Samsung Core, Name for Mobile "Quad Core"?

Samsung Electronics has registered a trademark, Samsung Core. There has been no information from Samsung, is it used for the trademark.

As quoted from Ubergizmo, this name can be will be the name of one of Samsung's mobile devices, like cell phones, smart phones, or tablets. However, if seen from Samsung will likely make his name as the name of the device that uses a four-core processor (quad core) in the future.

Starting this year, Samsung will aggressively offer smartphone with quad-core, like the Samsung Galaxy S III and S 3D Galaxy is likely to be launched at Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona, Spain next February 2012.

For Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung will equip the devices with a 1.8 GHz quad-core processors. Rumors last mentioned, the processor in the Galaxy S III will use a processor Exynos 4412 (rumor) ARM-based quad-core Cortex A9.

So India World's Biggest Spam contributor, Indonesia Number 2!

E-mail is a means of effective and efficient communication. But unfortunately, current e-mail that is actually very useful littered with e-mails, e-mail containing information of unwanted or spam. The numbers were daily increasing.

Surprisingly, e-mail spam which is very much of this stems partly from Indonesia. Although not a contributor to the number one most spam, it would be a "disgrace" for our beloved country.

Which country is the largest disseminators of spam? Kaspersky antivirus company mentions in his research that India is the country sending the most spam e-mails. According to Kaspersky, during the third quarter of 2011, of the entire e-mail traffic globally, as many as 79.8 per cent are spam. Of that amount, 14.8 percent came from India, and 10.6 percent from Indonesia, and 9.7 percent of Brazil.

Darya Gudkova, a spam analyst at Kaspersky said the statistics reflect a growing trend for spam. Spam sent from computers in many Asian and Latin American countries due to lack of awareness about Internet security. Law to the realm of e-mail spam is still weak. This allows cyber criminals to build botnet (infected tissue).

Wijay mukhi, internet security specialist in Mumbai, the capital of India, said spammers are forced to find a new base after the other states crack down on the practice of spam. India currently has 112 million Internet users, the third largest in the world after China and the United States, according to The Internet and Mobile Association of India (IMAI).

The association estimates that 5 to 7 million new users being added to every month and with this growth, India will have more users than the United States two years into the future. This fact will increase the potential users become contributors to the e-mail spam.

Government officials may not act decisively because India does not have antispam laws. Something similar happened in Indonesia, as quoted from DailySocial, the Law of Information and Electronic Transaction (Act No. 11 Year 2008/UU ITE) does not explicitly express article related to e-mail spam.

However, it should be sending spam e-mails can be categorized as forbidden, as set forth in Chapter VII, Article 27-34. Violations of these articles can be punishable with imprisonment of law and / or fines.

So long as there is no clear legal for the prevention of spam e-mail this then we must guard against spam attacks "artificial" in the country.

Things we can do as users to reduce the spread of local spam is to use antivirus always updated and regularly change the password e-mail account.

2 Months, Galaxy's Practice Note 1 Million Units

Samsung Electronics announced that global sales of smartphones Galaxy Note, until Thursday (12/29/2011), has surpassed 1 million units in just two months.

Note the new Galaxy began to be marketed by Samsung in late October 2011. Samsung claims the Galaxy Note is a combination of smartphones and tablets. Samsung provide this product with Dual Core 1.5GHz processor, 5.3 inch screen with HD AMOLED display technology, and uses the Android operating system 2.3 Gingerbread.

Uniqueness of this product is, the availability of a digital pen or a so-called S Pen, which allows users to write or draw on the screen.

In the first quarter of 2012, Samsung has announced it will upgrade the operating system to use the Android 4.0 Galaxy Note the so-called Ice Cream Sandwich.

Note Galaxy got a good market share in France and Germany. Note If the Galaxy next year began to be marketed in the United States, sales figures expected to rise rapidly.

Samsung's smartphone product sales in the year 2011 has reached 60 million units, up three times more than in 2010. The number of Samsung's smartphone sales have surpassed sales of Apple Inc.

Kyobo, the Mirasol First Android Device

Mirasol display technology, which is inspired by butterfly wings, already used in consumer products. Kyobo eReader is the first device so the screen.

Kyobo eReader are digital gadgets that were presented book bookstore Kyobo Book Center in South Korea. These devices use the base operating system Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) with a special display.

Devices sold in the range of 310 dollars is targeted at users in the education community, such as college students. Colored e-paper screen is believed it will feel comfortable to read textbooks, because just by reading the paper.

Screen used in the eReader Kyobo measuring 5.7 inches with a resolution of 1024x768. He also uses LED lights for illumination during the dark.

Although the color, the brightness of the resulting color Mirasol display at Kyobo would not be worth the display iPad or other Android tablets.

A device with a 1GHz Snapdragon processor will be supported 9000's collection of titles from Kyobo. In addition there are educational video content, integration into social networking and entertainment content.

Perhaps the most compelling of these devices are battery-efficient. Thanks to e-paper screen, the Kyobo supposedly can be used by more than three weeks.

They Mutual Denies Rumors About iPad 3

Apple plans to produce new iPad will probably be named iPad 3, reap the mutual action denies rumors about the design, specification, and the date of its release. Argued that the action performed by the mass media and observers.

Technology news site DigiTimes from Taiwan, reported that Apple will introduce two new iPad models. Two new iPad will be introduced in early January 2012, the Macworld conference in San Francisco iWorld.

Digitimes reported that the latest iPad will still measuring 9.7 inches, 7.85 inches is not like the rumors that have been developed. The screen resolution of 2.048 x 1536 pixels, tech QXGA with 2 light bars to reinforce the panel brightness.

This latest iPad market targeting mid-end and high-end. While iPad 2 which was launched in March 2011, will be positioned to compete head to head with Amazon's Kindle tablets Fire incise successful in the United States.

Leaked information from DigiTimes was denied by Jim Dalrymple, an observer who had had a close relationship with Apple.

In a personal blog, Jim writes, that all reports DigiTimes is completely wrong. "I have to confirm some sources, the iPad 3 is not released at the Macworld conference in January 2012," wrote Jim. According to him, the iPad 3 will be released at the annual Consumer Electronic Show (CES), which will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center, 9-13 January 2012.

Dalrymple statement supported 2 news site which highlights the activities and products of Apple, the Apple Insider and MacWorld. Both questioned the validity of the DigiTimes story, and believes the rumors are hard to believe.

Some time ago also circulated rumors about the launch of the iPad 3 which will be coupled with the birthday of the late Steve Jobs, February 24, 2012.

Rumors about the design, specification, and Apple's new product launch date is never-ending. This happened not once or twice, but each time Apple is creating new products. Plus, rumors of this kind always anticipated a fanatical fan of Apple products. Unfortunately, Apple never divulge information about their latest products.

Ray Xperia, Sony Ericsson Smartphone Beautiful

Sony Ericsson re-presents the latest series of Xperia smartphones. This time Ray called the Xperia. The most prominent of these smartphones is a beautiful design, with minimalist 3.3-inch screen sizes and wrap with aluminum.

"Xperia Ray is so strong in design so it looks eksklusifitasnya viewed directly. With a thickness of only 9.4 mm, Xperia Ray has a choice of fashionable colors, there are gold, white, pink, and black," said Ben Padley, Head of Marketring , Sony Ericsson Indonesia.

In a product launch that was held on Friday (07/10/2011), explained that like the previous series Xperia, Xperia Ray brings advantages in typical Sony Ericsson design, visual technology advantages of Sony, as well as Qualcomm's Snapdragon chipset output.

Design of Sony Ericsson's pretty obvious congenital known from previous products. Meanwhile, the technology brought from Sony is a Reality dispaly with Mobile BRAVIA Engine, a 8.1 MP camera with a mobile sensor Exmor R and HD video recording function.

Meanwhile, the worn-capable processor 1GHz and Gingerbread Android operating system is 2.3. Another advantage is up inside that support social networking activities, the screen is scratch resistant, as well as the 1500 mAh battery that is claimed to stand all day.

This smartphone is sold at normal price of Rp 3.099 million. But the Sony Ericsson in cooperation with Bank Permata so users can buy the Xperia Ray at a price of Rp 2.499 million, either by credit or debit card.

For owners of credit cards, but can get a mortgage 0 per cent, can also enjoy unlimited access for 1 month from AXIS and 20 percent discount for merchandise from Welcomm. Unfortunately, only for purchase in the Sony Ericsson Senayan City and Orchid Garden, 14-16 October 2011.

This smartphone is probably not the best features of many smartphones in circulation. However, Djunadi said, "We provide a choice for our customers according to their needs. So with features, this smartphone already has its own target."

Xperia Ray was launched simultaneously with the 10th anniversary of Sony Ericsson. Sony Ericsson has been present since 2001 with the T68 series, award-winning mobile phones with the T610 series, introduced the Walkman music phones and phones with the Cyber ​​Shot.

Hunting Badge in Marlboro Light Connection

Berlin, Istanbul, and New York with all its beauty may have been just a dream. Marlboro Light Connection will realize that dream, not just the third visit that place but also enjoy first-class facilities.

"The trick is finding the code to get the badge. There are 12 badges are required, 4 is the symbol of Istanbul, 4 symbols 4 symbols of Berlin and New York," said Baba Hazuaria, Head of Brand Management Marlboro in a press conference today (07/10/2011 ).

To find the code, Marlboro combining online and offline experience. The code can be found on the website or in the event Marlboro to be held in Jakarta, Bandung, Medan, Bali and Yogyakarta, and can also be obtained on billboards and retailers.

For starters, applicants must mendaftarakan yourself to the website above Marlboro. Then participants can begin to collect badges in accordance with the instructions. Badges can also be exchanged for one another and exchanged for merchandise.

"I'll choose two that will travel to Berlin, Istanbul, and New York. But since that was not fun, then each participant may bring one friend," continued Hazuria. The winner will also join the winners from other countries.

In Berlin, the winner could be clubbing in the biggest clubs in Europe. Meanwhile, in Istanbul, the winner can enjoy a private party on board pesiar.Untuk New York, the participants can live photo shoot with America's leading photographers and of course enjoy the heart of the world's cities. This opportunity is open only to adult smokers,

Samsung Nexus Prime Delays by Steve Jobs?

Samsung and Google agree to delay their new product announcement event which was originally to be held on Tuesday (11/10/2011). No official reason put forward this delay, but many believe this to honor the death of the founder of Apple, Steve Jobs.

Representatives of Samsung said, "We believe now is not the right time to announce a new product."

Not yet clear what the product will be launched, but most likely it is the Samsung Nexus Prime and Google's latest mobile operating system, Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich).

Samsung Nexus Prime is Samsung's latest smartphone is rumored to have a unique design with a curved screen (curved) and high hardware specs.

Nexus Prime will be powered by a 1.5 GHz dual core processor, PowerVR graphics chip SGX542MP2, just like the one on the iPhone iPad 2 and 4S, and has a 4.65-inch AMOLED screen with Super-resolution HD quality, 1280x720. And, Nexus Prime honored as the first smartphone will be equipped with the latest Google Android operating system, Ice Cream Sandwiches.

The event which was originally held in San Diego, USA, was postponed until an undetermined time. However, the rumors, this event will be held October 27, 2011 in London, along with the Nokia World 2011 event in which the Nokia smartphone with Windows Mango will be launched.

Whether this delay was to honor Steve Jobs or any other reason? We'll wait.

BlackBerry Curve 9360 Sign in Indonesia

BlackBerry Curve smartphone is one of the models made by Research In Motion (RIM) is popular in Indonesia. One more models available in the country is the BlackBerry Curve 9360 with a price of USD 3.599 million through the three official distributors namely PT Comtech Cellular, Mobile Media Infotama PT, and PT Artha Mandiri Teletama ..

"We expect the BlackBerry Curve 9360, with a significant increase in performance as well as all the advantages of the BlackBerry operating system 7, will be well received by new users, as well as loyal BlackBerry users who want to enhance the experience," Hastings said Singh, Vice President of South Asia Research In Motion, in a press release on Friday (10/07/2011).

The shape of this new BlackBerry Curve smartphone is more slender. GPS support and Wi-Fi is included, coupled with a 5MP camera with flash and recording capabilities can be shared instantly videoyang into social networking. Slot microSD / SDHC memory card support up to 32 GB for additional storage media.

The operating system used the latest version of 7 new BlackBerry. The ability of processors, displays, and memory, better than previous versions and there is already a built-in support for NFC (Near Field Communications), a new technology platform to support wireless transactions.

7 supported BlackBerry Internet browser is more responsive with support for WebKit browser engine that provides web-browser experience a faster and smoother significantly. The new browser also supports HTML5 prepared for future access multimedia content.

New Fotur is also included with BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) version 6 is already able to connect with third-party applications. For example, by somersault so that users easily interact with each other through the application of "Fuel connected". In addition, there are applications Social Feeds 2.0 that provides ease of access to social networking updates in one view.

Computer Tablet 35 U.S. Dollars from India

India launched its tablet computer is touted as the cheapest in the world, with a subsidized price of only 35 U.S. dollars. Tablets will be sold to students in order to expand access to digital in the country.

For the initial stage, the computer named Aakash, which means the sky, it will be produced as many as 100,000 units. Only in a few months later the number will be increased availability of the millions of units.

"Immediately, the computer 35 dollars (U.S.) will be available to every child in school. This tablet computer will help the quality of learning in children," said Minister of Telecommunications and Education India Kapil Sibal.

Aakash developed over two years by a British company, DataWind, with Google's Android operating system. The device is equipped with wireless Internet connection capabilities.

Through this project the government wanted to realize the application of information technology in education, although no denying many critics who doubted the ability of the tool is worth 1750 rupees.

"Tablets are usually even cheaper can not be used," said Rajat Agrawal, Executive Editor BGR India. "The device is usually not equipped with touch screens are nice and usually very slow."

Bharat Mehra, an expert in the use of communication technology in development, argues that this cheap tablet computer can be used for distance learning antarsiswa in rural areas.

Not the iPhone 5, but the iPhone 4S

SAN FRANCISCO - The latest generation of Apple's smartphone has been waiting the past few weeks was not the iPhone 5. No new models with screens wider or thinner design than 4 as the rumored iPhone. Apple announced its newest product, the iPhone 4S, in a press conference in Cupertino, California, United States, Tuesday (04/10/2011).

4S iPhone is Apple's first product launched under the leadership of Tim Cook as CEO to replace Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs did not appear at all on stage. Tim Cook opened the event with a showcase achievement 4S Apple before the iPhone was announced at the peak of the event.

In appearance, the same as the iPhone 4 that has been circulating for almost a year with the screen size and the same thickness. However, new features, better than its predecessor's. 4S iPhone using the processor and graphics card with dual-core chips like those used A5 Apple iPad 2 thus providing twice the performance and multimedia access experience seven times faster.

IPhone camera according to the latest predictions, namely the 8-megapixel sensor that produces images with a maximum size of 3264 x 2448 pixels. Interestingly, it can record video with 1080p HD quality. This product uses the new Image Signal Processor designed for Apple to do facial recognition and introduction of white balance 26 per cent better. The lenses are composed of five layers so as to produce images 30 percent sharper and equipped with infrared filters to produce a more natural color. Just takes 1.1 seconds for the first time shooting.

Connection supports GSM and CDMA networks at the same time thus giving greater convenience to the user to select the desired service. 4S iPhone also has a direct use of IOS 5 that comes with new features. Data access capabilities with high speed downlink packet access (HSDPA) also increased from a maximum of 7.2 Mbps on the iPhone 4 to 14.4 Mbps on the iPhone 4S. 4S does not yet support the iPhone 4G technology LTE.

This will be the first smartphone that supports voice recognition feature that is named Siri. The user can give commands to the various menus such as playing music, GPS navigation, and search contacts. Siri is designed to be a personal assistant that helps users answer questions directly.

iPhone 4S will be available starting October 14, 2011 with white and black model with a price of 199 dollars for the 16 GB version, 299 dollars for 32 GB, and 399 U.S. dollars for 64 GB. Everything is of course to purchase a data package subscription contract two years in the U.S.. Apple is adding distribution channels through the Sprint Nextel in the U.S. than AT & T and Verizon Wireless. Besides the U.S., the first debut will also be available in Canada, Australia, Britain, France, Germany, and Japan. Following 24 other states on October 28, 2011.

The presence of 4S iPhone nor more economical models like the rumors that circulated earlier. However, Apple is definitely strategy remains the same, that is so new products are present, the old models come down in price. iPhone 3G 8 GB model and even provided free of charge to customers with a two-year contract in the U.S., while the iPhone 4 8 GB model priced at only 99 U.S. dollars with the same contract.

iPhone and Windows Phone colonized in the Country Self

Sometimes technology is not friendly with his own house. Evidence of research from Nielsen's research institute, in June about the mobile phone operating system in America, suggests that Apple actually evicted. This brand is like a brand of the nation's land. Once the case with Windows (see Microsoft's Windows Phone, RED) is like a product originally from USA, was stunned by the aggressiveness of Android.

The institution said Android has become the "king" in this country. Android has surpassed the number of Apple-made phone that just sits in second place until the middle of this year. Total Android phones held by the American people as much as 39 percent. While grappling iPhone only 28 percent. Beneath it, a product that debuted the neighboring countries, the BlackBerry with the percentage of market share by 20 percent.

The remaining 13 percent divided to Windows mobile phone by 9 percent. And that 4 percent - it is funny-distributed to cell phones or Palm OS sorts WebOS and Nokia.

The only American brand that plays in the vehicle Android, Motorola, also made ​​the situation "hard to breathe in their own country" increasingly felt. Manufacturing is a global lost by HTC of Taiwan. Motorola just 11 percent and flanked by the other Asian players, Samsung is sitting at number three Android phones. If you have this, android is actually attacked America. Android firmly united.

RIM Introduce the BlackBerry 7

Company Research In Motion (RIM), Wednesday (08/03/2011) announced plans to launch five new BlackBerry smartphones based on operating system (OS) Blackberry 7. Together with partner operators and distributors around the world, presenting two models of RIM's BlackBerry Bold and BlackBerry Torch three models are equipped the latest BlackBerry OS 7.

The presence of various types of new handsets this will be the biggest launch ever undertaken globally RIM along with 225 operator and distributor partners who have run and completed the 500 programs that have been certified for five new handsets.

"This is a global launch of the BlackBerry largest in history," said Mike Lazaridis, President and CEO of Research In Motion on Wednesday (03/08/2011) in electronic mail.

"Blackberry solution offers a best mobile experience, like users and we are confident they will be impressed with the fast performance, better browsing system and is rich in multimedia where all this is present in the BlackBerry Bold and BlackBerry recent Torch," said Lazaridis.

With the presence of the latest generation of hardware and software from RIM, Blackberry smartphones that use the fifth Blackberry OS 7 offers a variety of design models that can be selected to produce the communications, multimedia and the highest productivity for its users.

BlackBerry Bold 9900 and 9930 is the thinnest smartphone RIM has ever released, where each device has a great keyboard and touch display is brilliant. TorchTM BlackBerry 9810 smartphone is designed based on the popularity of the BlackBerry TorchTM 9800 combined with a large touch display with slide-out keyboard that will allow its users.

TorchTM BlackBerry 9850 and 9860 as a whole will introduce a new design with a touch display featuring touch the largest display ever on a BlackBerry.

First Tablet Lenovo Sign Late This Year

Output Lenovo's latest Tablet, IdeaPad Tablet K1, will be available in Indonesia began the fourth quarter of 2011. This was stated in a press conference in the Ballroom Lenovo Ritz Carlton, Pacific Place, Jakarta, today (27/07/2011).

Tablet IdeaPad K1 will be one of the products featured in the new campaign Lenovo bertagline "For Those Who Do" which also launched today. X1 and its Thinkpad notebooks, Tablet IdeaPad K1 launched to increase market share in Indonesia Lenovo.

"We see Indonesia as a key market for growth and we plan to further increase our presence in retail Indonesia. With the campaign, we aim our brand more known. It was strengthened with the launch of the ThinkPad and IdeaPad Tablet X1 K1, products are designed by considering The Do-er, "said Sandy Lumi, Country General Manager Lenovo Indonesia.

IdeaPad K1 Tablets running the Android operating system 3.1 and has filled more than 40 applications. one unique application was developed by Lenovo Social Touch. With this application, users can access all social networking sites in one place.

The tablet also has the "Home" is unique and Lenovo Application Launcher which help users access the functions most frequently used. There is also an application to support Adobe Flash 10.3 entertainment experience.

Completing the tablet function, grafted 2 dual 5 MP camera on the back and 2 MP on the front. Also equipped with Bluetooth konektiovitas integrated Wi-Fi802.11 and 1080p video out, HDMI out, full size USB port, and full size S card.

Lenovo IdeaPad K1 is a tablet-sized 10.1 inches. Weighing only 0.75 kg, the tablet is enough support for mobile users. Nvidia Tegra processor 2 with a speed of 1 GHz and 1GB of DDR2 RAM to support the performance of these tablets.

In the outcome, the tablet is priced 499 U.S. dollars for the 32GB capacity. However, prices in Indonesia have not notified until today. Available in gray and white, this tablet can be used up to 10 hours to support battery power.

Dell Venue Now Available in Indonesia

Dell Dell Venue fulfill his promise to bring into Indonesia. Thursday (21 / 7 / 2011) in Grand Indonesia, Jakarta, Dell announced the availability of these products formally.

Dell Venue is a 4-inch screen smartphone with Android operating system 2.2 Froyo. Based on the release of Dell, this product will be marketed at a price of USD 4,250,000.00. Applications are available as well as the software supports the Dell Stage entertainment functions.

With a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, Dell Venue promising performance of the maximum. Dell Venue is also equipped with business features including ActiveSync and QuickOffice. In addition, this product is also equipped with Swype text input method for typing help.

By design, Dell Venue is quite elegant. This product is supported screen 4 inch AM OLED + high contrast and vibrant with a curve Corning Gorilla Glass improve the user experience.

Willy Hendrajudo, Marketing Manager for Dell said the presence of Dell Venue is an effort to provide the best mobile experience with an exciting entertainment functions.

"We are excited to expand our range of mobility to consumers via Venue in Indonesia where they want a mobile device that can do everything," said Willy.

This Tablet Computers for Infants and Children

Having a tablet computer as well as supporting the work of parents to children may be a challenge since they are not a good combination.

Children are attracted to the light released tablet computer while the products purchased are sometimes not equipped with the ability to withstand the impact of such a child is dropped, stepped on, until the watering due to being bitten.

Gaps were manipulated by Rullingnet Corporation to produce a tablet computer for the kids Vinci released at a price of 400 U.S. dollars this month. The design was very friendly for toddlers, ranging from brightly colored handles made ​​from versaflex commonly used in the health world. Used are also made ​​of glass with glass windows. These products also qualify for safety standards for baby toys.

Behind the appearance of child-friendly, it also should not be underestimated jerohannya. Screen with a diagonal length of 7 inches it supports multitouch features, with the Cortex A8 processor 1 Ghz and 512 Mb memory. Embedded operating system is Android 2.3 and equipped with cameras and microphones to support the hobby cuap-cuap children.

One more relief from this product feature is the absence of internet connection via 3G or Wifi, so there are no more children one dial so that downloading any content. Manufacturers are also seriously working on content for the tablet was a child-friendly. Perhaps interested?

Slide Nokia, Apple Producers 'Smartphone' Biggest

Product sales of smart phones (smartphones) made by Apple Inc. and Nokia Oyj Samsung surpassed for the first time. According to Strategy Analytics, Apple is now the largest smartphone manufacturer to control 18.5 percent of global smartphone sales in the second quarter.

While Nokia, must go down two levels to the third position of the first rank. The position of the Finnish manufacturer of smartphones just under the Samsung, after its market share shrank from 38.1 percent to 15.2 percent. Samsung in second place with 17.5 percent market share.

"Shifting the smartphone market has been going on since the introduction of the iPhone. Until now, Nokia has not been able to find the answer," Leon said Cappaert, Fund Manager of KBC Asset Management in Brussels.

Global handset sales to grow 13 percent or 361 million units in the last quarter. While the smartphone sales grow to 76 percent. Total sales of mobile phones with computer like capabilities in running the application and play the media has reached 110 million units.

Although its market share fell to its lowest since 1999, Nokia remains the world's largest mobile phone manufacturer. Overall, Nokia is still good at 24.2 percent market share. Samsung's 19.2 percent, while Apple just 5.6 percent.

Although still the ruler of the mobile phone market, Nokia's market share fell in the quarter, from 34.7 percent last quarter. Nokia's share price was slightly offset about 4.06 euros in Helsinki trading.

Meanwhile, iPhone sales rose to 20.3 million units last quarter. The increase is much driven by growth in overseas markets, especially China. Company based in Cupertino, California, this is getting most of the revenue sources of the iPhone.

Citing Bloomberg data, these products accounted for 46.6 percent of Apple's revenue. To maintain its market share, according to anonymous sources, Apple intends to issue a new series of iPhone sooner or September, this new iPhone will have a more advanced camera features.

By contrast, Nokia's first decline in quarterly reports since 2009, after sales slumped following the consensus cell phone to switch to use Microsoft Corp. software. Nokia Chief Executive Officer Stephen Elop, too, were preparing a new mobile phone models based on Windows Phone.

Because 3DS, Nintendo dropped

TOKYO, - Nintendo shares fell to their lowest level in six years, after a decline in demand for products Nintendo 3DS, their latest portable gaming. It is inseparable from the policy of cutting prices and lower product revenue targets video game producer in the world's largest.

On the Osaka Stock Exchange, Nintendo shares fell 12 percent to 12.290 yen per share. The decline was the largest since January 2009 and the lowest value of the shares before the November 2006 launch of the Wii console.

To boost sales, Nintendo 3DS will reduce the price of the new console was five months up to 40 percent from 11 August. This strategy is expected to cut about 82 percent of Nintendo's profits.

Nintendo was forced to take this strategy because many gamers are resorting to iPhone applications and games online via Facebook. "The company needed drastic measures to captivate gamers," said Nintendo President Satoru lwata.

The goal Premium Class, Sony Launches Vaio Z

The high demand for homeland notebook computer to make the players compete to remove the latest innovation to attract consumers. Call it, PT Sony Indonesia launches new Vaio series notebooks Z.

Launch Vaio Z series is a form of Sony's commitment to jazz up the PC market in Indonesia. Through this new product, Sony hopes to boost its market share. Recognized by Satoru Arai, President Director of PT Sony Indonesia, share Sony notebook market in Indonesia is still small.

"We therefore tried to launch new products to explore the market here by introducing our products. This is one of our strategies to improve the market," said Satoru after product launch Vaio Z Series, Tuesday (07/26/2011).

For your information, the Vaio Z Series notebook aimed at the premium class that focused on the area of ​​Jakarta, Surabaya, Semarang, and major cities in Indonesia.

Products offered Vaio this time relying on the use of additional battery with battery life up to 13 hours. While the durability of the internal battery for 6.5 hours. Not only that, the advantage of high-definition web camera is supported by Exmor technology commonly used in digital cameras so that the results more clearly.

Weighing less than one kilogram, notebooks from Sony Vaio Z Series priced at Rp 27 million. As for the additional battery sold separately for Rp 2,000,000. The plan, the Vaio Z series will soon be marketed from the end of July 2011 at the outlets owned by Sony in big cities in Indonesia.

Meanwhile, Product Manager of PT Sony Indonesia, Leo Marathon adds, Sony's market growth during January-June 2011 at 30 percent for the PC market in Indonesia. "Even we project until the end of the year could exceed the current market growth," he added.

Rumble in the MSI Windpad Enjoy Entertainment Series

Is the tablet currently available sufficient to meet your entertainment needs? If not, MSI Windpad Enjoy Series might be an alternative option. Manufacturers from Taiwan is introducing two models respectively 7 and 10 inches.

The first is the gaming entertainment. MSI and Gameloft are working together to put up some of the popular video game. Users of this tablet can play race car and use the tablet as a tool of control. Users can also compete virtually anytime, anywhere, and with Wi-Fi connectivity, up to 4 devices at once.

Second, the musical entertainment. Enjoy WindPad Series Tablet is accompanied SoundHound Song Recognition Software that is not only able to find a song on the Internet, but also able to identify the artist name and song title when you mention it and the song when you menyenandungkannya. In addition, the device is also able to present some information related to the song like the name of the singer and Music Videos on Youtube, like having a personal music library.

MSI WindPad Enjoy Tablet also comes with multimedia applications and e-book, so that users can still be online while watching TV and downloading favorite novel. In dalmnya already installed applications Aldiko, enables users to download and compile e-books, including a classic book, Emma and Pride and Prejudice.

There is also Fugoo Interactive Television Software can integrate Digital TV, Video, Internet, and other events program that can be downloaded to your computer with ease, and users can perform searches simply by entering a keyword. This device also makes it easy to personalize the program and users can connect to the popular community site where users can share information about favorite television shows.

Integrating Business and Entertainment

Everyone, not uncommon to have a business problem, such as email, financial reporting, and client presentations, which must be completed while outside the office. With WindPad Enjoy Tablet, which has the capability of wireless connectivity to print documents using a projector and wireless, so as to improve the performance of the presentation.

Enjoy WindPad Yozo Series comes with software that combines the capabilities of Office for word processing, spreadsheet and presentation creation into one device with the interface very easy to use. You can edit, read and add a new fail in WindPad Enjoy Series as easily as you do on your PC Desktop or Notebook. By using WindPad Enjoy Series, helps you to solve all business needs.

Moreover, MSI also has Bluetooth and Smart Media Link, so that all the multimedia device that has a DLNA standardization, such as a large-sized LCD TVs, to connect with WindPad Enjoy Series for synchronization. Enjoy WindPad tablet also offers the ability to print documents wirelessly with a printer connected in a local wireless network (WLAN)

Both tablets come with futuristic style and equipped with latest hardware and software. The architecture of hardware and software installed in it makes it possible to make it as a device Digital Life. The color is dark metallic luster, also with a design that makes it easy to grip.

These tablets using Cortex-A8 processor 1GHz CPU, Google Android 2.3 OS, G-Sensor, and ALS. In 7 paired MSI WindPad Enjoy a 7-inch screen size, 800x480 multipoint touch screen control and a weight of only 395gr, while the MSI Enjoy 10 has a screen measuring 10-inch screen with 1024x768 multipoint touch screen control and weighs only 648gr.

MSI WindPad WindPad Enjoy Enjoy 7 and 10 have slots for I / O devices are complete, including Micro-SD Card Reader, mini-USB, and mini-HDMI, so that gives you the ability to connect this device with other devices such as projectors, mouse, and keyboard. In fact, you can also play videos on a TV screen that supports Full HD using a mini-HDMI is already available on this device. So it can be said of this device can deliver great entertainment with a small size.

WindPad WindPad Enjoy Enjoy 7 and 10 has two 2-megapixel camera in front and behind. The camera on the front paired with the software to communicate in real-time (Skype Video Call Version) that allows you to meet greetings with friends, family and business associates in cyberspace. While the camera on the back you can use to capture all the important moments in the form of photographs and video.

Two New Nokia Smartphone Use Anna Symbian

Nokia E6 and Nokia X7Symbian era has not ended. Although Nokia has decided to use Microsoft's Windows Phone as homemade smartphone platform forward, a number of models with Symbian will continue to be released.

Nokia, on Tuesday (04/12/2011), introduced two new smartphones using the Symbian platform, called Anna's latest. Each Nokia E6 is designed for businesses and Nokia X7 for fans of entertainment. The second device is Nokia's first smartphone using the Symbian software with the latest updates, with new icons and improved usability, such as text input easier, faster browser, and Ovi Maps are more fresh.

"We enrich the portfolio of Nokia smartphones with the presence of two new devices, both offer a more intuitive user experience and interest, which will soon be available on Nokia N8, Nokia E7, C7 Nokia, and Nokia C6-01," said Jo Harlow, Head of Nokia's Smart Devices Business, in a press release.

Nokia E6 is the successor to the Nokia E71 and Nokia E72 are unique with a full Qwerty keyboard and touch screen high resolution. Designed using premium materials such as glass and stainless steel, this device comes in the right size for easy use with either one or two hands. Nokia E6 deliver exceptional battery life and messaging experience out-of-the-box best out of Microsoft in the smartphone business, including access to Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Communicator Mobile, and Microsoft SharePoint.

While Nokia X7 is an entertainment smartphone with 4-inch wide screen ideal for playing games and 8MP camera to take pictures and HD quality video. Nokia X7 is designed with stainless steel and glass combined with smooth, as if without a connection so as to provide a sense of solid and strong when in the clutch. Nokia X7 is loaded with many popular games, such as Galaxy on Fire HD and Asphalt 5 HD.

Angry Birds In Windows 7 Phone

Angry Birds In Windows 7 PhoneLAS VEGAS - Angry Birds, game artificial Rovio, Finland that are popular today will add a new version for the Windows platform Phone 7. Rovio and Microsoft ensure that games that use the main character of the bird will be available starting May 25, 2011.

From the beginning, it promised that Rovio Angry Birds will be available in all platforms. However, Rovio was furious when Microsoft uses Angry Birds logo on one ad smartphone Windows Phone 7. Rovio Microsoft had protested because the logo is used without permission.

Angry Birds for Windows 7 Phone will initially be launched in February 2011 then. However, the delayed tap these legal matters. Now, the dispute between Microsoft and the Rovio has ended. Microsoft officially announced the availability of certainty Angry Birds to WP7 during the event MIX 11 in Las Vegas, USA, on Wednesday (13/04/2011).

Previously, Angry Birds has become the most popular games in the iPhone and Apple iPad and Android made by Google. Rovio has released several versions of the game both standard and based on the season. Last Angry Birds Rio.

Sony Ensure Release Tablets Android Year

Sony Ensure Release Tablets Android YearTOKYO - from the Japanese electronics giant, Sony sure will release its first tablet with Honeycomb Android platform this year. As stated by chairman and CEO (chief executive officer), Sony's Sir Howard Stringer.

As reported by the Nikkei newspaper on Tuesday (03/05/2011) yesterday, Stringer said the device will be available in the market in late summer. However, he did not reveal further specifications of tablets made by Sony.

Previously, Sony reportedly menyipakan two types of devices carrying the tablets with the PlayStation brand. Each type of standard S1 and S2 type that can be folded like the iPad 2 with smart cover.

Is unclear whether the tablets made by Sony's PlayStation portfolio will be part or Vaio, which is strong enough to brand Sony notebook. Sony Ericsson is half owned by Sony so far still focus on the smartphone and there is no news going into business tablet.

Sony PlayStation Portable NGP Delayed

Sony Corp. delay the launch of the latest PlayStation, after Japan's devastating earthquake and tsunami last month. Even so, the PlayStation Portable that NGP will go on sale at the end of the year-end holiday season in one of the country.

Disasters that disrupt production has forced Sony to consider this latest version of the PlayStation launch in only one geographical area, such as Asia, Europe, or the United States. "The delay mungkan will give developers more time on the game in certain areas to complete their software," said Jack Tretton, President and CEO of Sony Entertainment, United States.

Last January, Kazuo Hirai, Sony Executive Deputy President said, NGP will give new strength. This new model has a 5-inch screen (12.7 cm) organic light emitting diodes, or OLEDs, and will offer a different application in each region. In addition, NGP has front and rear cameras and the multi-touch sensors in the rear. Sony also developed a memory format specifically for the NGP.

Apple rank 5 for smartphone

Who would have thought in the midst of the current popularity of the iPhone, Apple brand in the smartphone market was only fifth. Harris Interactive conducted the survey, branding consultant in New York, U.S., Apple's brand lost to Motorola, HTC, Sony Ericsson, and Nokia.

Brand Apple only gets a score of 59.3. Motorola at the top with a score of 64.4, followed by 60.6 HTC, Sony Ericsson 59.8, 59.5 and Nokia. The average score of various brands surveyed smartphone that is 58.9.

The survey was conducted in the U.S. to 25,055 consumers aged over 15 years between 11 January and 27 January 2011. Harris states that there were 1273 consumer brands delivered in 53 different categories including smartphones.

"Apple may get praise from the market-responsive technology, but Motorola satisfy a wider number of markets," said Jeni Lee Chapman, Executive Vice President of Brand and Communications Consulting, Harris Interactive.

These results not only represent the User smartphones only. Therefore, Harris concludes that many consumers are not interested in using smartphoen in his life, and Apple does not have the best solution for them as do other brands.

Interestingly, they are Apple was ranked second in the category of computer hardware. The first rank is held Hewlett Packard (HP) with a score of 69.9. Apple followed with a score of 68.3. Dell has been very strong in the U.S. market with penjualana much bigger than Apple in third place with a score of 64.1 percent.

Apple iPad 2 Cancel in Japan

SAN FRANCISCO, - Apple Inc. decided to postpone the release a tablet computer iPad 2 in Japan. The move comes after State Sakura was hit by the earthquake and tsunami in the history of Japan's greatest.

The plan, Apple will launch the product anyarnya it on 25 March. According to Apple spokesperson Natalie Kerris, until now it has not determined when the time is sure to launch iPad 2.

"We delayed the launch of the iPad 2 in Japan because Japan now and our team was focused to do the recovery from the calamity that had just happened. We express our condolences as possible for Japanese people, including employees and families affected by this terrible tragedy , "said Kerris.

Besides Japan, the launch iPad 2 in another 25 countries on 25 March will be conducted as planned.

Meanwhile, Jaffray analyst Gene Munster estimates that Japan's earthquake will have an impact on Apple sales decline of 1 percent in the quarter that ended this month. However, the decline in sales in the quarter ended June will decline at least 3 percent.

In 24 Hours IE 9 Downloaded 9 2.35 million users

WASHINGTON - Microsoft's newest browser optimistic about Internet Explorer 9 can compete with its rivals. On the first day of launch, the software has been greeted enthusiastically by internet users downloaded 2.35 million times in 24 hours.

"We want to thank everyone in the world to download IE9 sleuruh and enthusiastic," said Ryan Gavin, Senior Director of Microsoft's Internet Explorer IE's official blog.

Compared to other browsers, IE9 achievement is high though not the highest. Another browser to its nearest competitor Firefox downloaded 8 million times now released version 3.0 in 2009 and 1 million times now released version 3.5.

IE9 present a new browser with a cleaner look not too many displays on-screen menu and a highlight web content. Microsoft also claimed is the most secure browser, tighter than the version being before, and fully support HTML5.

Focus tof the "Smartphone", Leave the Phone "Low End"

Although the mobile phone market to lower middle class (low end) is very high demand in Indonesia, did not make the Sony Ericsson turned away. Company merger between Sony and Ericsson that have been aged 10 years and is now focused on the smartphone products.

"Starting last year we decided not to make low-end phones. We only make the price of Rp 1 million and above," said Djunadi Satrio, Head of Marketing at Sony Ericsson Indonesia, in Jakarta, Wednesday (16/03/2011).

He explained the reason Sony Ericsson is focusing on smartphones for middle to upper market. He said the company's data shows that the trend of mobile phone sales in Asia Pacific, more than 50 percent of products sold are a class of smartphones. "We believe our strategy in accordance with the trend," he said.

In addition, clear Djunadi, Sony Ericsson now also focus on developing platform-based smartphone with Android but still will be releasing a multiplatform smartphone as its global strategy. This is also supported by trends that Android is now the largest operating in the world for smartphones.

"Today, one of our flagship product in 2011, the Xperia Arc," he said. Xperia Arc adopting Exmor technology R and Bravie Engine from Sony for the first time been opened early booking 16 March to 8 April 2011 with a price of USD 5.499 million. Following after Xperia Arc, will be present Xperia Neo and Pro. This year also was prepared to adopt the technology Xperia Play Play Station.

LG Stay Android Market to Japan

LG Stay Android Market to JapanSEOUL - LG Electronics Inc. still plans to introduce an Android-based tablet computers in Japan this month. It will still be done even though Japan is still struggling with post-disaster Settling.

"No reason to reschedule," said Ken Hong, a spokesman for LG today, Thursday (17/03/2011).

NTT DoCoMo Inc. as an intermediary LG Optimus Pad in Japan has even started taking orders since 15 March. Japan is one of the first potential market for electronic goods is 8.9-inch size.

Previously, Apple Inc. postpone the marketing plan the iPad 2 in Japan on March 25. "Not to know how long delayed," said Natalie Kerris, Apple spokeswoman.

Nokia Not Use Google Android

Nokia Not Use Google AndroidBefore deciding to choose Windows Phone from Microsoft, Nokia was first approached Google. It is recognized alone Google CEO Eric Schmidt is about to give up his position to one of Google founders Larry Page.

Eric Schmidt, as a speaker at the event Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2011, Tuesday (15/02/2011) and then, admitted his side had secret negotiations with Nokia. He confessed really hope Nokia choose Android as a platform for its future.

"We would be happy if they adopt the Android one day and the offer is still wide open. We believe Android good choice for Nokia. We're sad they dropped the other choices," Eric Schmidt said.

Like dating, Nokia and Google today is not paired. Eric Schmidt acknowledged it may be too "plain" thusfailed merger. Nevertheless, Google still open opportunities to Nokia if a time will use Android.

Nokia decided to hold Microsoft after a decline in the competitive smartphone. Although still the world's largest mobile phone maker, Nokia market share continues crushed Apple, BlackBerry, Android, and mobile phones made in China. Symbian has been the mainstay Nokia judged not adjust with the times fast enough to compete with other platforms.

Opera Mini Available for the Brew Platform

Opera Mini Available for the Brew PlatformOSLO - Opera Mini increasingly wider reach devices by providing a version for the MP from Qualcomm's Brew platform. Opera Software and Qualcomm will work together to embed a web browser application to all devices that will be distributed outlets.

As part of the Brew MP, the browser will be given to the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and ODMs (Original Device Manufacturers.

"Today, we announced a 90.4 million Opera Mini users worldwide. With this partnership, millions more consumers will be able to feel the experience of using a mobile browser quickly and cost-effective," said Lars Boilesen, CEO, Opera Software in a press release, Wednesday (16/02/2011).

Browser Opera Mini browser for mobile phones is popular today. Compared to other mobile web browser, Opera Mini has benefits in terms of data compression. All web pages are accessible to users will be compressed to 90 percent in server Opera. Features the latest Opera Mini browser is not lost with a desktop computer such as a password manager, tab, and instant access.

While the Brew is made by Qualcomm mobile device platform designed resource-efficient. This platform allows device or mobile phone can access the data and interactive services from smartphone-class features to the device with low and cheap though.

Notebook Fujitsu Use MeeGo

Notebook Fujitsu Use MeeGoMeeGo future as a smartphone platform may still unclear until now. However, as the netbook platform, MeeGo still have hope. At least one netbook market is ready to enliven the Fujitsu Lifebook MH330. Japanese computer makers from the entry into the mini notebook market with MeeGo platform and Intel Atom-based processor.

"For multimedia users who have been waiting for increased interactivity and fast multimedia access, Lifebook latest MH330 certainly will exceed their expectations," promised Mr Lim Teck Sin, Vice President of Engineering and Product Marketing - Fujitsu PC Asia Pacific,

This device presents MeeGo interface that provides unlimited access to a variety of useful applications that include social networking tools and multimedia capabilities. The users can get automatic updates and ease of transfer between applications, browsers and various social networking sites with user interface MeeGo a flexible and easy to use.

In addition, waiting time and MeeGo offers internet surfing experience is faster with a faster system reboots. Users can also easily manage the system, network, time and date, as well as email, via the navigation bar is simple and easy.

Designed specifically for multimedia lovers, media panels to provide an organized view of documents stored videos and music in the 'media library' and offers quick access and a player. The panel also has a regulator that is embedded in it for playback.

Myzone panel display offers users a personal activity and show rapid current information about events in their social media. Can be connected easily with the popular social networking tools like Twitter and Facebook, or connected with friends by instant messaging.

MeeGomerupakan open source project based on a combination of Intel's Moblin Linux and Nokia Maemo project that developed from last year. MeeGo software platform designed to provide circuit segments of the most widespread devices for application developers, including a variety of beginner classes netbook and desktop, handheld computers and communication devices, entertainment devices in the vehicle, TV-connected, media phone and more.

HTC Add a Tablet and Facebook Mobile

HTC Add a Tablet and Facebook MobileThe format of the Mobile World Congress 2011, mobile phone manufacturers from Taiwan, HTC, announced six new products. The six new products that are HTC Salsa, Chacha HTC, HTC Incredible S, HTC Desire S, S Wildfire HTC, and HTC Flyer.

Interestingly, the HTC Flyer is the their first tablet. Meanwhile, the other two, HTC Salsa and Chacha, is a phone with special features up.

First tablet

HTC Flyer uses 7-inch touch screen with 1024 x 600 pixels. This device uses the Android platform 2.3 or Gingerbread. In addition to navigation with a finger, users can also use the stylus which is available as a means of navigation on the touch screen.

The first tablet is made by HTC features 1.5 GHz processor (single core), memory 1 GB of RAM and 32 GB storage media. In the back there is a 5 MP camera and in front of 1.3 MP. HTC Flyer will be available starting the second quarter of 2011.

Facebook Phone

Rumors about the phone up have been circulating since a few months ago. However, the new momentum now materialized. HTC Cacha Salsa and is designed with special features up without ignoring other features.

In the lower right of both the phones have a special button up. With the push button, the user will be taken directly to interact with social networking features such.

Both use the latest platform Android 2.3 or Gingerbread and two in the rear 5 MP camera and VGA camera in front. Qualcomm MSM7227 600 MHz processor. The difference, 3.4 inches HTC Salsa sail but do not have a QWERTY keyboard, while the 2.6 inches HTC Cacha sailing.

Meanwhile, S is the successor to the HTC Incredible Incredible Droid higher premium than other new products. This smartphone uses 1 GHZ processor, 8 MP camera, and Super LCD screen.

Two final product, Desire S and S Wildfire, aimed at middle-market and below market. Desire S uses a 3.7-inch screen and Qualcomm MSM8255 processor 1.2 GHz. Camera 1.3 MP front and rear 5 MP camera. The S sail Wildfire 3.2 inches, but have been using Super screen LCD.

Mark Zuckerberg: This Year There are Dozens of Facebook phone

Rumors about the phone up have been circulating since a few months ago. However, the new certainty answered now. One by one, mobile phone manufacturers released products designed specially for the network said.

Founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, had sent a special message in the arena of Mobile World Congress 2011 (MWC 2011) when HTC launched two new models of mobile phones up, Tuesday (15/02/2011). Through video recording, Mark Zuckerberg confirmed, it would not make the phone itself. However, many phones will make up the hardware manufacturer partners.

"Many have made up their own mobile phones. However, this year you can expect to see dozens of mobile phones with social integration is much deeper than you see today," said Mark Zuckerberg. Mobile phones are using Facebook Social Graph APIs that allow access to various features of up becomes easier.

In the event the MWC 2011 in Barcelona, Spain, mobile phone manufacturers from Taiwan, HTC, introduced two models of mobile phones up, HTC HTC Salsa and Chacha. Both are fitted directly on the bottom right button that users can use to connect directly to the features up.

Previously, companies from Britain, INQ, had already launched two models of mobile phones up, ie touch and INQ INQ Cloud Cloud Q. Both are equipped with applications that use up Social Graph API and user interface that enables users to access all the features up from his cell phone.

The cheaper notebook from AMD and Advan

The cheaper notebook from AMD and AdvanAdvan cooperation with local companies to produce notebooks with AMD's high-specification, but at an affordable price. Latest Products Soulmate type M4-33 125 which will be launched in February 2011 will be priced at Rp 3 million alone.

AMD processors used is Atlhon 2 Danube N330, 2.3GHz equipped with ATI Radeon HD graphics cards 250, 256MB share to produce quality graphics and multimedia that are good for each user.

"Excess Advan Notebook is to continue to be present with the latest technology, supported by good products, and aftermarket warranties (service center) across Indonesia, and the price comfortable for consumption communities throughout Indonesia," said Tjandra Lianto, as Division Manager Advan Notebook in his press release.

Advan Soulmate M4-33 125 using 14-inch screen and a memory backed RAM 1 GB, 250 GB storage media SATA, DVDRW, and card reader. However, for the sales package comes only a DOS platform. Users are free to use the operating system itself. The product comes in colors attractive option that is black, red, blue, and silver color.

"Ice Cream" the nex Google Smartphone

Google SmartphoneGoogle sure will release their next smart phone with a new platform named Android Ice Cream. That said Andy Rubin, head of Google's Android on the sidelines of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2011 in Barcelona, Spain, on Wednesday (02/16/2011).

"Each new software release will be preceded by a hardware component," said Andy Rubin. He did not explain further, where the next one hardware manufacturer would be towed Google to make such devices.

Previously, Google has released two smartphones and one tablet to initiate the release of new versions of Android. Each of the Nexus-made HTC to introduce Eclair, Nexus S made by Samsung for Gingerbread, and Motorola Xoom for Honeycomb.

Ice Cream is the next Android platform after Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Froyo, and Honyecomb, will be named Ice Cream. This platform, said Andy Rubin, is a combination of Honeycomb and Gingerbread. Currently Honeycomb designed specifically for the tablet and the Gingerbread for smartphones.

Apple Prepare iPhone More Affordable and Small Size

Very competitive play in the smartphone market upscale, Apple seems to target the middle class. The latest news reported by the Wall Street Journal website, a company based in Cupertino, California, USA, it was preparing a smaller version of the iPhone.

Citing a source who claimed to see the immediate prototype, the product being developed was given the code N97. The size is half the size of 4 and called the iPhone will be sold at half price as well.

Not only that, Apple reportedly will eliminate online data storage service MobileMe. Previously, each user device Apple has to pay 99-149 dollars per year in order to enjoy the service to store photos and video on the internet. MobileMe will also likely be used as a platform for music services.

Mini version of the iPhone device was estimated to exit the market in the middle of summer this year. However, the plan could have retreated. There was no confirmation from Apple responded to the report as usual.

Wall Street Journal also launch, Apple's product development is not separated from the role of Apple CEO Steve Jobs. Although the center of leave due to illness, Steve Jobs remains actively involved in new product development.

Exclusive Leica Camera Price $ 32,000

Made by Leica Camera AG, Germany, this is probably the most expensive among other similar cameras. Just imagine, the camera can be as expensive as the price of a luxury car because it priced U.S. $ 32,000. Expensive, right?

Its appearance is elegant with a body wrapped in a golden brown color of magnesium metal. The shape is classic, so adding an exclusive for its users. M9 Leica Summilux-M lenses equipped with 35 mm F1.4, 18 MP CCD sensor is full frame, and dual image processor in it.

Leica is designing a camera that Leica M9 named for the edition of the collection. Total production is very limited, only 500 units and will be distributed throughout the world. Each unit was given a serial number.

Research In Motion launch the BlackBerry Playbook product

BlackBerry PlaybookResearch In Motion (RIM) announced two new variants BlackBerry Playbook, Art (2/14/2011) in the event the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2011 in Barcelona, Spain. The four tablets first product will be released to the market in the second half of this year. When launched later, there are four alternatives for consumers to choose products based on network availability.

Two new variants are tablet with WiFi and WiMax and WiFi and HSPA +. Previously, RIM had confirmed earlier in the event the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2011 in Las Vegas, U.S. early this year, that the BlackBerry Playbook is available in versions only WiFi or WiFi and LTE.

"We now add the benefits of BlackBerry Playbook by supporting various 4G network thereby increasing business opportunities for network providers and developers as well as extensive experience for users," Mike ujat Lazardis, President and Co-CEO of RIM in the press release.

BlackBerry Playbook is the first product that uses RIM's BlackBerry platform based Tablet OS QNX, a software company recently acquired. The device is seeded ability to access web-based services with perfect because it supports an open platform and Flash. Its features also support the IT needs of enterprise and a rich multimedia experience. Each product variant is now also confirmed support Bluetooth tethering, mobile hotspot, and BlackBerry Bridge which can integrate the service on a BlackBerry smartphone users as RIM promises.

Larry Page as Google CEO

Larry Page as Google CEOToday is a very historic day for the biggest companies in the search engines in the world, Google, since Google officially announced that it will soon replace Larry Page Eric Schmidt as chief executive officer (CEO). Schmidt then will take the role as executive chairman and focus on transactions, partnerships, customers, and the broader business relationships. He also will continue to act as adviser to Page and other Google founder, Sergey Brin.

According to Schmidt, Google's official blog, Page is now leading the product development and technology strategy began on April 4, 2011 will take over day-to-day operation of Google as the CEO of Google. Schmidt believes, along with Brin, Page will make Google better in the coming years.

Page himself said that Schmidt has done a fantastic job for Google. Google's results achieved so far is the result of hard work and it is clear evidence of his role in bringing Google. Still according to Page, no other CEO in the world are so deeply involved in product development while doing business with a very bright, as does Schmidt.

"Eric is a great leader and I have learned from him. His advice will be very valuable to me because I started in a new role. Google still has a tremendous opportunity. We're just at the beginning and I can not wait to get started," he said.

Keep in mind that Google also recently announced their financial statements, which are generally quite good. In the fourth quarter of 2010 Google earned 8.44 billion U.S. dollars, up 26 percent from the fourth quarter of 2009. Google-owned sites revenue amounted to 5.67 billion U.S. dollars, equivalent to 67 percent of all Google's revenue.

This amount represents an increase of 28 percent from the fourth quarter of 2009. Revenue from collaboration sites or Google Adsense Network Beban through a very popular program that amounted to 2.50 billion U.S. dollars, equivalent to 30 percent of all Google's revenue. This number is up 22 percent than the fourth quarter of 2009.

What does this change?

Shift the position of CEO is probably in response to increasingly fast run up in the Internet world. Although the power of Google's search engine is not disturbed, site most visitors in the year 2010 is up.

Search terms up also ranked first in the search terms most used in 2010. Even as of January 15, 2011 Facebok retains its power as a site with a visitor's most lots in the U.S., which is a contributor to Google's 50 percent more revenue in the fourth quarter of 2010.

This may be a separate concerns for Google because up within two years developed very good. Additionally, I predict, Page with the spirit of his youth might be able to match up owners are also still very young, Mark Zuckerberg, and saw the Internet as well as products to be produced from glasses to young people. This is important because most Internet users today, especially Facebook, are young people. Maybe Larry will soon release a social media site owned by Google itself or purchase of social media sites that already exist to match up.

Wait what we deserve Page steps to stem the progress of up and compete in the field of social media. However, that's certainly not to be done Page later. We know, in the smart phone operating systems (smartphones) and tablets, Google has been getting ready to launch Ice Cream and Honey Comb. This will increasingly assert Android smart phone operating system as the largest in the U.S. and the world in 2013.

Welcome NFC Technology

Welcome NFC TechnologyIf we look at the history of payment transactions, beginning first before any electronic conveniences one should take the money first to the bank by lining up at the counter so they should take the money to use for a certain period of time considering a sizable effort to take some money. With the automated teller machines (ATMs), everywhere attempt to take the money be light enough so a person taking money for short periods. In addition, holders of ATM reduces the risk of money from the crime of theft / robbery / etc because the money taken is usually less when compared with taking money at the bank counter.

With the development of information and communication technology (ICT), new electronic payment instruments that became popular in Indonesia, such as credit cards and debit cards. Both types of payment using smart card payment terminals are rubbed into the stores when paying. Smart card to replace the physical money that is usually stored on a smart card wallet so that users can avoid the crime and also get the convenience of users, ie do not need to take the money into a bank or ATM and store in a wallet.

Of course, smart card payment system must have a security system that ensures money is not taken by the user who is not entitled to and also there was no immediate claim payments that never made the user. Without the guarantee of security systems in smart card payment system, users will not be interested to use it.

At present, in addition to obligatory wallet mobile phone bring in travel. It gives ideas for innovators to combine wallet and mobile phone. There have been innovative from a mobile service provider to make payments using SMS and mobile web. A consortium of producers in the world mobile phone giants finally work together to create new products to combine with a mobile wallet with a Near Field Communications (NFC).

Actually, the NFC is the development of card technology Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). RFID has the same form and function like an ATM card is different from RFID cards do not need to be polished (contactless) thus RFID cards do not need to be removed from the wallet in the payment process, users simply hold the purse to the payment terminal or reader called. In Indonesia, RFID cards are widely used, for example: e-Toll for automatic payment of toll gates, bracelets (RFID tags, not the shape of the card) is used instead of tickets at amusement parks.

NFC technology on mobile phones a step further than where RFID technology in mobile embedded NFC chip that can act as an RFID card and also as a reader at once with a short range radius (less than 10 cm). NFC technology on mobile phones can truly replace the wallet in which to spend money and also received money from and to fellow users NFC. In addition to payment of NFC technology can be used as a replacement ID card, driver's license, student card, etc., time card, and others.

It is planned that by 2011 it would appear many leading mobile products equipped with NFC technology. The first mobile product with NFC technology is already marketed in Europe and America is the Samsung Nexus S, completed NFC controller chip products NXP (Philips), namely PN544. Philips is a leading manufacturer of RFID cards. Samsung Nexus S uses the Android operating system version supported by Google's Gingerbread. Google itself has prepared a variety of applications for NFC technology on mobile phones.

Many jokes about printing machine that works hard 24 hours a day to produce the amount of money very much for a very large fund expenditures. But on the other hand, the use of physical cash is on the decline worldwide, due to non-cash payments are growing in popularity. Although, according to economists in the money increases, the amount of paper money people are putting in the wallet tends to decline. This can be seen from the increasing number of credit and debit card transactions worldwide. Analysts predict that the top three regions in mobile payments is the Far East including China, Western Europe and the United States, which as a whole will account for more than 70 percent market share in mobile payment gross transaction basis by 2013.

School of Electrical Engineering & Informatics, Bandung Institute of Technology, is active-very jealous conduct research to develop Transaction System Using Mobile Phone and NFC Technology with a grant from the Incentive Program, Ministry of Research and Technology. NFC Research Group had been formed. The purpose of this research is to produce a transaction system with NFC technology on mobile phones for micro payment (payment with a small amount, for example: public transportation, shop, canteen, etc.) and macropayment (payments with a larger number, for example: supermarket, mini market, restaurant , various shops, etc.).

This transaction system to be very safe for users, sellers, and users of the financial industry so that money can not be reduced / increased improperly; seller get the money that should be, and the financial industry does not lose money and not have to pay should not. Let's welcome the presence of NFC technology for shared prosperity.

Bugs in the Mark Zuckerberg fan page

Bugs in the Mark Zuckerberg fan pageSAN FRANCISCO - Revealed been speculation why the fan page page-founder and CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg could be infiltrated by hackers. Up finally admitted there is a bug (problem) in the feature so that someone could smuggle a message to the fan page page as if directly from Mark Zuckerberg.

"A bug allows a written status of people who do not have the right to appear on some pages of the public,"the spokesman said up in the email as reported by AFP on Thursday (27/01/2011) this. Added, the problem has been overcome and removed from the fan page original.

Currently, the page that had infiltrated the hacker had been deleted and no longer be accessible. In fact, do not appear on the cached page service search engines like Google and Bing. the only evidence is a screenshot that had created a web site who reported it.

Hackers write a message that suggests Mark Zuckerberg follow steps Nobel Peace Prize recipient Muhammad Yunus and make up a social organization that attracted donations from the public rather than commercial. In his message is also inserted hashtag "hackercup2011" which is a programming competition that was held up at the international level.

Windows 7 Phone 2 Million Units Sold

Windows 7 Phone 2 Million Units SoldMicrosoft Corp. reported total sales of smart phones (smartphones) with Windows 7 Phone software that has been through the numbers more than 2 million units. This sale was a success because the new Windows 7 Phone launched in October 2010.

"The figure indicates good momentum for sales of Windows," said Al Hiwa, an analyst with market research firm IDC on Wednesday (26/01/2011). Manufacturers of smart phones that have been using Windows 7 Phone, among others, Samsung Electronics Ltd., LG Electronics Inc. and HTC Corp..

However, smartphone sales figures Phone Windows 7 is still below its competitors, namely the iPhone from Apple, BlackBerry made by Research in Motion (RIM), and the Android smartphone platform from Google.

Last week, Apple announced it had sold 16.2 million iPhones in the last quarter. RIM has sold 14.2 million phones BlackBerry. While Google was able to sell 300,000 units Android license every day or 9 million units per month.

RIM Open BlackBerry Messenger Platform

RIM Open BlackBerry Messenger PlatformResearch In Motion fulfill its promise to open the BlackBerry Messenger platform. Later, interactive communication not only be done through the fuel only, but also connect to a variety of applications on the BlackBerry smartphone.

That said Gregory Wade, Managing Director of SEA RIM, at the opening session keynote Asia BlackBerry Developer Conference 2011 in Bali International Convention Center, Westin, Nusa Dua. He said that from now on application developers can use it.

"Social Platform BBM has launched in San Francisco for the beta. We will open it in the next few months," said Gregory Wade in front of hundreds of application developers from various countries were present.

With fuel is connected with the application, the social networking experience through the BlackBerry will become even wider. For example, it is clear Gregory Wade, while playing games, users can communicate or share your scores and other information.

According to Wade, fuel is the largest mobile social networking platform in the world. There are currently more than 55 million BlackBerry users in the world and 35 million of whom have been using the fuel.

Apple Launch CDMA iPhoe version

Apple Launch CDMA iPhoe versionGot a rumor for several months, Apple finally released the iPhone actually the CDMA version. As expected, Apple this time with Verizon in the U.S. as a partner network provider.

In its official statement on Tuesday (11/01/2011), Verizon confirmed the rumors. The operator will provide the iPhone with the same package as AT & T starting price of 199.99 U.S. dollars with a two-year subscription contract period.

The presence of an iPhone version of CDMA exclusive cooperation dismantle Apple and AT & T which has to be the only iPhone in the U.S. distribution partner.

In other countries outside the U.S., Apple also apply the same strategy by holding a service such as with Telkomsel in Indonesia. Rumors circulated that is not less warmth, Apple was rumored to be together with other operators to distribute the iPhone in Indonesia. Several times XL expressed interest, but as usual there is no certainty of Apple.

At the launch of the iPhone 4 in Indonesia, the end of 2010, Telkomsel in fact still be a single partner. If in the U.S., Apple took a different operator network technology to expand iPhone distribution.

AT & T is GSM while Verizon uses CDMA