times. So also access with your fingers. In addition to less responsive, the user must have the pointed tip of the nail.

Browse to locate the important parts on the outside of the S900 continues conducted signals. USB ports found on the right bank and Micro SD slot on the left edge. On the back of the casing with stainless, Signal found a VGA camera.

Typically a BlackBerry-style mobile phone, spaciousness 2.2-inch screen could make the need to search menu on the S900 is more comfortable on the eye. At the very least, you can jajal comfort font size large enough when opening the application up. As for the placement of speakers, QWERTY phone embed it on top of the screen, right in the middle position. These speakers are in charge of the earphones while using the phone mode, in contrast to the rear speakers are assigned as pemuntah sound when playing audio player.


The Micxon not alone in the official price range of 800 thousands. There Mito 2000 also bandrolnya similar. S900 also became adherents of the application up and chat through Ebuddy or Yamee as a primary merchandise.

Compared to its predecessor which embed many applications, Micxon S900 minimal and innovation averse. Yes Signal see it that way, because the enrichment of features that are usually done hape China than the previous product did not exist in Micxon S900.

Micxon somewhat less attention in the present ease of access to applications up in the main menu. You must click on the browser to hit a shortcut. But do not worry, for the playful to the website once you comment and change the status and profile can be run. Another interesting application, namely 'sensor shake' that by simply moving your hand can change the wallpaper on the S900.

Camera & Video

For photographing the problem you have to do hape quality settings in order to boost the maximum density in Micxon S900. If not, the quality of shots to be in vain because the results are less good. Moreover, no one pinned to assist lighting when photographing in dim places. No flash. Automatically, the results of her shoot a lot of noise, aka freckles.

To activate the camera simple. Go to the Multimedia and directly select the camera. Please do not hesitate to give the optimum parameters. If you want good results, select Settings> Image Settings> Image Size> 640x480. Then in the. Boxes below, change the Image Quality> High. Well now, you just snap out of the room.

If so, please pictures stored on Micro SD. Just info, Micxon sales package does not include a microSD.

Audio Player

Anything else that can make the nuances of complete entertainment. S900 MP3 player in the mobile phone. Peletakannya not much different in the multimedia, together with a camera feature. So if you want you can play directly tested the fingers to be visited this feature.

Unlike the camera feature settings can be significantly felt, for the sound quality Micxon S900 tend to operate without regulation, although it is provided. Because, from a few parameters that try to play, no drastic changes that could make a difference.

Begin, please move the songs to the phone, you can perform a refresh. Note the settings should be directed to the phone memory where the file is located. Then go to settings to try it. If so, are u ready to sing a song? Yups ... But, Alamak! Kenceng very sound ... But given the range of other Chinese mobile phone also has a loud voice commander-style ceremony, the signal is not too surprised. Well, try to plug the handsfree. Discordant voices must be directly tereleminir deh. As a result, the ear was still awake and entertained.

Our Opinion

Bandrol cheap, seems to be the main reason Micxon S900 products get to market. The producer thinks his phone can compete in class QWERTY phone. As a result, the application up and design that refers to the deliberate design of top mobile phone display.

PLUS: Has Motion Sensor; loud voice.

Cons: Keypad is a little harsh; navigation button remote with buttons eksesusi making it difficult operation.


Dimensions: 106 × 51 × 10 mm

Weight: 136 grams

Battery: Li-Ion 1000 mAh

Network: Dual on GSM (900/1800 MHz)

Screen: 262,144 color TFT, 240 × 320 pixels 2.2 inches

External memory: Up to 2GB Micro SD

Connectivity: GPRS Class 12, Bluetooth A2DP

Camera: VGA camera (640x480)

Messaging: SMS, MMS

Applications: Facebook, Yamee, eBuddy, Supports JAVA.

Package Contents: Mobile Micxon S900, handsfree, 2 batteries, USB data cable, charger, 1 silicon case, warranty card, manual book.

Talk time: an average of 3 hours

Standby time: an average of 3 days

Other: Browser Wap 2.0, Polyphonic (MP3), Audio / video player, stereo FM radio, FM recording, Health, Lunar / solar calendar, Call in firewall, Phonebook 500 entries, alarm clock, World clock, Calculator, Stopwatch, Mobile QQ messaging, Handwriting, E-book reader, a PC webcam, Speakerphone, Game.

Downloaded Firefox 4 Beta Ready

Web browser speed wars continue. After Microsoft releases Internet Explorer 9 Beta, turn Mozilla released Firefox 4 Beta on Wednesday (11/11/2010). Software that is claimed to be able to access the site faster than previous versions that can be downloaded from the Mozilla site.

Mozilla said the browser can run the latest version of the JavaScript and display graphics faster. Additional applications are also fully supported so developers can quickly adjust.

This performance improvement because it supported the use of new pengompilasi JagerMonkey called JIT. Pengompilasi has been added to the Firefox JavaScript engine SpiderMonkey processing. Mozilla claims, benchmark results show that the new browser three times faster than Firefox 3.6.

Firefox 4 Beta also provide better support to the graphical processing unit (GPU) and take advantage of DirectX technologies on Windows and OpenGL on MacOS X. Firefox 4 Beta also supports WebGL, standard 3D graphics technology to carry out on site without additional plug ins.

Firefox final release of this latest new will be issued in early 2011. The next beta version will be issued before the final version.

HTC Wildfire, The Mini Desire Make young people

HTC Wildfire, The Mini Desire Make young peopleRecognizing the importance of friendship in the virtual world activity through social networking sites that exist, the HTC smartphone based product release for beginners class. Variant cell phone that is named Wildfire is already carrying the operating system Android 2.1 Eclair.

Mentioned targeting the beginner class users and young people because, despite using a similar form factor design by Desire-HTC HTC Wildfire add special features that is more focused on the integration of social networks most popular.

One feature that is not, or not, owned any other Android-based HTC is the HTC Caller ID. This feature displays the current status of the caller is on Facebook complete with date of birth. This makes the user can know or guess the reason he was called up so that talks can be more 'disconnected'.

Other features such as Friend Stream displays the status of a friend Facebook, and Twitter on the same screen. Similar to the existing Timescape features on Sony Ericsson phones Android output.

In terms of specifications, HTC Wildfire is equipped with an internal GPS for navigation, Accelerometer for motion-based gaming, Digital Compass, Proximity Sensor that automatically turn off the screen when brought near to the face while dialing, and Ambient Light Sensor which adjusts the intensity of light-dim the screen when used indoors or outdoors.

While for the purposes of connectivity, the phone also provides Bluetooth v2.1 A2DP, WiFi b / g, and standard 3.5 mm audio jack.

For those who love taking pictures, the resulting picture quality is good enough because of the flash and auto focus system. Results photographs or video footage can simply be enjoyed comfortably on scratch-resistant screen measuring 3.2 inches.

Although officially circulated in Indonesia, unfortunately HTC new Wildfire available in mid August 2010. Prices in the market is estimated to USD 3.7 million per unit, or half the price of HTC Desire.

Let's Fight in Ionopolis

Let's Fight in IonopolisPocari Sweat officially launched the first integrated social networking games in Indonesia using social networking Twitter, Facebook, and Foursquare. The name of the game is Ionopolis.

According Suhendar, Product Marketing Manager of Pocari Sweat, the game is designed to educate the public about the importance of fluids in the body.

"Ionopolis packaged in comic form, there is the plot. The story is content to educate people about health. There's a trivia quiz contains questions about health," he said during a press conference at the Plaza Semanggi, South Jakarta, Thursday (11/11/2010).

Ionopolis the name of a city of imagination. Narrated, in this city has come a villain who does not appear and threaten the population Ionopolis. The players will be given a series of challenges to destroy the enemies of the people Ionopolis.

"The challenge, among others, by doing a check in the venue that has been determined by category or name through the Foursquare, Facebook or Twitter status updates, and answering trivia quizzes about healthy lifestyles to get points," said Suhendar.

If the player managed to defeat a particular monster, then they will get certain points. Points are then collected and which raised the highest points will receive various prizes, including the iPod Shuffle and gift vacation to Japan.

"Every 2 weeks will be rewarded an iPod Shuffle for 3 players with the highest points. Later we will also strain the 100 semifinalists who will be making comics use their photos combined with a piece of the picture on the site Pocari Sweat. Of the 100 people will be filtered 10, then filtered again so 2 people who will be able to vacation to Japan, "said Suhendar.

According Suhendar, Ionopolis was introduced on 25 October. Within a week, Ionopolis has been played by approximately 13,000 people. "Now it's 2 weekly. Based on the last update, there are already 26,000 pocarian who participated this game," he said.

Notebook Made from Bamboo Second Generation

Notebook Made from Bamboo Second GenerationEco-friendly lifestyle has become part of many people. Various means were used to bring environmentally friendly lifestyle than a matter of choice foods, vehicles, to electronic devices.

Not to forget in the design of the notebook. Asus, the Taiwanese computer manufacturer, has introduced a green notebook models with the release of Bamboo Series since 2008.

"This is a symbol of greening, a greener lifestyle in terms of material use," said Juliana Chen, Product Marketing Manager Asus Indonesia, while U43JC Bamboo Series notebook introduced in Jakarta, Thursday (11/11/2010). Product is a second generation of notebooks that use bamboo material.

Juliana explains the process of using bamboo in the production of notebooks. First, bamboo is cut into pieces and then dried. Pieces are then pressed and glued together before being installed, injected plastic layer, and painted. "With us to integrate the use of bamboo, we can reduce 25 percent the use of plastic," said Juliana.

The use of bamboo is not without reason. Juliana said in Chinese philosophy, which is the origin of these plants, bamboo is a symbol of elegance. Bamboo is also physically stronger material than the other organic materials from nature.

Not only environmental raah, Asus is also considering a notebook designs made from bamboo. If the first series, it looks like the original bamboo fiber is bright, this time as the surface color older wulung bamboo. Notebook is just too thin with a thickness of 19 millimeters. The battery resistance is claimed to achieve 10.5 hours Super Hybrid Engine technology is supported. One unit As dibanderol for 1209 dollars or about USD 11 million.

Specifications U43JC Bamboo Series

Processor Intel Core i5-460M (3 MB cache, 2.53 GHz up to 2.8 GHz Turbo)
Operating system Windows 7 Home Premium
VGA Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce 6310M with 1 GB of VRAM
14-inch HD screen (1366x768) LED display
RAM Memory 2 GB DDR3 1066 MHz
GD 500 SATA hard drive
Disc Drive DVD Writer Super Multi Dual Layer
WiFi 802.11 b / g / n and Bluetooth 3.0
Battery 8-cell Li-Ion 5600 mAh
Weight 2.1 kg
2 MP Webcam
Price U.S. $ 1209