Nokia Launches Three challengers iPhone

Nokia Launches Three challengers iPhoneLondon - N8 Inspired from Nokia, the Finnish mobile phone manufacturer launched a three-smartphone with touch function, ie, E7, C7 and C6. All three devices running the Symbian operating system OS ^ 3.

Nokia E7 features a touch with an area of 4-inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of 640-360 and slideout keyboard. E7 is also equipped with 16 GB for a single onboard memory, 256 Megabyte RAM and embedded 8-megapixel camera with dual LED flash and 720p high-definition video.

Nokia is also adding features Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connectivity, HDMI and 2.0 micro USB port. Nokia E7 claimed to have spent nine hours of talk time on GSM networks and five hours more than WCDMA. There are several color options available for your phone that a price of U.S. $ 637 or about USD 5.7 million, which is gray, silver, green, blue and orange.

While Nokia C7 is a smartphone that focus on users of social networking. Nokia C7 present with features of Facebook, Twitter and integration with Webmail on the display device. Nokia C7 has a wide screen mobile phone, camera, features Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and battery life similar to E7.

From the side view, C7 has a thinner form, ie, only 0.41 inches with larger memory capacity of 8 GB for a single on-board and is equipped with a microSD card slot up to 32 GB for a single and reached a maximum storage of 40 GB for a single. Phones that can be connected to television and FM radio transmitters will be sold at a price of U.S. $ 430 or about USD 3.8 million.

The Nokia C6 has a more petite shapes. With an area of 3.2-inch screen, the C6 is equipped with forward-facing camera for video calls and the camera is facing the rear with a resolution of 8 megapixels, Dual LED flash, video capture 720p and 2X digital zoom. Unfortunately, this smartphone has a relatively small storage, ie 340 Megabyte though it can be supported with 32 GB for a single microSD card. The tiny mobile phone will be released at a price of U.S. $ 335 or approximately USD 3 million.

In addition to launching three new smartphones, the Nokia World conference in London, England, Nokia also claims still controlled 24 percent of smart phone market in the world.

On this occasion, Nokia also had sarcastically stating Apple iPhone will make a free phone at the touch anywhere and in any manner that is guaranteed not to disturb the function of the signal. These allusions may be directed to Apple CEO Steve Jobs said last July that all smartphones have a sensitive area and can affect performance.

VMware Launches Solution for Enterprise Email

Virtualization solutions provider VMware Inc., today announced the launch of collaboration solutions and enterprise-class email, Zimbra Collaboration Suite Appliance. This solution is provided as virtual devices, and is designed for the VMware platform vSphere. This virtual application claimed to be able to cut costs and complexity of infrastructure management.

The customers can choose to run Zimbra Appliance in their own data centers, or through one of the 2000 VMware vCloud partners that provide application services. As a virtual service, customers can install these applications more quickly, within minutes, compared to the traditional way.

Through the model of virtual applications, users can manage email and collaboration needs with resources, cost and less risk. Zimbra Appliance also improve the ability vSphere VMware virtualization platform.

The result, users can improve service levels by reducing the impact of system failure or during maintenance. This application also features integrated security features like firewall, anti-virus and anti-spam.

"Zimbra Collaboration Suite Appliance provides secure email to customers with guaranteed data protection in VMware virtualization platform vSphere, and collaboration solutions they can use in just minutes to start the installation can use the inbox only less than 10 minutes," said Jim Morrisroe, General Zimbra Manager, via a press release today.

Zimbra Collaboration Suite Appliance are available now with prices starting at U.S. $ 625 for each license 25 mailboxes. To obtain information about this new virtual appliances, visit:

Intel Showcase Excellence 'Sandy Bridge'

San Francisco - Intel Corporation exhibited a number of advantages of their latest products from Intel's Core processor family, in the event the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) in 2010. Intel Developer Forum that was held for the 13th time it was opened on Monday (13 / 9) before, and will be closed today, Wednesday (15 / 9).

As in the previous administration, also served as an IDF 2010 Intel Corporation meeting with the technology industry executives, designers, and engineers from across the world. They share their innovations in building technology, Moscone Center West, San Francisco, United States, where forum.

One of which was introduced in the forum is a new family of Intel Core processors, the code-named "Sandy Bridge". This processor is promised to make personal computer (PC) become more responsive and able to provide a better visual experience to PC users.

Through the release of Intel, Paul Otellini, president and CEO of Intel Corporation said that Sandy Bridge which is the second generation Intel Core processor family, allowing PC users experienced some things that they could not do before. Unless they use a desktop computer equipped with sophisticated graphics.

To prove his words were, Otellini showed someone who was playing the game "Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty" are popular, with full details on a laptop that uses Sandy Bridge, without an additional graphics card.

Visual effects in the game basically looks the same as played on a laptop that uses an additional graphics card. But laptops are apparently strong enough to play the game simultaneously record video in high definition (HD).

Dadi Perlmutter, executive vice president and general manager of Intel Architecture Group, also demonstrates some other advantages of the second generation Intel Core processor family is. Demo is related to how the growing PC users require more powerful computers.

Perlmutter showed the processor that will be produced starting fourth quarter 2010 also allows the resulting responsive computing, where users can search menggendalikan music and photos on your computer using your body movements via real-time 3D tracking software, GestureTek. He also shows a console gaming experience on the PC-based second-generation Intel Core processor, using Sixence control technology.

AVX new features on this processor is also capable of accelerating video broadcast motion tracking. Developers will benefit from this new instruction, because it can speed up the motion tracking and face recognition, image, video and audio processing, and computational simulation and analysis.

Perlmutter gave an example by showing a variety of security applications and information to analyze the video. A camera mounted at the entrance to the main room with a "video trip wire" to count the number of people who entered the room and detect objects that are lost or removed from the room.

Sandy Bridge also has a version of Intel's Turbo Boost technology that enhanced, allowing the processor core using heat tolerance of available reserves to increase their frequency in order to get the job done faster.

He showed that performance improvements occur when processing high-definition images into 3D models with ray tracing effects. With Anyar processor, the PC performance increases compared to the Intel Core processor-based system in 2010.

Sandy Bridge will also reportedly have dedicated hardware to process the video format. To highlight the benefits of this feature, Perlmutter quickly process the video into MP4 format standard, and then send it to the big screen television using the Intel Wireless Display Technology.

Planted to the personal computer processor "Sandy Bridge" This plan will be rolled into the market early next year.

Microsoft Launches Internet Explorer 9

Microsoft Launches Internet Explorer 9Redmond - Microsoft Inc.. launched the latest beta version for Internet Explorer web browser, IE9. The Company is headquartered in Redmond, the United States that claims its new browser has a fast performance and better security systems.

According to Microsoft, this new browser is not only used to access the web site but also provides the application of those sites. This browser uses a web single box for Address and can be pinned to the taskbar.

With IE9, Microsoft hopes to integrate the website with Windows programs. "The speed five times better than others," said the head of the branch Windows in the UK, Leila Martine.

Three Options LG Wink, Chic Mobile Phone

Three Options LG Wink, Chic Mobile PhoneLG Mobile Communications Indonesia did not want to fall behind in the mobile market. Thursday (02.09.2010) ago, LG introduced the LG series phone qwerty Wink. This series comes in three variants, namely C100, C305, and GT350i. All three variants will be present at the market mid this month.

Tommy Tjahjono, Head of Sales Division, Mobile Communication PT LG Electronics Indonesia, said the LG series Wink is a new product that drove the ninth this year. "Until the end of the year, there were about six to 10 new products that will release," said Tommy to Cash.

LG series that has been previously drove for example; GW300, GW305, and GW525. Tommy admits, intense competition in the mobile industry causing each active vendors release new products with competitive prices. No doubt, LG also released new products with prices starting at USD 229 000 per unit to $ 3.69 million per unit.

According to data of Growth from Knowledge (GfK), currently still tasted LG 2.6 percent of the mobile industry. "We see the potential is still very big, but we had dared to target a market share position and next year," continued Tommy.

Besides competing in terms of price and model, vendors are also competing to win customers via social networking site features. Outbreak of social networking sites to make rapid release of LG mobile phones that support such access, including LG Wink. This phone allows users to access messaging and social networking site with more ease and fun.

LG Wink comes from the word meaning wink wink. This icon is used to represent the younger generation lack the words in mobile phone. "In other words, LG Wink also tried to break through the limitations qwerty phone in design, features, and price," says Tommy.

Wink Motorola C100 is a qwerty phone with a vertical wide-screen 2.2 inches wide. Vertical screen is designed to give comfort to mobile users in the surf in cyberspace. This phone has dimensions of 114.5 x59, 6x13 mm allowing users holding in one hand.

LG Mobile has developed a widget feature that functions facilitate users in accessing the Twitter and Facebook. C100 has a 1.3 MP camera and FM radio. For connectivity, the C100 is equipped with Bluetooth and 3.5 mm socket that can be connected with supporting audio devices. Motorola C100 membanderol worth USD 799 000 per unit.

The Motorola C305 is a mobile phone Wifi Wink dimension 116x61, 9x11, 9 mm, which can be grasped in one hand and placed in the pocket. Similar to the C100, C305 is also supported by a tool that allows users to access social networking and other support activities such as uploading photos. Motorola C305 peg for Rp 1.09 million per unit.

The latter, the LG GT350i Wink Plus is a full touch screen phone that appears in the minimalist. This phone only has three buttons below the screen three inches wide. Dimensionless cell phone 107.5 x52, 5x15, 9 mm is also equipped with a sliding qwerty keyboard.

LG GT350i Wink Plus is also equipped with a threaded SMS that can change the appearance of an SMS to chat via instant messaging facility. Each incoming message will also be accompanied by a photo poster to make people feel like talking directly with his interlocutor. The price this mobile phone for Rp 1.69 million per unit. Richard was sure, though the price is affordable, but LG ensure the best after sales service for the third variant of this Series LG Wink.

Stephen Hawking Controversy in Twitter

Controversial opinion British physicist Stephen Hawking who ignore God's role in the creation of the universe turns out to make a scene around the world. Stephen Hawking instantly became the hottest topic of conversation on Twitter perched at the top Trending topics.

We visited on Friday (09/03/2010) night, the number Tweet with the keyword or keyword Stephen Hawking reached more than 1000 times in just half an hour. Average of the User twitter pass the information from various sites about the controversial opinions.

Not a few who claimed to have already ordered the latest book written by Stephen Hawking through Amazon titled "The Grand Design". In a book that will be launched Sept. 9 in England, Hawking has written a number of opinions that reaps many tangapan it.

Hawking menulkiskan that the universe could be created because the law of gravity. According to him, no need to carry the name of God as if the creator. He explained the theory of M which explains how the universe can be created spontaneously.

Their opinions are directly reap the responses from many parties and be led to the mass media opinion in the British response. Responding to a controversial opinion, a number of religious leaders in England say do not have to confront religion and science because it has a different perspective. One of Hawking's colleagues at the University of Cambridge, also believes Hawking will interpret the term differently from God's meaning in the scriptures.

Toshiba "Recall" 41.000 Laptop Satellite

Japanese electronics maker Toshiba recall or withdraw 41 000 laptops in the whole world because of risk of fire. Portable computer that is drawn Satellite series T135, T135D Satellite, and Satellite ProT130.

"It could be a hot notebook when connected to AC adapter; and has the potential to burn," so stated the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

In the report mentioned, the Toshiba has received 129 reports of the heat of the laptop computer and change the shape of the casing around a laptop AC adapter. It is said that there were two people who reported minor injuries caused by the burning of these laptops, and two reports of damage the laptop.

Until the End of the Year, Nokia Still Have 10 Mobile Again

Until the End of the Year, Nokia Still Have 10 Mobile AgainIn order for market share was eroded, PT Nokia Indonesia will spend about five to 10 new products in the rest of the year 2010.

Legi Soegianto, Product Manager of Nokia said, competition in the mobile industry is extremely tight to make the company must release a minimum of two products per month. It said intense competition has been underway since last year.

"Besides, we also have to adjust to market needs both new users and who want to replace the cell phone," said Legi to Kontan, Friday (9/3/2010).

So far, Nokia has released approximately 15 new products. That way, the total new model that Nokia released this year reached 20 models to 25 models. Some Nokia phones throughout 2010 including the X5, X2, C1, C6, C3, D5, and D3. All new phones are targeting all segments, ranging from the lower middle segment up to the top. This is reflected in the price of Nokia phones that range from Rp 300,000 to Rp 5.6 million per unit.

In the near future the company will release this month and N8 E5 next month. E5 is a business phone that offers a quick-office applications. There are also features push-mail, chat, and camera 5 megapixel (mp). To support their work, this phone is also equipped with internal memory of 250 megabits (MB), the external memory 2 gigabit (GB), and 32 MB microSD. This phone will be sold in the range of USD 2 million per unit.

The N8 is a mobile high-tech high-end mobile phones with camera 12 MP. "This will be a 12 MP camera phone with the first in the portfolio of Nokia," said Legi promote. This camera also implement HDMI technology that allows video capture clearer. Consumers can also edit videos on the phone or even connect with a PC. Applications Dolby speakers also made clear phone voice. N8 will be sold in the range of Rp 5 million per unit.

With the pounding the market with a total of about 20 models up to 25 new models, Nokia is optimistic this year could maintain its position as market leader. "Our market share is still above 30 percent this year and we hope to survive the market leader," said Legi.