Microsoft Will Creating iPad Competitors

Microsoft Will Creating iPad CompetitorsU.S. - the CEO, Microsoft, Steve Ballmer, also witnessed the successful iPad chills. He was not reluctant states, his company was working on the tablet computer to rival the iPad.

Ballmer said Microsoft will work with computer hardware partners like HP, Lenovo, Asus, Dell and Toshiba are able to surpass the popularity iPad. "We should make Windows 7 running on the 'blackboard'" Ballmer said told financial analysts at a meeting at Microsoft headquarters in Seattle, USA.

"This is one concern which prompted done here. No one is sleeping, we had to push extra hard, at this time also, with our partners hadware. As soon as the brand is ready, they'll throw it to the public. We want to provide products that people want to buy, "he said.

Ballmer admitted having impressed with the iPad sales figures better than he predicted. "We think that in the competition area. We must make real products, such as when successfully carried the windows in the netbook," he said. "We work based on what we say, working with partners, develop the Windows 7 in order to work to design the new digital boards hadware."

Ballmer's comments came several weeks after Microsoft prepared to release the two-screen tablet computer called the Courier. Previously reported, a special team within the company have been working on a secret prototype. However, Microsoft announced that they will not proceed with the project and Courier said the team was working on one of the many ideas being tested and did not 'have plans' assemble new tools at this time.

Google open service again in China

Google open service again in ChinaBEIJING - Google, Friday, stating that its services will be normal again could be blocked in China after a few moments ago. Google and the Chinese government censor had fallen out related activities and cyberattack by the Chinese government on the users of web services giant American.

Thursday, the search engine services, Google Ads and Google Mobile has gone through a full blockade of the country with the largest online marketplace in the world, 420 million internet users. Some news and pictures partially blocked (partially blocked).

Blocking indicates that Beijing is not satisfied with Google although there are changes made to ensure the company's license renewal Google in China. "Our machines are capable of estimating the blocking high," explains Google in a report by email to AFP.

"What happened last night is a relatively small block. But now users in China can access it normally," he added. In response, the AFP and then try to access Google in mainland China who only occasionally can be accessed normally.

The giant IT companies are also reminded that access at / PRC / report.html is not real-time tool. But will be updated at least once a day.

Gmail is the only service from Google that can be accessed as normal without any blocking. Its another thing with YouTube, Google's other products are prohibited entry into China many years ago.

Intel Celeron processor will retire?

Intel Celeron processor will retire?SINGAPORE - Sophisticated technology that when eaten any time of course will become obsolete. It also goes on one of the products of Intel, Celeron. At the beginning, Intel Celeron handle customers, by bringing processors 'cost effective' special laptop and home computer.

But with the emergence of a new family category as Intel's Core can not be pursued Celeron. Based on the fact that, Intel Celeron will decide who tilled memuseumkan Intel products since 1998. Reportedly, Intel will stop the processor tasks in 2011 gradually.

Intel realistically assess the steps to be taken. Observers around the development of information technology and speculate laptops Intel has a new claim to prepare "The rumors were not true, Intel had no plans to remove the Celeron brand in 2011," said Barry Sum, as quoted from Computer World, last weekend.

In fact, the latest price list, Intel still include a new line of Celeron family. Desktop processor with a frequency of 2.4GHz and 2.6GHz is priced at around USD 43-53 or approximately Rp. 430-550

Intel has been relying on a number of brands for their main processors since the early 1990s, when the lineage of his predecessors to produce a Pentium 486 processor. Since then the company continues to add other brands, including Xeon, Itanium, Celeron, Centriono, Atom and Core.

Xeon and Itanium is Intel's brand specifically for the category of server processors, while Intel's Core is a major mainstay for laptops and computers. While the Atom family is designed for small laptops low price, aka netbook and also a small kind of mobile devices.

Then as usual, sitting in the category of the cheapest Celeron Intel processor category, located just below the Pentium. Intel currently sells eight versions of the Pentium, all in a kind of dual-core chips with speeds ranging between 2.6 GHz to 3.2 GHz. Intel sells processors for each unit ranging from 64 dollars up to 87 dollars in a single package containing a minimum purchase of 1,000 units.

Detailed Data 100 Million Facebookers Download and Published

Detailed Data 100 Million Facebookers Download and PublishedWould this be considered a serious threat in data security at Facebook? Recently the personal details of 100 million facebookers - the term for Facebook users - has been collected and published on the internet by an IT security consultant, Ron Bowles. He uses a code to scan a Facebook profile, collect data that is hidden by the owner's privacy settings.

The list, which has been divided into the public as a downloadable file. In that dafar terdapatURL every Facebook user profiles which can be searched, their names as well as its unique ID.

Bowles said he had not published the data for the purpose of attacking, but to highlight the issue of privacy. However, Facebook confirmed, all the data it nonetheless has become public information because the owner, according to their privacy settings, deliberately letting displayed.

Now the file has been spreading fast in the corners of cyberspace. On the Pirate Bay, the largest file sharing sites in the world, 100 million facebookers list was distributed and has been downloaded by more than 1000 users.

A confessed 'that appeared under the name lusifer69, described the list with the phrase' awesome and a little scary ". However, the defense pitched a statement quoted by the BBC, Thursday (29 / 7), Facebook states information in the list can be freely accessed online.

"People who use Facebook, have their own information and have the right to share only what they want, with the people they want and whenever they want," the statement said.

"In this case, the information that has been approved for publication have been collected by a researcher and spread on Google, Bing and other search engines also exist on Facebook. The statement also asserted," There is no private data that can be accessed or compromised, "

However, an observer from Privacy International, Simon Davis, a kind of example that the experiment mengetakan for Facebook warning that something like that, even worse can happen. "Facebook should anticipate this attack and make steps to prevent it," says Simon.

"It's very comforting to know a company hundreds of technicians circuitry can not imagine magnitude of this problem. Moreover appeared many opinions that said the attitude tends ignore Facebook," he added.

He also said that the data pengumpulk use privacy settings in Facebook are confusing. "People do not fully understand the privacy settings and this is the result," he said.

Earlier this year, appeared badari protests from the hassle of setting up the site user's privacy. In response, Facebook took out a more simplified privacy controls.

Facebook has privacy settings that make the public for some user information published and accessible. Facebookers also must make a conscious choice to keep or get rid of these general settings.

Laptop 10 U.S. Dollars, How India Spur Digital Leap

By advancing the world of education, India introduced the prototype of a laptop worth 35 dollars as part of a program to provide school students with their teachers connectivity in the country.

Kapil Sibal, Minister of Human Resource Development of India, showing what he called the computing and low-cost access devices in New Delhi, Thursday (22 / 7) then.

The ministry, according to Technology Review reports, stating that the device's price will fall gradually to just 10 dollars per unit.

India says connectivity to all students and universities are key to achieving the country's educational goals. Home to over one billion population, literacy rate (the opposite of illiterate) state that 65 per cent based on 2001 population census results.

South Asian nation that has made giant steps in various areas since the economic progress early 1990s.

The country is being led in a telecommunications revolution that led to nearly 600 million people use mobile phones in just a decade with higher competition in tarif.Sekarang, India was preparing for another leap into the digital world.

Recently, the state government was auctioning off the airwaves for third-generation services that enable wireless multimedia streaming super-fast.

The move aims to bring the online market in India on an equal footing with the exploding cell phone business, through the penetration of Internet technologies that enable rapid access, data transfer, and entertainment on mobile devices.

This country has announced plans to connect all the village council whose numbers 250 000 in 2012 as an effort to share broadband between rural and urban communities.

Authorities said the technical agencies involved in designing new devices are now preparing the research to overcome the problem of price and quality to develop gadgets for the student budget.

"The goal is for these devices to reach students of colleges and universities, and institutions to provide access to low cost device ranges around Rs1.500 [$ 35] or less in the near future," said the ministry of human resources at the launch of the computer.

Mamata Varma ministry spokesman said the government aims to introduce a new device touch screen computers in higher education institutions in 2011.

The Ministry, he said, expecting no tender contracts with private companies for mass production of the prototype. "Linux-based computer equipped with Internet browser, PDF reader and a host of other facilities," he said.

Android Mobile Phone From Motorola

Apparently, Motorola still consistent launches new series of Android mobile phones operating system. Motorola's Android smartphone - or often called "Moto droid "- the latest is the Motorola Quench XT3.

From previous rumors, the latest Moto droid will come out is the Motorola XT502 Greco. However, it turns out that appear are Quench XT3, with lower specs than the previous rumors.

Motorola Quench XT3 is a rod-shaped touch-screen phone, which is similar to Motorola's original series Quench. The display will also feature sensors accelerometer for UI auto-rotate, a proximity sensor for auto turn-off, and interface (UI) with Live MOTOBLUR Widgets.

Quench XT3 walk with Android OS 1.6 Donut, and again, not as previously rumored, using the Android OS 1.2 eclair. Another difference with the rumor is, Quench XT3 uses a camera 3 megapixel resolution.

Specifications Motorola Quench XT3 is the "standard" Android. From touch screen, 3.2-inch HVGA, its 600MHz Qualcomm CPU MSM 7227, Wi-Fi w / g, GPS and support for microSD cards up to 32GB.

However, Motorola's new XT3 Quench will be marketed in Taiwan in August, in addition to Motorola's original series Quench (CLIQ XT series MB501). Not clear, when this android phone will be marketed more widely. In Taiwan, this phone is mentioned would be "taken" by the operators Far EasTone Telecommunications, although the price has not been announced.

Baidu search engine more powerful in China

Baidu, the most popular search engine internet in China said its profit doubled for the three months ended in June. Baidu this week said the company's profits jumped 119 percent, to about 124 million dollars compared with the same period last year.

The company said the number of subscribers also increased to 254 000, up 25 percent from the year 2009. Baidu's performance record for the period April to June was obtained after the Google internet company is based in the United States closed in China.

Google to close its site in March following a dispute with the Chinese government on censorship issues.

iResearch, one company in China who researched the Internet activities, said the market share for Baidu search engine in China increased by three percent in the second quarter, to more than 70 percent, while Google's market share dropped slightly more than two percent. Earlier this month Google said it has updated its license to operate in China. a muslim online matchmaking site

Muslim marriage sites categoryDifficulties for looking a mate with Muslim category, honest and others? Try just click The page allows a Muslim from different countries around the world to find her soul mate. The trick was not difficult, you just need to register as a member. And to join in, not charged or free.

After becoming a member, we can take advantage of existing services such as talking with a potential mate ria are available online. Then, given the space for 'self-display' and tips are apt to get couples through the articles provided. In essence, all services provided in accordance with Islamic principles. Thus, you are initially hesitated to follow the match online can enjoying because Islamic nuance given is very strong.

Adeem Younis, founder of even guarantee every Muslim who register get a different experience when trying to find a partner. Principally, trying to bridge any Muslim who seeks couples with Islamic values. "We will do our best efforts through Islamic touch when helping our brothers who are looking for a mate," Younis writes in the introduction. also bridged every Muslim who has found her match with his brother who are seeking their soul mate. The bridge was built up through provision of business success stories to each new member. In fact, couples who have a mate clearance can be requested directly online advice on the tricks or tips on finding a partner. Not only that, also provides grants of Umrah to every newly married couples.

Strengthen Hegemony, Google Acquisition Metaweb

Not content to be the world's major search engines, Google continues to add to their ammunition. Today, this U.S. based company to acquire the virtual world of information databases, Metaweb. This acquisition is suppose Google's increasingly distanced from its competitors.

Acquisition decisions are justified by the Director of Product Management of Google, Jack Menzel in his blog, Friday night (16 / 7). "We expect an increase in search services and Metaweb is one of the largest Internet data management company in the world," he said as quoted from the Telegraph, July 20.

"Indeed, with efforts like the 'rich snippets' and 'search feature answer', we just apply the understanding of the web to search for the better," he explained. Type 'Barack Obama's birthday' in the search box for example, the results appear right on top of the page. Or search for an event such as a special festival in Osaka, it will show a list of special events with date agenda.

"But what about the search as' campuses in the U.S. west coast with school fees under 30 thousand dollars' or 'actor over 40 years who had at least one Oscar win?" Menzel said. "All of this is a difficult question, and that is why we invite Metaweb because we believe that by working together we will be able to give better results," he said.

"We were so interested in the possibility of accessing data from a free metaweb surrounding the 12 million data including movies, books, TV, celebrities, locations, companies and more," Menzel said. His company, he said, also plans to develop the freedom of access to information and expect other companies can participate in such development.

"We believe, by improving access to data for free will make the site a reference for anyone as well make the best place for developers and accessed," he said.

Metaweb spelled fast growing company. In 2008, the company is able to achieve revenues of about $ 42.5 million. Note the very significant considering Metaweb only able to earn an income of about $ 15 million in 2006. With the acquisition, Google also must spend more to acquire in Metaweb.

Before acquiring Metaweb, Google first took over the ITA with the value of $ 700 million. ITA is a software development company flight information. During 14 years of existence, ITA collects and organizes information from travel agents and airlines, including information about the number of flights, ticket prices and availability.

The acquisition is Google's ambitious mission to enter the digital travel market. However, the deal requires approval by competition authorities in the U.S., given that the acquisition will combine the search giant the world with one of the biggest engines in the search for travel information.

Firefox inserted on the iPhone and iPod Touch smartphone

Firefox inserted on the iPhone and iPod Touch smartphoneThe dream of Mozilla browser entering Apple's finally came true. The world's major browser maker to introduce a special Firefox application of mobile devices such as Apple iPhone smartphone and iPod Touch smartphone. Mozilla browser has even been available for free on the App Store.

Not much different with the Firefox web version, the Apple version, Firefox browser mobile users with a range of pampering services such as webs favorite features and an awesome bar. Special awesome bar, Firefox users can easily find sites that have visited this by writing the keyword.

Unfortunately, unlike Opera Mini browser is designed specifically for Apple smartphone, Firefox really need a lot of improvement. For example, users can easily move their opera site or create a bookmark on the site ever visited, while Firefox mobile browser has not.

At least, the browser with the symbol of an orange fox has opened great opportunities although there are still many deficiencies to be corrected. "Firefox is many used by users from around the world to gain unique experience in the surf in the virtual world," wrote Senior Executive Mozzila, Jay Sullivan in his blog quoted as saying by the Telegraph, earlier this week.

He added that the world continues to grow, people no longer rely on just one tool for surfing. Therefore, it continues to develop special Firefox mobile phones to provide excellent service in a personal, portable, simple and not behind a protective privacy.

The best Android phone in 2010

The best Android phone in 2010Samsung Galaxy Spica smartphone was crowned as The Best Android Phone in Indonesia Cellular Award 2010 conference held at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), Sunday (18/07/2010).

"We add the best category for android phone because android smartphone bloom-proliferation," one juror said, Bambang Irawan, in a press conference held at the JCC, Sunday.

According to Bambang, Samsung Galaxy Spica was chosen as the winner of the seen from the equivalence of price and market acceptance, the features and technology, battery life, ease of use, applications, and the dimensions.

As for Indonesia Cellular Award 2010 is awarded Dyandra Promosindo and Signal Tabloid as Indonesia Cellular Show 2010 organizers to mobile phones and the best operators during 2009-2010. "ICA Award for most independent because there are no vendor sponsors are assessed, the full Dyandra and Signals," Bambang said.

For the mobile phones category, organizers Indonesia Cellular Award 2010 earlier rate of 79 phones series. "We actually borrowed the handset to be assessed. Of the 79 taken to the editorial office handpone signals and each took turns holding the jury had a chance," Bambang added.

In addition to the categories of the best Android, was given eight awards for best mobile phone in each category.

8 Game Strategies Most Favourite

8 Game Strategies Most FavouriteStrategies game such as real-time along their offspring, turn based, management, tycoon, until the simulation is much gamers loved. Especially lovers of PC-based games.

Although no doubt there are many types of games that are not less exciting, but as quoted from My Gaming, Friday (7/16/2010), the game still controlled from sales strategy games on the market.

Based on data collected by the Game Rangkings, this is the eight games that were played the strategy gamer.

1. Company of Heroes (2006)
Relic besutan strategy game is about the conditions in the second world war. This game has a design that best spelled with a variety of attractive features, placing it at the highest position of the most popular strategy game.

2. Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos (2002)
Maybe for the players, Warcraft III DOTA name is not foreign. System of a simple game, with storyline and interesting characters, making the gamer can not stop playing this game.

3. Starcraft (1998)
Maybe this is the only one of the oldest strategy game and still played. How not? Since its launch 12 years ago this game is still graced the list of the most interesting games.

4. Dungeon Keeper (1997)
Dungeon Keeper is a strategy game that has unique characteristics. In this game players will find ways to build a unique building, a fairly addictive game systems as well as the various elements of a joke.

5. Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings (1999)
For the enthusiast must have never played a strategy game Age of Empires. Up to now continue to be developed until sequel has a game system is becoming better.

6. Rome: Total War (2004)
Rome: Total War is a strategy game with a unique combination of game elements. This game has the right blend of strategy elements with action in the form of three-dimensional warfare.

7. Command & Conquer: Red Alert (1996)
Although classified jadul game, but the Command & Conquer: Red Alert offers an unforgettable gaming experience.

8. Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne (2003)
The Frozen Throne is an additional expansion to Warcraft III. In this latest package, the player will undergo a story of prince Arthas obsessed with having the power of The Frozen Throne.

Apple, Google and RIM are interested with Palm

Apple, Google and RIM are interested with PalmAcquisition of Palm, which opened early this year has attracted several leading technology companies. Not many people know that if Apple and Google also briefly glanced at it.

However, as is known, Hewlett-Packard (HP) eventually won the bidding on the Palm worth U.S. $ 1.2 billion. Earlier, HTC and Lenovo becomes the bustling company called smartphones are going to buy the company. In fact, apart from that there is also Apple, Google and the BlackBerry, Research In Motion (RIM) is interested woo Palm smartphone.

Apple and Google seem to look at Palm smartphone as a repository of intellectual property and patents of potential growth for their companies. Reportedly, as quoted from Cnet, on Friday (07/16/2010), Apple could offer Palm's patent portfolio. Although for that, Apple should support two different platforms of competing applications. But then, Apple does not supply enough heartbreaking Palm.

Google also, as stated by people in the internet leader, had intended to acquire Palm, but then failed to make an offer.

Likewise with RIM, have fared the same as Apple and Google. Although RIM is actually the first company that approached the Palm. But alas, the HP and then come up with higher bids.

Many analysts assess, Palm to HP's acquisition is an important step for them before entering the smartphone market. HP was so smitten with the operating system webOS owned by Palm and intend to develop it.

Yahoo and Bing began to compete with Google

Yahoo and Bing began to compete with GoogleAs the leader of a search engine, Google is already supposed to be wary of gait Bing and Yahoo. The reason is Google's market share decline caused by these two search engine sites.

As quoted from ComScore data, Thursday (16/07/2010) This is the first year in which Bing able to reach the search engine market share as much as 12.7 percent. Meanwhile, Yahoo rose to 18.9 percent.

As a result, the popularity of Google was declined 1 percent to 62.7 percent. According to ComScore, this is because Microsoft and Yahoo are currently aggressively entering search content on their portals respectively.

One example is Microsoft that brings Bing to the iPhone application in December last year. Facts prove the public is still interested in Bing, with 4.3 million downloads. Things like this should watch out Google.

Moreover, Microsoft soon be launching new features application to enhance search capabilities Bing in finding a variety of entertainment-related content, especially music, TV shows, movies and games online.

Google will allow to log in to multiple accounts in one browser

Google will allow to log in to multiple accountsOften use multiple Google accounts? Obviously you will be happy to log in to all accounts at once. But to be able to do so, users must use several different browsers.

That was back, most likely soon users will be able to sign in to many Google accounts in one browser. This capability is not yet officially released, but still in the testing stage.

Quoted from Mashable, Friday (16/07/2010), this time Google is suspected middle of testing a feature that lets users log into multiple Google accounts simultaneously in the same browser.

For example, someone who has at least four different Gmail account, can be opened simultaneously. In addition, this feature can be useful to use one browser by several users at once (eg in families).

Google has not yet say when this feature was released. As internet leader are reportedly being tried on several products, including Gmail, Reader, Sites, Calendar, Code and Docs.

The importance of creating backlinks in SEO

It's no secret again if the role of backlinks that point to your site or blog with is very important in SEO. Backlink here means is all the links from the outside that led to our blog. However, if the age of your blog is still under 6 months, I suggest you to not have too many looking for backlinks because it will be treated as spam.

Many people are looking for backlinks, regardless of their targeted keywords, For example just create a link from a picture or banner, click here, my site and so forth. Which are expected to result blog gets good position on search engines is not immediately obtained. If you want to build a good link, make the appropriate links with the keywords you are targeting.

Besides is very important in SEO, another benefit of building backlinks is to make the our blog always visiting by the search engines crawler, because when search engines visit blogs that have links us, also visited the our blog automatically. In addition to keyword must be attention, a good backlink is a backlink in accordance with the theme of our blog. While that is not good backlink is a backlink that are acquired from illicit sources, such as pornographic sites and other bad sites.

So, build backlinks naturally and save. Good simple SEO tips on building a backlink in SEO can be useful for us. If there is any questions about building backlinks, please ask in the comment form.

Translucent Vitruvian Android Application 100,000

Support from third-party applications on the Android smartphone platform initiated by Google grows rapidly. In the near future is estimated the number of applications that support Android applications reached 100 000 units.

Android growth rates are enormous. Currently, the latest statistics from Androlib indicate that Android has reached more than 90,000 applications. During the month of June alone registered 15 000 applications have been added. This figure was not confirmed by Google. Earlier, in April, produce 50,000 new Android applications.

An increasing number of applications often have spikes every new release of the Android phone. For example, at the launch of Motorola Droid in November last year and most recent growth rate is about the month from April to May at the launch of the HTC Droid Incredible.

Android is very rapid expansion could competing with the iPhone App Store in terms of quantity. Last Apple has placed the 225 000 applications, but with a slower growth rate.

Although growing rapidly, there is concern that too much focus on Android free application, not a lot to sell paid applications and unprofessional. However, users who will determine whether Android will survive and compete with the iPhone and other smartphones in the future.

YouTube Offer Funds 5 Million U.S. Dollars

YouTube Offer Funds 5 Million U.S. DollarsBecome a video repository of people throughout the world, apparently do not make You Tube soon complacency.

Late last week, YouTube announced plans to poured funds amounting to 5 million U.S. dollars through the YouTube Partner Program Grants. Partner, in this case is the fee that is often their videos mengunggahkan their creations through the site owned by Google is, of course, with good quality and innovative ideas.

"We intend to filter Anyar ideas and models of production from some of our innovative partners," said George Strompolos, YouTube Partner Development Manager.

According to him, You Tube quite impressed with the creativity and the availability of sources of ideas held by people like them. With a limited budget, they can make an amazing video.

That's why, You Tube raise a YouTube Partner Grants that acts as a catalyst by injecting funds for the production of a small group who become the frontline in innovation.

According Strompolos, these funds allow the video-camera makers to have a better capital, with better quality too, expand marketing, raise the number of staff or also hire people with great talents.

In this program, will contact the YouTube video-makers who are able and invited to collect proposals.

Now, the All People Can Create Android Application

No need to be a reliable programmer or developer to make interesting applications for Android-based smartphone. Google has provided software that makes all people can design a simple application with the name of Inventor App.

"This software will help non-programmers and programmers, professionals, and students to create applications for Android," the statement on the official Google blog, Monday (7/12/2010) wrote one engineer Mark.

With this software, application makers do not have to do coding or text-based programming because it has provided command blocks that can perform certain functions. Stay stacking blocks are programmed like a lego set.

So, everyone Android users even beginners can create their own applications for his device. Including a simple application for personal needs.

"You can make whatever application you have in mind. For example, you can create applications to help remember where you parked the car a friend, or design their own applications for a tour of the school, workplace, or museums. The software maker is accompanied by a sensor GPS application, so you can create applications that can inform the location where you are, or the application to track where your friends are, "explains Google.

This software will be available in the coming weeks. Currently still in testing in the laboratory Android.

Only a Growing Market Share Android

Do not be surprised to rabid Apple fans and the BlackBerry. Now a new challenger that has been in front of the eyes, ie Android, making a big leap in the smartphone market segment with very high growth especially in the U.S. market.

According to the latest report released by ComScore, Android is the only smartphone platform that experienced growth in the U.S. market. Android in the U.S. market share rose from 9 percent in February 2010 to 13 percent in May 2010. Although still in fourth position, Android getting closer to a third position held by Microsoft with 13.2 percent.

At the top is still the BlackBerry platform and Research In Motion (RIM), followed by the iPhone from Apple. However, both RIM, Apple, and Microsoft dropped its market share. RIM is down from 42.1 percent to 41.7 percent. Apple fell from 25.4 percent to 24.4 percent. Microsoft dropped from 15.1 percent to 13.2 percent.

If we see 13 percent figure is not so great, but Android has a consistent growth than its competitors. This is probably because the open platform Android menggunakna supported many mobile phone vendors and operators are not fixated on one just like the iPhone.

iPhone 4 indeed many were sold in the first few weeks, but some buyers may simply fanatical fans of the iPhone. Android is more well-known fact in the shops, for example, many people are looking for Motorola smartphone and Samsung Galaxy Droid X S.

Google said that they issued 160 000 new Android to the market every day and before Droid X was launched. Android android-old did not grow so fast but raced since released Android 2.2. Nevertheless, the data does not include the effect of the iPhone launch on June 4. Microsoft also plans to hit the market at the end of the year with Windows Phone 7 which is also supported by many mobile phone manufacturers. Will Android continues to dominate the market, just wait.

10 Ways to Use Twitter for Bloggers Strategies

Twitter is so fun and rewarding place to promote your blog. Through this microblogging, you can drive traffic in cyberspace to visit it. From there, you can develop a blog to build a broader relationship.

Here are some suggestions on how you use Twitter to your blog:

1. Drive Traffic
Twitter has likened the effect to the spread of the virus in the body. Your business, if it is packed with interesting, can spread rapidly in the Twitter community. For example if you launch a new feature on your blog and interesting, then send to Twitter so that it appears the followers. There is a possibility they'll spread the news.

2. Networking with Like-Minded People
Twitter is arranged to act as networked media. People "follow" users to Tweet and enjoy in accordance with its interests. As a result, you can connect with people who think the same is using Twitter.

3. Make Business Contacts
You can connect your Twitter users to establish business contacts. You can also take advantage of this microblogging to find someone to help business.

4. Establish Yourself As an Expert Image
You can imaging yourself as an expert in one field. This was done by communicating through a Tweet about science of matter you speak, answer questions via Tweet, and looking for new contacts. If these efforts succeed, you will be viewed as an expert so that the higher the credibility of your blog.

5. Get Ideas for Blog Posts
If you run out of ideas for writing on a blog, Twitter can help get it. There can follow what is being crowded issues discussed. You can also send the post to ask for input.

6. Ask a Question
Do not hesitate to ask questions when it was under way Tweet. From the answers received, there can learn something new and find new bloggers and users to deal with this.

7. Provide Live Coverage
If you attend a conference or meeting and want to share, you can send a Tweet on a real-time to share information. From there you learn and then explain to Tweet about blog posts.

8. Ask To Dig, Stumble, and Other Tools
Twitter is a great place to ask for the followers. Stumble this blog post or dig. You can also ask other users blogging about the post with a link. Can also spread the word to their followers. This can drive traffic in a virtual world to your blog more.

9. Fact Checking the accuracy and
Imagine you're writing for a blog about the new show, but do not know how to spell the names of people involved in it. Send to Twitter to get the information you need.

10. Finding and Distribute Resources
In the blog is necessary to quote, interview or guest post. If you offer services as a source, send to Twitter.

Tip Securing Wireless Networks

Tip Securing Wireless NetworksWireless technology has been used many products. Ranging from cordless phones, cellular to the notebook. Many users are comfortable with this hardware. Understandably they were not in a more-complicated by the brittle cable.

However, wireless network was vulnerable to the problem and not free from threats. Here are tips from CNET him safe.

Step 1: Know your network

Learn how your wireless device to work. Inside the cable technology, data is sent from the computer to the web via a cable connected to the port. In contrast with wireless technology, data is sent via radio waves. Without security, one particular device can take it away.

Step 2: Change Password and SSID

The first tactic, hackers are opening the door to know the personal identity. Each wireless network, from large corporations to home-based scale, has a number SSID (service set identification) To protect in order not to give way, you should change the SSID number and password.

Step 3: Set up MAC Filter

This step supposing change the key to the house by leaving the key in the door. Media Access Control (MAC) is a filter that gives you control over many of the access network. If not change it, the hackers may use it.

To make computers more specifically, you need an additional 12-digit MAC addresses on each device such as PC, notebook or router. MAC filtering process is different for each device, but in many ways opened the wireless software and melokalisasinya's the right thing. Find the MAC addresses for each device.

Step 4: Encrypt, encrypt, encrypt

Encryption is the key. There are two types of rule mengenskripsi: WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) and WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access). Both block intruders, which is usually more secure WPA for a dynamic process. When you can not access the WPA encryption, a combination of WEP and MAC filters usually enough to deter hackers. In short, WPA is a newer router instead of WEP.

Step 5: Fill in the Gap with Software

In all types of security, hackers trying to incapacitate any way. The software may be able to protect him. Software such as Trend Micro PC, Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite and McAfee Wireless Home Network Security can monitor your wireless network and alert you when there is an intruder. Product from AOL called Active Security Monitor will diagnose and protect your network and recommend improvements if needed.

Social Networking Tips For Making Your Stay Productive

Influence of social networking are truly extraordinary. A number of my colleagues even had time to update the status in the middle of busy work in the field, even when he was in the bathroom though.

For some people, communication in social networks already, such as 'smoking' for smokers. I can imagine when someone is working, still able to update the status quickly, but when asked to do something new boss can be completed towards the end of the deadline. Social networking, of course for everyone, want to make it as a media-enhancing productivity, and efficiency.

But if you feel it is reduce your productivity or the community itself, there are tips for reducing the 'addiction' it.

1. Limit social networks you use. For instance you have an account on Facebook, Twitter, Linkin, Plurk. Pick your network which is so necessary for your job or personal communication. One network for personal communications, and others to work.

2. Actually select and follow your friends who are familiar with. You must follow a friend who had nothing to do with the job. To follow someone who does not know that will reduce your productivity because you will run out of time to chat unnecessarily. For that, you should really show your personal data.

3. Use filters enrollment. You can select the update status of your friends who you think is very important you follow. That way you will not receive much information 'rubbish'. You can share the updates from co-workers or job-related status of you or a friend who really close to it.

4. Use schedule. You, unless indeed the information that strongly supports the development of your job, do not have to continually see the development status. You can adjust when it opens social networks, such as rest time, or time off and relax.

5. If still having trouble, too, use a timer. Organize your time, such as access to the network can only be done at certain hours only. You could use regular phones or media that you use.

Well, this is just a tips to avoid addiction to social networking. Sure you want to reduce the addiction to social networking to increase productivity. Good luck

YouTube Supports High Resolution Video

YouTube Supports High Resolution VideoYouTube officially announced support for playing videos with high resolution formats such as 4k, the standard resolution for films with a size of 4096 x 3072 pixels.

In a blog, YouTube Engineer Ramesh said last Friday Sarukkai 4k format is nearly four times the size of 1080p. YouTube provides a special playlist of five movies that can be played back in their native resolution of 4k size. "But to play it needed enough bandwidth speed and the right equipment," tulisa Sarukkai warned.

This means that users are able to watch YouTube videos in high definition is where they are supported as long as a fast internet connection and equipment to enjoy the 4k format video in their native resolution, such as jumbo-sized screen or video projector that mempu spray 4k format.

Twitter Provide Shopping Services

Twitter Provide Shopping ServicesTwitter social networking sites began to open the service to shop via @ earlybird. @ Earlybird is the official twitter account a company that provides reservation or purchase of goods.

Through twitter, follower that account can find out who the other users that participate in the flow twet ordering. To transact, the company is establishing partnerships with providers of electronic payment services.

Various needs can be ordered via this account, such as books, music, movies, and TV shows. According to Twitter, @ earlybird name would later become the famous brand new although currently browsing for services at the local level.

USB port Damaged, the iPhone 4 Burned

USB port Damaged, the iPhone 4 BurnedNot too weak signal problem on the iPhone 4 solved, nothing else to watch out for the fourth-generation smartphone users iPhone's. A report on the website Boy Genius Report says a fourth fire when iPhone is connected to a computer that uses the original USB cable from Apple which is bundled together with the cell phone.

IPhone 4 fire incident was the first time and the owner's hand a little burned. "The USB port on your phone cord melted and melted," wrote the owner of the iPhone in there.

According to the confirmation of an Apple store, the burning device was not caused by user errors, but because of damage to the USB port of the iPhone 4. In the comments section, others complain of overheating or excess heat in the device.

Carlos Martins blogger wrote a few days ago he did Ustream from iPhone 4, but only a few minutes, the iPhone becomes very hot, so he had to turn off these devices.

Google Allowed Operations In China

Google Allowed Operations In ChinaSan Francisco - The Chinese government has allowed Google to operate in the country, last Friday. Permit or license ICP (Internet Content Provider) is awarded after the state government had set a bamboo curtain of censorship stringent requirements on Internet service.

Previously, Google will leave the Chinese government because of a protective attitude towards the internet services in order to prevent access to pornographic sites and endangering the state. Since March last, those who want to access Google services to be connected to Google's office in Hong Kong.

Google claims, with the given permission, at least the company can manage the site in that country until the next one year. For search engines that, China with a population of up to 400 million people is a promising Internet market.

Acer Launches Android phone

Acer Launches Android phoneOne more will enliven the android phone android market in Indonesia. Liquid E produced phone Acer in recent days would be circulated in Indonesia.

Brand Manager Smart Handheld Acer Acer Group Indonesia, Halim said Husen Liquid E be Acer's first android phone. "Our focus this year was the android, and this starts from Liquid E," Halim said on the sidelines of a media preview of BNI 46 building in Jakarta, Thursday (8 / 7).

Liquid E is going to be sold with the bundling of data services from Indosat. Consumers will also get unlimited data service for three months.

Halim explained compared to the other android phones, Liquid has the superior features and prices. "Competitive mobile data has the latest features of the eclair, so called Liquid E," he said.

Eclair feature embedded therein, among others, ease of contact, multimedia, nemoplayer, ufoos and so forth. Halim said earlier Acer Donnut out his cell phone, but without the eclair.

Liquid E has a wide 3.5-inch WVGA screen. Inside dibenami Snapdragon 8250.768 MHz processor. This phone works on GSM / EDGE 850,900,1800,1900 MH7 and HSDPA / HSUPA 7.2 Mbps 900,1900,2100 MHz DL / UL 2 Mbps. Liquid has a ROM / RAM 512 / 512 GB external and additional memory up to 8 GB.

Like other android phones, Liquid can also access Google applications even though the new stores are free. One special feature buried in this Acer android phone is Twitdroid. "We did get a special," said Halim.

Other features of the google map, A-GPS, Streetview. Liquid E is equipped with a 5 megapixel camera, VGA video recording up to 24fps. For lovers of music, Liquid E has a music streaming feature. Lovers of any linked social networking with MySpace and Facebook that can be clicked directly from one screen without the incoming settings.

Mobile data has three color versions namely maroon, black and white. But in Indonesia will be sold the new black. Prices will below Rp 5 million.

Solar Impulse 24 Hour Fully Successful Fly

Solar Impulse 24 Hour Fully Successful FlyPayerne - experimental aircraft that rely on sunlight as a source of energy, Solar Impulse, landed safely on Thursday morning after the completed testing of its first 24-hour nonstop flight. The flight proved that the plane was able to gather enough solar energy during the day to keep him on the air all night.

The plane landed at the airfield Payerne, about 50 kilometers southwest of Bern, the capital of Switzerland, at 0700 GMT, or 9 am local time. Andre Borschberg pilot landed the plane with the help of a group of people that help balance the prototype aircraft was so touched the runway. This was done to ensure the aircraft wings which reach 63 feet it does not touch the ground and roll planes.

Solar Impulse airlines that achieved a record solar plane to fly with the longest, more than a day and night. Record for the Swiss team that brought the project for seven years closer to their primary goal to circumnavigate the world with a capital of only the energy from sunlight. The flight proved that it can fill a plane full of batteries just by using solar cells and 12 000 in the afternoon sunlight.

Borschberg, 57, a former Swiss fighter jet pilot, managed to overcome the turbulence at low altitude and thermal winds, and survive the freezing conditions at night. Borschberg hugged Bertrand Piccard, one of the founders of the company Solar Impulse, before removing himself from the cockpit-sized tub that has been occupied for 26 hours. "The period when you take off is another era," said Piccard. "You landed in a new era, an era in which people know that the renewable energy you can do impossible things."

Number of Flora Species Not Found Bigger 20 Percent

Number of Flora Species Not Found Bigger 20 PercentCambridge-battered variety of threats ranging from habitat loss to climate change, thousands of rare plant species throughout the world is likely to become extinct before scientists find them. According to the study of three British and American scientists, published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society, the number of species of flowering plants that have not been found in 10-20 percent larger than previous estimates.

"Scientists have estimated that, overall, there are about five million to 50 million species, but less than two million of the species that have been found until now." Said study principal investigator, Lucas Joppa from Microsoft Research in Cambridge, England. "By using Anyar, we can estimate the total species of flowering plants is more accurate, and count how many are up to now not been found."

Based on the plant family data online "World Checklist of Selected Plant Families" at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, scientists calculate species of flowering plants that have not been known to science is much greater, about 10 to 20 percent from original estimates. "This discovery has vast implications for conservation, because many species are still unknown it is likely rare and endangered plants," said Joppa.

New, more accurate estimation can be used to estimate the proportion of all endangered species. "If we take the number of currently known species threatened with extinction, and add them to an undiscovered species, we can estimate that between 27 to 33 percent of all flowering plants will be threatened with extinction," he said. "The percentage that reflects the global impact of various factors such as habitat loss. That number will be even greater if you include other threats such as climate change."

Oracle Launches New Version Business Intelligence Solutions

Oracle Launches New Version Business Intelligence SolutionsOracle announced the launch of Oracle Business Intelligence 11g, a package of products that claimed to Business Intelligence is the most complete, integrated and flexible. It also promised to give to its users, the ability to achieve better business.

Business Intelligence Products new version is also claimed to improve performance, flexibility and security through integration with Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g, as well as the components of Oracle products, Oracle Fusion Middleware.

Oracle Business Intelligence 11g is also the first solution that unites the Relational OLAP (R-OLAP), Multidimensional OLAP (M-OLAP) and business reporting in a standardized technology base.

Anyar solution is also planted a new application, namely the Oracle Balanced Scorecard and Strategy Management, an integrated component of Oracle Business Intelligence 11g that helps its users achieve organizational goals.

This new version includes product user interface has been improved, including a map visualization options that are connected directly with spatial data. This may provide a more intuitive user experience.

"Oracle 11g Business Intelligence provides business intelligence analysis capabilities are broad, ranging from business reporting, scorecard, instrument panel, instant searches, OLAP analysis and collaboration that can be followed up on a foundation of integrated technologies," said Paul Rodwick, Vice President Product Management, Oracle Business Intelligence, through a press release.

According to him, this new version is easy to implement. Especially to meet departmental needs, and to provide unparalleled performance for enterprise programs that complicated though.

Simple SEO technique tips but effective

With the increasingly high demand for information, search engines are the most widely used tool for seeking information. And for the owners of blogs or websites, search engines are the most preferred interface. Online business could get thousands or even millions of requests from visitors who targeted. Because most visitors coming through search engines is to potential visitors, so many transactions that occur.

Many blog or site owners are often impatient with the conduct prohibited steps order to position your site or blog can be number one. Believe me, sooner or later these measures will not get caught and you get a good position, but your blog will be deleted and will never exist in the search engines.

In fact, without doing the forbidden SEO step (blackhat seo) our blog can get a good position on search engines. Perform simple SEO steps and improve the quality of the content of your blog. From my experience, following a simple SEO tips but effective to blog or site can get a good position on search engines. And here are SEO simple steps that we can do for blog or website are in the best position in search engines, particularly Google, Bing and Yahoo.

1. Make sure you know the keywords you want to target
Remember, visitors type in keywords on search engines and search engine display pages that match those keywords. Without the right keywords, it is impossible to a site or a blog can get a good position. You can use free tools to search for keywords that match your goals. Understand the correct keywords then you will be successful in internet business.

2. Use your domain name and a file that points to the keyword
Until whenever, it will be important in seo techniques. Make sure you use the domain name and file name that leads to the keywords you are targeting.

3. Put SEO friendly the keyword in the title
Inevitably, that keyword in the title tag is very important after the domain name and file. Insert a keyword in the title and even better in the first 80 characters.

4. Make the description meta tag
Although many say the description meta tag is not important, but with my experienced was different. My blog which contains the description meta tag always get a good position than which there is no meta description tag.

5. Expand the inbound link
Look at wikipedia, there are many inbound links (internal links). This seems simple, but very important in seo techniques. Many seo experts who say that inbound links more important than that obtained from the outside links, although a high pagerank.

6. Get a quality link
If you are looking for links from other blogs, use the appropriate link with the keywords that you target.

Maybe there are many ways to make your blog or site get a good position on search engines. However, as I said that I only give you simple SEO technique tips but effective. Later I'll discuss more about other SEO techniques or the continuation of this SEO article. I hope, a simple SEO technique tips but effective but effective that I present is useful for you. If there is any question about SEO techniques tips please ask in the comment form.