Apple Prepare "Important Announcement" End of January 2012

Apple is believed to be making an "important announcement" at the end of January 2012. It will be done through an event for the media plan would be held in the city of New York, United States.

However, seeing the location is "far" from Apple's headquarters in San Francisco, allegedly this event will not announce the iPad 3. Other possibilities, such as television sets Apple iTV (or whatever his name) also seem small.

AllThingsDigital, citing unnamed sources, also has confirmed that the show is not to announce the launch of the Apple iPad 3 as well as television.

Previously, Apple is rumored to be launched iPad 3 right on the anniversary of Steve Jobs on February 24, 2012. Not yet clear whether this rumor will come true or just a mere daydream.

So, what's "announcement" that will be delivered in New York? Strong suspicion, that announcement is about the media or advertising service from Apple. According to TechCrunch, the announcement is about the iBooks.

Allegations that will arise from the presence of Eddy Cue. Cue is the SVP of Internet Software and Services from Apple. Cue responsible for the iTunes Store, App Store, iBookstore, IAD and iCloud.

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american mobile app developer said...

Apple's announcements are usually the great ones, and this one wan't an exception.