Samsung Core, Name for Mobile "Quad Core"?

Samsung Electronics has registered a trademark, Samsung Core. There has been no information from Samsung, is it used for the trademark.

As quoted from Ubergizmo, this name can be will be the name of one of Samsung's mobile devices, like cell phones, smart phones, or tablets. However, if seen from Samsung will likely make his name as the name of the device that uses a four-core processor (quad core) in the future.

Starting this year, Samsung will aggressively offer smartphone with quad-core, like the Samsung Galaxy S III and S 3D Galaxy is likely to be launched at Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona, Spain next February 2012.

For Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung will equip the devices with a 1.8 GHz quad-core processors. Rumors last mentioned, the processor in the Galaxy S III will use a processor Exynos 4412 (rumor) ARM-based quad-core Cortex A9.

So India World's Biggest Spam contributor, Indonesia Number 2!

E-mail is a means of effective and efficient communication. But unfortunately, current e-mail that is actually very useful littered with e-mails, e-mail containing information of unwanted or spam. The numbers were daily increasing.

Surprisingly, e-mail spam which is very much of this stems partly from Indonesia. Although not a contributor to the number one most spam, it would be a "disgrace" for our beloved country.

Which country is the largest disseminators of spam? Kaspersky antivirus company mentions in his research that India is the country sending the most spam e-mails. According to Kaspersky, during the third quarter of 2011, of the entire e-mail traffic globally, as many as 79.8 per cent are spam. Of that amount, 14.8 percent came from India, and 10.6 percent from Indonesia, and 9.7 percent of Brazil.

Darya Gudkova, a spam analyst at Kaspersky said the statistics reflect a growing trend for spam. Spam sent from computers in many Asian and Latin American countries due to lack of awareness about Internet security. Law to the realm of e-mail spam is still weak. This allows cyber criminals to build botnet (infected tissue).

Wijay mukhi, internet security specialist in Mumbai, the capital of India, said spammers are forced to find a new base after the other states crack down on the practice of spam. India currently has 112 million Internet users, the third largest in the world after China and the United States, according to The Internet and Mobile Association of India (IMAI).

The association estimates that 5 to 7 million new users being added to every month and with this growth, India will have more users than the United States two years into the future. This fact will increase the potential users become contributors to the e-mail spam.

Government officials may not act decisively because India does not have antispam laws. Something similar happened in Indonesia, as quoted from DailySocial, the Law of Information and Electronic Transaction (Act No. 11 Year 2008/UU ITE) does not explicitly express article related to e-mail spam.

However, it should be sending spam e-mails can be categorized as forbidden, as set forth in Chapter VII, Article 27-34. Violations of these articles can be punishable with imprisonment of law and / or fines.

So long as there is no clear legal for the prevention of spam e-mail this then we must guard against spam attacks "artificial" in the country.

Things we can do as users to reduce the spread of local spam is to use antivirus always updated and regularly change the password e-mail account.

2 Months, Galaxy's Practice Note 1 Million Units

Samsung Electronics announced that global sales of smartphones Galaxy Note, until Thursday (12/29/2011), has surpassed 1 million units in just two months.

Note the new Galaxy began to be marketed by Samsung in late October 2011. Samsung claims the Galaxy Note is a combination of smartphones and tablets. Samsung provide this product with Dual Core 1.5GHz processor, 5.3 inch screen with HD AMOLED display technology, and uses the Android operating system 2.3 Gingerbread.

Uniqueness of this product is, the availability of a digital pen or a so-called S Pen, which allows users to write or draw on the screen.

In the first quarter of 2012, Samsung has announced it will upgrade the operating system to use the Android 4.0 Galaxy Note the so-called Ice Cream Sandwich.

Note Galaxy got a good market share in France and Germany. Note If the Galaxy next year began to be marketed in the United States, sales figures expected to rise rapidly.

Samsung's smartphone product sales in the year 2011 has reached 60 million units, up three times more than in 2010. The number of Samsung's smartphone sales have surpassed sales of Apple Inc.