Super Thin Laptop Trends in 2012 Will Be

Laptops are predicted to be a trend in the year 2012 this is a laptop with a shape or a thin form factor and no longer uses an internal optical drive. The laptop vendors had been preparing since late last year preparing for this super-thin laptop trend.

In addition, the vendors will also compete to produce eco-friendly laptop that is sure to saving energy or so-called hybrid.

In 2011 then, there were several vendors have begun marketing a super thin laptop. As with the Acer Aspire S3, Asus with Zenbook, Lenovo IdeaPad U300S, and Toshiba Portege Z830.

There are two types of laptops "thin" that is predicted to experience rapid progress in the year 2012, namely ultrabook and of course, the MacBook Air from Apple, a computer manufacturer that has always been a trend setter.

Apple MacBook Air

Design of the MacBook Air is super thin and light is predicted to be developed and adopted to the Apple laptops else, including the MacBook Pro.

In this year, also rumors that Apple would make a laptop that has a high resolution screen, 2880 x 1800 pixels.

As for machine MacBook Air, Apple will equip the processor with Intel Ivy Bridge, both Core i7 or Core i5. MacBook Air back to step forward because it has adopted the Thunderbolt technology from Intel, making it possible to transfer multimedia data more quickly.

In addition, MacBook Air also supported by USB 3.0 technology and will enhance the quality of graphics with a pin graphics card from Nvidia. There are other possibilities, the company founded by Steve Jobs will use the chip Apple A series of their own.


Most computer vendors will focus on developing ultrabook. Ultrabook a new subcategory of this type of portable computer or laptop. Thickness of less than 15 mm, thinner than notebooks and netbooks. Also weighs less than 2 kg. Unlike netbooks, embedded hardware ultrabook qualified.

Most ultrabook continue using the operating system (operating system - OS) Windows. If Windows 8 to be launched at the beginning of this year, Microsoft's latest OS will dominate ultrabook. Moreover, Windows users are very familiar with the software which amounted to 4 million applications.

Most ultrabook will be equipped with Intel processors Ivy Bridge, both Core i7 or Core i5. For the laptop processor market, Intel is clearly still dominate the global market compared to AMD.

The size of the thin and light weight which seems to have become a necessity of all consumer laptops, to be more easily carried anywhere. Both the MacBook Air and ultrabook, will increase battery life. Electricity consumption will also be minimized to be energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

However, both types of these laptops have the same problem, namely the relatively high prices. Both of these products as if intended for high-end segment. Clearly, the vendors have to compete ultrabook manufacturers offer competitive prices. Another story with Apple already has a loyal user.

LG Will Showcase the World's Largest 3D TV

LG Electronics does not seem to play in developing a large-screen television. In the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas in January 2012, this South Korean vendors will showcase Ultra Definition of three-dimensional television with 84-inch screen. It is the world's largest 3D TV ever made.

This television has a screen resolution of 3840 × 2160 pixels this would be equipped with Smart TV technology, including in it there are 1,200 applications and access premium content to get a 3D movie. In addition, users can also enjoy the experience of browsing the Internet at super-large screen.

This television is equipped with the Magic Remote that can be operated in four ways, namely voice (voice recognition), wheel, hand gestures (magic gesture), and suppressed as in general the remote device (point).

Previously, LG has also launched a tech three-dimensional television. But this time with a larger size and its 3D capabilities will be better attended than ever before. LG claims each pixel will be sharper detail, although the resolution 3D content is still completely tech high definition (HD).

"LG will remove all limits through innovative home entertainment, that is launching a television with the largest screen, 3D tech ultra definition (UD) and bring the Smart TV functions in it," said Havis Kwon, President and CEO of LG Electronics Home Entertainment Company.

Nintendo Wii Make U Stores Special Applications

Nintendo plans to build an online application store (app store) as a point of sale applications for the new game console, Wii U.

Based on a report in The Daily, U app store for the Wii is much more complete than the previous application store for the console, DSi and Wii.

Nintendo states, if the application stores DSi Shop and Wii Shop games and programs only provide light, app store to sell games besides Wii U-U Wii specific games will also be filled with useful programs to maximize the ability of the controller. The function of this controller can be developed to support the daily needs, such as watching TV and checking e-mail.

Physical form U Wii Nintendo Wii is the successor of the previous version will be styled like a tablet device, with a 6.2 inch screen and equipped with the buttons on the right and left of the screen. U Wii scheduled to be launched in the second half of 2012.

There is no certainty about the payment system in the app store special Wii U. Whether to use cash or apply the points system as used WiiWare and DSiWare.

In addition, also not mentioned whether Nintendo will allow third party developers to create applications in the app store and then sell it, like the cooperation system in Apple's application store, Google, and Microsoft.